Top 100 Gaming YouTubers
Top 100 Gaming YouTubers

We picked these top 100 most subscribed YouTubers in the gaming category in 2020. These most popular YouTubers have been creating numerous gaming content, including gameplay, walkthrough, entertainment for all kinds of video games. Let's take a look at these best YouTube channels of gaming in 2020 with the most updated subscriber numbers.

Video games have been a form of entertainment long before the internet became easily accessible to all. The enthusiasm for it has been far reaching, which is why it comes as no surprise that a large number of gamers who took to YouTube to share their love for the games have been around as long as YouTube has been. The gaming community has long ago stopped being just a niche and has something of interest for everyone. YouTube too has helped its users in that regard and made interactions between gamers and their viewers more organic and easy. The gaming community seems to be growing exponentially almost daily with one of the most subscribed YouTubers being a part of this genre.

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1. PewDiePie: 104 Million Subscribers


Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, known to the world as PewDiePie, created his YouTube channel in 2010 and since then has taken the YouTube world by the storm. With the second most subscribed YouTube channel and the most subscribed YouTuber he has amassed a staggering 103 million subscribers and is the 11th most viewed YouTube channel with over 22 billion views in total.

PewDiePie started off his channel as a gaming enthusiast who made horror playthroughs and reactions to them but has now expanded to vlogs, comedy videos, freestyle humor and carefully organized multiple series of reaction videos but likes to maintain a mostly gaming niche. His most popular videos are the ‘Let’s Play Video game’ commentaries but while the content is usually appreciated he has met with controversy and received abrasive critique.

Staying true to his original intent with his YouTube channel PewDiePie has created a fan following of gamers and enthusiasts who he affectionately calls ‘9 year olds’. The name came from “Pew! (a gun shooting), Die!” his original YouTube channel of which he has forgotten the password and Pie because he loves pie.

Although Felix failed in the "battle" between PewDiePie and T-Series for the most subscribed YouTube channel, he is also the winner by gained a much larger follower base.

The net worth of PewDiePie as of 2020 is around $30 million dollars, and his YouTube videos earned him nearly $8 million dollars per month.

2. JuegaGerman: 39 Million Subscribers

JuegaGerman YouTube Gamer

German Alejandro Garmendia Aranis, majorly a gaming enthusiast, created his YouTube channel in may 2013 and named it JuegaGerman which is a secondary channel to his main channel HolaSoyGerman. He uploads vlogs, more personal videos, commentaries on video games such as the Walking Dead, happy wheels and so on, reacting to new releases. He has collaborated with other Spanish content creators like Fernanfloo and elrubiusOMG which added more to its popularity.

This channel is solely for German Garmendia’s personal interest like gaming or making videos about his daily life, he likes this so much so that people have noticed he uploads content more frequently on this channel than the others. This has perhaps increased its popularity even more so and it now ranks as the 17th most subscribed channel on YouTube with 35 million subscribers and 85th most viewed channel with around 9.1 billion views in total. The net worth of JuegaGerman is around 16 million dollars as of 2020.

3. elrubiusOMG: 37.4 Million Subscribers

The YouTube gaming channel elrubiusOMG is owned by Ruben Doblas Gundersen, a Spanish-Norwegian YouTube creator focusing on gameplays and vlogs. Ruben posted his first YouTube video in 2006 on channel elrubius, and he started his second channel "elrubiusOMG" at the end of the same year. The net worth of elrubiusOMG channel is approximately 7 million dollars.

4. Fernanfloo: 35.8 Million Subscribers


Luis Fernando Flores Alvardo is a Salvadoran YouTuber better known as fernanfloo. He created his YouTube channel in 2014 and has the 6th most subscribed YouTube channel. His videos are an interesting mix of comedic sketches, personal vlogs, and gaming videos. The net worth of Fernanfloo's YouTube channel is about 10 million US dollars as of 2020.

Luis created an app Fernanfloo with the partnership of TGN which is a brand centered towards gaming which comes under BroadbandTV that helped him launch the app. It received 2.3 million downloads within its first week of release. His channel now sits at 33 million subscribers and has been able to amass 7.1 billion views in total on his videos. Fernanfloo recently signed with the creators of Resident Evil 2 and the game publishers Capcom to work on the remake, he now has the label of being one of the creators of the game appreciated by many gamers all around the world.

