Facts You Didn't Know about Azzyland: Bio, Fame, Social Media

Facts You Didn't Know about Azzyland: Bio, Fame, Social Media

When we talk about gaming and gamers on YouTube, our mind instantly goes to the kings of YouTube or other men and boys who are gamers on YouTube. However, AzzyLand breaks this stereotype. AzzyLand is a female YouTube gamer and perhaps the only girl YouTuber whose channel content is not solely dedicated to makeup and other girly stuff. So who actually is AzzyLand and what is her channel about? Why is she so adored among her fans and what makes her famous? We have answers to all these questions and a thousand more that might be popping in your mind. So let’s get started!

Who is Azzyland?

AzzyLand is a 29 years old Canadian YouTuber whose YouTube channel is all about gaming and some fun vlogs. Her real name is Azra Bajrami. What makes her YouTube channel most unique is the fact that her channel was recognized by YouTube as the top 10 most viewed channels worldwide. And while we are on the topic, Azra is also the first female YouTuber ever to make it to the top 10 list, making her the only female icon with the most views.

Before starting her career as a YouTuber, Azra was a famous cosplayer. She used to dress up as famous characters and was invited on famous cosplay shows all over the world. She used to travel a lot because of her alluring cosplays get ups and that landed her with worldwide attention. Because of her rising fame as a cosplayer, Azra got the opportunity to appear on one of the famous YouTube channels and co-host a famous YouTube show called ‘Before They Were Famous’. While shooting for the show as a co-host, Azra developed a love and passion for YouTube and created her very own channel by the name AzzyLand.

Initially, Azzy could not focus much on her channel because of her studies. She has a double Honors degree in Bachelors of Sciences. Due to her love for science, Azzy wanted to pursue a career as a doctor but soon she had to step back from her dream profession when she learned that she was not brave enough to face blood. Then she completely drifted her focus towards her YouTube channel and invested her time in her YouTube channel.

Azzyland's Boyfriend

Azzyland Kwebbelkop and Jordan Kwebbelkop attend the Epic Games.

Azzy is generally a very reserved and private person so that is also the reason why not much about her personal life is known. Although back in 2017, she got invited to a large gamers conference, E3, in Los Angeles. There she met a lot of other fellow gamer YouTuber, including Kwebbelkop. The two instantly developed a liking for each other and started dating. Although they kept their relationship extremely private, it was reported that the pair had also moved in together in Spain and took multiple couple trips around Amsterdam. However, things got unfortunate between the two and they decided to part ways in February 2020.

Azzyland Cosplay

AzzyLand always had a passion for cosplays and that also became the reason for her popularity. She rose to fame owing to her cosplays. Be it video game characters or anime toons, AzzyLand never fails to bewilder her audience with her unique and awesome cosplays! Some of her most famous cosplays are following:

Azir – League of Legends:

Great #azir #cosplay by @azzyland during New York Comic con #nycc ...

League of Legends is an online battlefield video game in which multiple players go on quests and battles. Azir is also one of the characters from the game. AzzyLand did a superb cosplay of this character which can be seen below:

Skyrim – Daedric Armor:

Skyrim – Daedric Armor cosplay by Azzyland

Skyrim – Daedric Armor is an armor suit in a very famous battlefield game called The Elder Scrolls V. AzzyLand once again amused her fans by creating a very creative look of this armor.

Zora Armor – Legend of Zora:

Zora Armor – Legend of Zora cosplay by Azzyland

Legend of Zora is another video game and AzzyLand again created a very amazing look of the character which can be seen below:

Vegeta – Dragon Ball Z:

Vegeta – Dragon Ball Z cosplay by Azzyland

AzzyLand completely astonished her fans when she created the look of the villain Vegeta from the Dragon Ball Z series. Her perfect color combinations and eye patch similar to Vegeta really made her look spectacular.

Azzyland on Social Media: YouTube, Instagram, Reddit and Facebook

AzzyLand is the literal queen of YouTube and there is no element of doubt in it. however, YouTube is not the only social platform included in Azzy’s empire. Her empire is vast and extends to other social media forums as well. Her loyal fan base never fails to showcase their love on every social forum where AzzyLand exists. So let’s take a tour of the social platforms of Azzyland!

AzzyLand's YouTube Channel

Azzyland YouTube channel

AzzyLand joined the YouTube community in 2015 and just after 4 years in 2019, she managed to become the first female ever to be included in the list of the top 10 most viewed channels globally, and top 100 gaming YouTubers. Azzyland has  a total of 12.2 million subscribers on her channel. Most of her channel content is centered around gaming videos and random vlogs.

She randomly surprises her fans and creates entertaining videos every time she reaches a one million milestone. Her loyal and humongous fan base always showcases loads of love for her on every video she posts. AzzyLand also donates most of her YouTube earnings to charities and often tries to keep it private for the sake of humbleness.

Azzyland on Reddit

Azzyland on Reddit

AzzyLand is also a queen on Reddit where she promotes her live streams for charity and shares her content. She also promotes her YouTube content on Reddit. Needless to say, like every other social forum, AzzyLand is undoubtedly the queen of Reddit as well with more than 18.3K subscribers on her Reddit account.