5. MrBeast: 34.6 Million Subscribers


MrBeast is a YouTube channel based in America created by Jimmy Donaldson. The channel is one of its kind where Jimmy makes interesting videos that feature him either donating a lot of money, reading long words or doing something specific for hours on end. The videos are usually insane challenges that he makes himself go through and sometimes even invites his followers to do so, to be able to be featured in his videos. He also does donation videos to Twitch streamers especially well known female Fortnite players.

He has critiqued the game Minecraft extensively deeming it uninteresting. One of the reasons Jimmy has been able to amass 22 million subscribers is because of his series ‘Worst Intros on YouTube’ which was an instant hit when it was released and his view count, in total, now stands at 3.6 billion. MrBeast is the 29th most subscribed YouTube channel in the United States.

Now MrBeast has switched his channel topic from gaming to entertainment. The net worth of MrBeast is around 6 million US dollars.

6. VEGETTA777: 29.5 Million Subscribers


A Spanish YouTuber, Sameul De Luque is better known as VEGETTA777. He created his channel in 2008 , making him one of the OG YouTubers who has molded, learned and perfected his content and is now the second most subscribed YouTuber in Spain. Samuel is famous for uploading gameplays of Minecraft, Battlefield, Saint’s Row and so on.

What is most interesting about VEGETTA777 his how he creates a narrative around his gaming videos, creating stories, giving them a history and trying to build a movie like scenario which has garnered a lot of interest from people. It comes as no surprise then that he has around 27 million subscribers. He calls himself a boy who loves unicorns and lives with a killer elf in his room, creating a whole fantasy around being a gamer boy with an enchanted room where all the games come to life. His videos have amassed around 10.3 billion views in total. The net worth of VEGETTA777 YouTube channel is about 13 million dollars as of 2020.

7. rezendeevil: 26.7 Million Subscribers

A former football player Pedro Afonso Rezende is a Brazilian YouTuber. He career started off as a footballer but due to mistreatment by his team he felt like it was time for him to change his direction. Using the money he made from his former career he bought a good computer, a camera and dedicated his days and nights to making content for YouTube. He started off with making 3 videos a day and worked so hard that he eventually became one of the most subscribed channels in brazil.

The name RezendEevil comes from his favorite video game ‘Resident Evil’. He made videos related to the popular game Minecraft which garnered a lot of attention and helped him rise to fame. He now has 24 million subscribers and 8.1 billion views in total on YouTube. Instead of backing down, he has increased his video count per day to 4 and seems to be getting more popular daily. The net worth of rezendeevil is around 22 million dollars.

8. Markiplier: 25.7 Million Subscribers

Markiplier YouTube gamer

Mark Edward Fischbach is an American YouTuber who goes by the name of Markiplier. He started his YouTube channel in 2012 after he left college where he was studying biomedical engineering as it was too stressful for him. He does sensationalized and explicit commentary while playing video games which he films for his channel and does not believe in censoring the words he uses. The net worth of Markiplier is estimated to be 24 million dollars as of 2020.

Markiplier is also a politically active individual who has expressed his views on gun violence, arms control and supports the LGBTQ rights movement. He is left leaning and has started a number of philanthropic ventures. He rose to fame quite fast after he joined YouTube and did playthroughs of indie and horror games and started popular series like Five Nights at Freddy or Minecraft and so on. he has amassed around a staggering 24 million subscribers and a total of 11 billion views on his videos.

9. VanossGaming: 25 Million Subscribers


VanossGaming was created by Evan Fong, a Canadian YouTuber in 2011. His channel is solely based on commentary regarding all of the games he plays. He is popular for his montage style videos where him and other YouTubers come together and play a plethora of video games. The commentary is usually comedic and humor filled. He has been continually compared to PewDiePie for having a similar style of gaming and being the top 10 gaming YouTubers. VanossGaming's YouTube channel net worth is about $25 million as of 2020.

Evan has also been known to show interest in music and has produced music under the name Rynx and served as a creative director for the video game Dead Realm. He gains around 2,300 subscribers and 4 million views on the daily and has amassed a total of 24 million subscribers and 11 billion views in total. Evan Fong also happens to be the second most subscribed channel from Canada, second to JustinBieberVEVO.

10. jacksepticeye: 23.6 Million Subscribers


An Irish YouTuber Sean William McLoughlin is known as Jacksepticeye to the online world. He started his YouTube channel in 2007 but got around posting content in 2012. He creates game play videos and is popularly known for his distinct accent, humor and excitement while making these videos. He has also been known to dip his toes in sketch videos with which he started a series ‘Drawing Your Tweets’, occasional vlogging and trying voice acting.

While he is now a full time YouTuber, Sean simultaneously joined college to complete his college degree and decided to major in Hotel Management. He likes making videos with his fellow gaming YouTubers and has made videos in collaboration with them. His favorite game genre is adventure and the favorite game is Shadow of the Colossus. He is the second most subscribed YouTuber in Ireland with around 22 million subscribers and 11 billion views on his videos in total. The net worth of Jacksepticeye is around $30 million as of 2020.

11. Ninja: 23.2 Million Subscribers


Like father like son, Richard Tyler Belvins also known as Ninja due to his online presence, followed in his dad’s footsteps of being a hardcore gamer since a very young age. He is most popularly known for playing and streaming Fortnite: battle royale alongside being a mixer streamer and a professional esports gamer. Tyler started his YouTube channel in 2011 but had more of a presence on Twitch, but after posting a few Fortnite gameplay videos, he realized how exciting it was not only for himself but also his followers, seeing it as a way for them to connect with him. He is considered, by the gamers, the guru of Fortnite and they believe no one else plays as good Richard does. His fans love his goofy energetic personality and think it a refreshing change in within the community. He is the fastest growing Fortnite YouTuber with around 23 million subscribers and 1.6 billion views in total.

Ninja has ditched Twitch and switched to another livestream platform Mixer in 2019. The net worth of Ninja is about $20 million.

12. DanTDM: 22.9 Million Subscribers


Daniel Robert Middleton better known as DanDTM to the YouTube world created his channel with the intent of making videos on Minecraft every day in 2012. Daniel dedicated his time and effort every day to make content for his followers every day which consisted of Minecraft gameplays and his commentary of it. He also creates Mod reviews and now vlogs on his channel. Dan has won a few Kids choice awards as well as set world records for his gaming and dedication to the game Minecraft. The YouTube channel started with the name ‘TheDiamondMinecraft//DanDTM’ after careful consideration and the fear of it being a mouthful, Daniel changed the channel’s name to DanDTM. Daniel’s channel has around 21 million subscribers and 15.1 billion views in total. He happens to be the most subscribed and viewed channel in the United Kingdom but has decided to make time for his family and himself by taking a break from making videos regarding Minecraft on the daily. DanTDM YouTube channel has an estimated net worth of $35 million as of 2020.

13. SSSniperWolf: 19.5 Million Subscribers


Alia Marie Shelsh, a British born female gaming YouTuber based in America, started her YouTube channel in 2011. She is better known by her pseudonym SSSniperWolf which is a mixture of her first channel sexysexysniper and sniper wolf which is one of the main antagonists of Metal Gear Solid. Alia started off as a gaming YouTuber, making gameplay videos of Call of Duty: Black Ops II but since 2017 has shifted more towards vlogging and mainly reaction videos to a number of viral videos or the internet’s weirdest trends. She is one of the biggest female gamers in the YouTube community with a large following of 16 million and a total viewership of 4.4 billion making her one of the most subscribed channel. She shifted from Twitch to YouTube after her interests shifted from gaming, however she does occasionally talk about gaming and sometimes live streams the games so hope for all gamers out there who like watching her play is not lost.

Now SSSniperWolf has expanded her content to other categories other than gaming. The net worth of SSSniperWolf is about 15 million US dollars.