AzzyLand’s Instagram Channel

AzzyLand’s Instagram Channel

AzzyLand is also a queen on Instagram and is adored all over the Instagram community. She has around 2.2 million followers on Instagram and often posts awesome and alluring pictures of her. Whenever she posts an image, her loyal fan base comes rushing in to show love and support to their icon Azzyland.

AzzyLand’s Facebook Page

On Facebook, Azzyland has 2.6 million followers. She consistently distributes her YouTube videos to her Facebook page, and most of them have a very high view count.

Azzyland YouTube Channel Analytics

It is no secret that AzzyLand is the queen of the YouTube empire. Gaming, vlogs, reaction videos, you name it! there is all kinds of diversity on Azzyland’s channel. Formerly her channel was solely dedicated to gaming but with the passage of time, she expanded her content horizon and now her content is all about reaction videos and daily vlogs.

SocialBook, like always, provides an in-depth analysis of Azzyland YouTube channel, including her engagement rates and top performance posts. SocialBook covers all the aspects of information that organizations and brands usually search for in an influencer. So let’s see what the SocialBook stats have to say about AzzyLand.

Azzyland YouTube Channel Basic Stats

According to the stats delivered by SocialBook, AzzyLand has a total of 12.2 million subscribers and more than 4.9 billion views on all her videos combined on her channel. Azzyland also has an influence number of 60. The general overview provided by SocialBook of her YouTube channel is as follows:

Channel Highlights Stats Provided by SocalBook
Channel Highlights Stats Provided by SocalBook

Engagement Rates of Azzyland YouTube

The engagement stats of all Azzyland’s YouTube channels are also provided in quite some detail by SocialBook. The highest views she has ever received on her post are around 27.1 million while the lowest views that she has ever achieved are 132.9K. Other Engagement stats provided by SocialBook are as follows:

Channel Engagement Stats Provided by SocialBook.
Channel Engagement Stats Provided by SocialBook.

Audience Demographic of Azzyland YouTube Channel

One of the most prominent features of SocialBook is that it also provides in-depth analysis regarding the audience demographic distributions of an influencer’s followers. Similarly, the audience demographic stats provided by SocialBook of Azzyland’s YouTube channel are as follows:

Audience Demographic Stats Provided by SocialBook
Audience Demographic Stats Provided by SocialBook
  • Azzyland has half of her followers located in north America.
  • 68% of Azzyland followers are male.
  • 29% of Azzyland followers are interested in lifestyle.
  • 24% of Azzyland followers are interested in lifestyle.
  • 34% Azzyland followers are between 25 to 34 year-old.
  • 28% Azzyland followers are between 18 to 24 year-old.

Azzyland Top YouTube Videos

SocialBook also gives us information about the top performance posts of an influencer. The top 4 most engaged videos from Azzy’s YouTube channel are as follows provided by SocialBook:

Oddly Satisfying Video Compilation:

In this video which Azzy posted on her channel, she made a compilation of all the most oddly satisfying things on YouTube, which is quite a trending compilation on YouTube. Its basically a reaction video in which she shows her reactions about different satisfying objects. The video has bagged more than 27.12 million views and 21.42K comments.

Reacting to Sad Christmas Animations:

In this video, AzzyLand posted her sad reactions on some of the saddest Christmas animations. Azzy got really emotional in this video and even shed some tears while watching the sad Christmas animations. The video was successful in earning more than 23.92 million views and 48.02K comments.

Try Not To Say Wow Challenge:

In this video, AzzyLand made a compilation of some amazing videos which leave the audience in awe and creates a reaction video as she challenges herself to not say wow during those videos. The video is quite funny as Azzy restrains herself from saying the word ‘wow’. The video gained a total of 22.54 million views and 30.68K comments.

Money – Music Video:

This video of AzzyLand is actually her music video ‘Money’ in which she starred. The video shows AzzyLand enjoying herself in heaps of money. The video has earned more than 21.63 million views and 191.6K comments.

Azzyland's Net Worth

AzzyLand's iconic personality and her awesome YouTube content is the reason why she has managed to earn a big net worth summing up to $12 million. Her cosplays also play a major role in incrementing her net worth. AzzyLand promised to deliver her fans some more of her glamorous content and that is guaranteed to boost up her net worth even more.

Azzyland's Merch

Azzyland Merch

AzzyLand also has a website, an e-shop, where she has her very own merch for her beloved fans. Her merch includes her funky t-shirts and hoodies and more cool stuff that is absolutely loved by her fans.

Azzyland Brand Collaborations

With such a huge following, AzzyLand has definitely become a most wanted target for brands and companies to hire her to lead their promotional campaigns and promote it among her fans. SocialBook provides in-depth analysis of all her brand collaborations as well. Some of them are enlisted below:

  • Primark
  • eBay
  • Oreo
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Forever21
  • SeatGeek
Brand Mentions of Azzyland YouTube channel Provided by SocialBook
Brand Mentions of Azzyland YouTube channel Provided by SocialBook

So guys this is all the information that you ever needed about Azzyland, covering her net worth and her personal life. Hope you it's helpful!

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