14. AuthenticGames: 18.6 Million Subscribers


A Brazilian gaming YouTuber Marco Tulio started AuthenticGames in 2011 after being heavily invested in games like Minecraft, Roblox and so on. he decided to transform his passion for gaming into gameplay videos with commentary that ranges from being humorous to informative. Marco has tried making his channel children friendly where he claims one can come and enjoy videos of him playing Minecraft in front of one’s family as there are no profanities. He has expanded to making vlogs about his life which adds another aspect and perhaps even more depth to his channel. He has aimed for ‘healthy entertainment for the ‘little guys’ and seems to have gotten it right since he is one of the most subscribed YouTubers in brazil with 18 million subscribers and around 7.3 billion views in total. The net worth of AuthenticGames YouTube channel is around $10 million US dollars.

15. Jelly: 17.5 Million Subscribers


Quite literally also named Jelle Van Vucht, Jelly is a Dutch gaming and vlogging YouTuber who created his channel in 2014. He has been a part of a small YouTube gaming group called robust where he plays GTA V, Scrap Mechanic, Garry’s Mod and Golf it. He has thus been able to form close friendships with other YouTubers who are gamers and has created videos with Kwebbelkop and Slogoman quite often. One that stands out the most is his collaboration with PewDiePie, who is one of the most subscribed YouTubers. Jelly’s has around 17.5 million subscribers and a view could of 5.6 billion.

Jelly has been known to upload comedic gameplays, his commentaries are child friendly and hilarious, and his vlogs are also included in the content that is watched more frequently on his channel. Jelly has a $26 million US dollar net worth as of 2020.

16. PopularMMOs: 16.9 Million Subscribers


PopularMMOs was started by Patrick, an American YouTuber who tends to create content a few times a week for his YouTube channel. The videos are usually commentaries during Minecraft gameplays, challenges and personal vlogs. He makes these humorous commentary videos with his ex-wife (Jen aka GamingWithJen). Patrick got most popular on YouTube for his Minecraft series ‘The Challenges Games’ and ‘Epic proportion’. His channel is the 11th most subscribed YouTube channel in the gaming category and the second most viewed, with 17 million subscribers and around 13.4 billion views in total. The net worth of PopularMMOs is about $35 million as of 2020.

17. TheWillyrex: 16.9 Million Subscribers


Guillermo Diaz Ibanez is a Spanish YouTuber known by his nickname on the internet Willyrex. He created two YouTube channels Willyrex and TheWillyrex, the latter focusing on gameplays, commentary with his YouTube gamer friends and reviewing games. Diaz started his degree in business administration but eventually left it to focus more fully on YouTube. He is the 3rd most subscribed channel in Spain and the 75th most subscribed on YouTube with around 15 million subscribers. TheyWillyrex is dedicated completely towards playing games like Minecraft, Clash Royale and even absurd and fun games that people don’t usually gravitate towards. The name of the channel came from his first English name William and rex because it is Latin for king. The channel has around 5.3 billion views in total on its videos. The net worth of TheWillyrex is about $3.4 million US dollars.

18. Ali-A: 16.6 Million Subscribers


Alastair Alken popularly known as Ali-A on the internet is a UK based YouTuber who started his channel quite early into the YouTube scene i.e. 2006. Ali-A happens to be one of those YouTubers who have garnered a lot of experience because of dedicating almost two decades of their lives to YouTube. Alastair’s YouTube content is mostly based on Fortnite: Battle Royale and Call of Duty. He is the second most subscribed YouTube channel in the UK after being surpassed by Ninja. He started off his YouTube channel with the name Martoix, uploading gameplay videos mainly playing Call of Duty which got him extremely popular in the YouTube gaming world and he was then known for those gameplays. He uploads videos of his Call of Duty gameplays daily and updates his subscribers on video games and new releases. He has amassed over 16 million subscribers on YouTube and 4.6 billion views in total. The net worth of Ali-A is about $18 million US dollars.

19. A4: 16.1 Million Subscribers

The channel A4 is a Balearian YouTube channel that was created in 2014. It is named A4 after the creator’s name who claims to be an interesting guy who is ready to tell his viewers something that would make them laugh and dedicates his time to raise their spirits. He has made gameplay videos but has promptly shifted to making vlog styled videos, challenges and reaction videos. The channel is perhaps one of the most subscribed channels in Belarus with 16 million subscribers and 696 million views in total on the videos. The net worth of A4 is about $10 million US dollars as of 2020.

20. EeOneGuy: 15.7 Million Subscribers


Ivan Rudoski is a YouTuber based in Ukraine. He is best known for his gameplay commentaries, comedy videos and vlogs on YouTube. Added to that his YouTube career has been shrouded in drama, rumors and controversy, so much so that Ivan has either deleted or made his videos private even though they some of them were a few popular series that rose him to fame. He has been accused of plagiarizing PewDiePie and elrubiusOMG but has responded with firmly denying all of these allegations. This 23 year old has faced a lot of hate comments, bullying from people who follow his content for lacking originality EeOneGuy also dipped his foot in animation for a while by animation inspired by Minecraft but eventually left that too. His gaming videos too have been deleted or made private but has recently been seen to create music videos after collaborations with popular artists. He, nevertheless, has had a staggering 15 million subscribers and 3.3 billion views, in total, on his videos. The net worth of EeOneGuy is about $1.8 million US dollars as of 2020.

21. TheDonato: 15.2 Million Subscribers

TheDonato is an Argentine gaming YouTuber who has been focused on streaming Garena Free Fire gameplay and reaction videos. The net worth of TheDonato is around $9 million US dollars as of 2020.

22. Clash of Clans: 15.2 Million Subscribers

Clash of Clans

This is the official YouTube channel for the free mobile strategy video game Clash of Clans. The game was published by Supercell and was released in 2012 or IOS and 2013 for android. It is a multiplayer game where players have their own clans, train their troops and defend and conquer more lands while protecting their own. It is perhaps one of the most popular mobile games. The YouTube channel uploads its promotional videos, world champion ship segments and sometimes features other YouTubers that have been raving about the game. The YouTube channel has around 15 million subscribers and 1.7 billion views on its videos in total.

23. Willyrex: 15.1 Million Subscribers


Also a channel by Guillermo Diaz Ibanez, Willyrex has around 14.8 million subscribers, ranking surpassed by its other channel TheWillyrex. The channel is solely dedicated to Fortnite gameplays and Diaz uploads a video daily to keep his followers updated and entertained. Along with his friends and fellow YouTubers Vegetta777 and sTaXx created a mobile game called Kamraum, for Microsoft which has, as of now, been downloaded over 2 million times. Willyrex has around 3.5 billion views on its videos and strives to be an interactive channel. The net worth of Willyrex is about $3.5 million dollars as of 2020.

24. Guava Juice: 15.1 Million Subscribers

Guava Juice

Guava Juice was created by Roi Fabito in 2006 making him one of the first youtubers in the community. The intent behind the YouTube channel was to, at the start, upload random videos of doing challenges or experiments. Eventually he forgot about this channel and created The Wassabi Productions with Alex Wassabi where both of them dedicated their time to making it one of the fastest growing YouTube channels. After his departure from Wassabi Productions Roi found himself once again in Guava Juice and started uploading gaming videos for his channel until he decided to do something more and left gaming altogether. He now does crazy challenges which are sometimes quite dangerous, DIYs and other random videos. His channel has grown exponentially and now has around 15 million subscribers with 5.7 billion view count on his videos in total. The net worth of Guava Juice YouTube channel is $18 million dollars.

25. W2S: 15.1 Million Subscribers

W2S or Wroetoshaw was created by Harry Christopher George Lewis in 2012 with the intent of making gameplay videos. Harry bases his videos heavily on commentaries, challenges and FIFA. He seems to be particularly enthusiastic about FIFA as he mainly does FIFA ‘pink slip’ challenges. He has created a brand for himself by being recognizable because of the blue hoodie he adorns almost every time he makes a video. He has been seen to play GTA 5 or Fortnite on his other channel. Moreover WS2 has a very calm demeanor while he films the gameplays as he likes to create the realist experience he can for his viewers, however he has also been known to show rage if his efforts go to waste by sometimes even breaking the equipment, it is said that he does all this with the intent of providing comic relief. He has around 15 million subscribers and around 4.4 billion views in total on his videos. The net worth of W2S is $7 million dollars as of 2020.

26. Mikecrack: 15 Million Subscribers


Mikecrack is a YouTube channel based in Spain and created by Mike also known as Maik and Mikecraft in 2013. The channel was created with the intent of making people laugh, provide adventure and excitement, Mike has made a large number of videos on Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite, Free Fire and so on. one of the reasons for Mike’s popularity is his Minecraft series, Noob Ambrozzio, Straight from Base vs Base and Natural disasters. At one point he used to make tutorials, trolleys but switched to video games and calls himself the most prone YouTuber in the world. He has around 11 million subscribers and around 3.6 billion views in total on his videos. The net worth of Mikecrack is 23 million US dollars.

27. FaZe Rug: 14.3 Million Subscribers

FaZe Rug

Brian Awadis born to Iraqi parents has is an American YouTuber who created FaZe Rug in 2011. He is a member of this YouTube group called FaZe Clan as their director. He is also a part of a YouTube ‘cloutgang’ that has featured FaZe members to respond to Jake Paul. Brian’s channel is one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in the United States with around 12 million subscribers. He makes interesting reaction videos as well as challenges and experiments. His most popular video ‘Cocaine Prank’ has around 17 million views which made his name even bigger than it already was in the YouTube community. The videos on FaZe Rug have a total of 2.9 billion views. The net worth of FaZe Rug is $12 million dollars as of 2020.

28. SQUEEZIE: 14.2 Million Subscribers

SQUEEZIE is a French YouTuber, who usually creates reaction videos and also plays games. The net worth of SQUEEZIE is about $12 million dollars as of 2020.

29. FGTeeV: 13.7 Million Subscribers

The channel of FGTeeV combines family, gaming and entertainment content together. The channel starts in 2013 and has got over 15 billion views. The net worth of FGTeeV is about $45 million dollars as of 2020.

30. SSundee: 13.6 Million Subscribers


Ian Markus Stapleton, also known by his internet presence as SSundee is one of the OG YouTubers who joined in 2009 and have since risen to fame. He was a former member of a group called TeamCrafted but then started his own YouTube channel. Ian originally wanted to join the military and did so until 2013 when he quit to focus more on his channel as it was growing fast. He started uploading content in 2010 i.e. gameplay videos such as Dota, Call of Duty, League of Legends and so on. he has also made quite a few vlogs on his channel, and introduced his now ex-wife Madelyn and his son Colton. He has played almost all gamer favorite video games and uploaded content on his channel on the daily. As of June 2020 he has around 13.6 million subscribers and 5.7 billion views on his videos in total. And the net worth of SSundee is about $15 million dollars.

31. LazarBeam: 13.6 Million Subscribers


A channel that is known to not only take video games seriously but also realize that it is okay to poke fun at them, LazarBeam was created by Lannan Eacott, an Australian YouTuber. He started off his channel with Fortnite: Battle Royale videos and became popular for creating Fortnite memes. He has also made reaction videos on his channel about interesting finds on reddit and has also created some Q/A videos about his personal life, introducing his girlfriend in one. He joined YouTube in 2015 and has around 11 million subscribers. To add to his popularity, Lannan is also a part of an Australian YouTuber group Click, this channel is known to come up with insane real life challenges that the group members have to participate in. His other channel LazarLazar is for those who are not easily swayed by NSFW content. LazarBeam has around 3.7 billion views on its videos in total. Lannan also happens to hate Twitch users with a vengeance and does not like to consider their gaming as adequate. The net worth of LazarBeam is about $14 million dollars as of 2020.

32. AM3NlC: 13.3 Million Subscribers


Edukof better known as AM3NIC is a Brazilian YouTuber who created his channel in 2012 and has a plethora of content on his channel. He primarily started his YouTube channel for gameplays, Minecraft in particular and then expanded it to making vlogs, reaction videos, and even prank videos. The intent behind his channel he says humorously is to ‘save humans’ from, we assume, boredom because his content is entertaining. He publishes videos on the daily and is dedicated to his subscribers. There are around 12 millions of them. The channel has the view count of 3.8 billion. The net worth of AM3NIC is about $6 million dollars as of 2020.

33. IGN: 13.3 Million Subscribers

IGN is one of the most popular sites for video gaming review and news. Their official website has a monthly visit of 85 million worldwide. And ranks No.17 among all gaming websites as of site traffic. The official YouTube channel of IGN was established in 2006 and publishes latest game reviews, trailers, and walkthrough videos.

34. Minecraft - Topic: 13.2 Million Subscribers

This topic is the auto-generated channel by YouTube, full with Minecraft content.

35. TheGrefg: 13.1 Million Subscribers


A channel almost solely dedicated to Fortnite, TheGrefg is based in Spain and has around 11 million subscribers. The creator of TheGrefg is devoted to making gameplay videos, extensive, sometimes, hour long videos where he does humorous commentary and has exaggerated responses to the game. He has collaborated with other YouTubers that are as enthusiastic about video games, challenging each other and just like to have a good time. The videos have gotten a lot of attention from all over the internet and thus have a total view count of 2.6 billion. The Grefg is one of the fastest growing gaming channels in Spain. The net worth of TheGrefg is about $12 million dollars.

36. Makiman131: 12.9 Million Subscribers


Markiman131 started his YouTube channel in 2013 and is based in Spain. He makes gameplay videos in Minecraft and does exciting and humorous commentary throughout. His channel however has broadened to include content like challenges, pranks and reaction videos. Interestingly he makes videos where he sometimes brings the video games into reality, using fake guns and trying to create a similar scenario. As of 2019 he has gathered around 11 million subscribers and 2.7 billion views in total. The net worth of Makiman131 is $8 million dollars.

37. Lachlan: 12.6 Million Subscribers

Lachlan Ross Power, popularly known as Lachlan is a gaming youtuber who created his channel in 2013 and has dedicated his all his time and effort into making it one of the top 50 YouTubers in the gaming genre. He is especially known for his Fortnite videos but has been popular for his Pokémon Go and Minecraft series as well. In 2016 he started his YouTube career with playing Pokémon Go and for about a year and a half he made Pokémon Go vlogs but has not gone back to it since 2017 claiming that the game has now gone stale and has moved on to other projects. In 2013 he started the PokeBallers Pixelmon Server and expanded it to several servers giving the opportunity to the players to play any style of pixelmon they wished to. In a similar fashion he has collaborated with his fellow content creators like JeromeASF, BajanCanadian and Vikkstar123 which have given more dimensions to his YouTube channel. He now solely plays Fortnite and has around 12.3 million subscribers as well as 3.9 billion views in total. The net worth of Lachlan is $7 million dollars.

38. Marmok: 12.6 Million Subscribers


Marmok is a Russian YouTube channel dedicated to cheer people up with game play videos and hilarious commentary. The channel was created in 2008 and has since then steadily gained popularity coming up to 10 million subscribers and around 1.3 billion views in total on the videos. As a child Marmok had been interested in drawing and after graduating from college he started working as a graphic designer on the internet. He has been known to change the name of his channel quite a few times for example, ‘Cryfan’ which he named after his favorite video game ‘Crysis’. Marmok has published a number of gameplay videos of Cryfan but ended up deleting most of these. He officially started posting on his YouTube channel in 2014 after he realized how tough the competition in the gaming community was. The net worth of Marmok is around $5 million dollars.

39. PrestonPlayz - Minecraft: 12.5 Million Subscribers

Preston Blaine Arsement is an American YouTuber better known to the internet world as Preston. He has been known to produce a steady flow of content for the staggering five YouTube channels he has created. A gamer at heart, Preston uses this channel of his most frequently to post Minecraft gaming content and loud boisterous commentary while playing the video game with someone or solo. He has however expanded to playing Fortnite, Roblox, creating channels separately for each of them. This channel is his Minecraft pocket edition which features his friend and fellow YouTuber Logdotzip. Preston created this channel in 2018 and it now has around 2.1 million subscribers with 331 million total view count on his videos. This happens to be one of the fastest growing channels on YouTube. The net worth of PrestonPlayz - Minecraft is $25 million dollars.

40. The Game Theorists: 12.5 Million Subscribers

The Game Theorists

Matthew Patrick, who also likes to call himself MatPat is the creator of The Game Theorists. He created the channel in 2009 with the intent of uncovering secrets, stories in the games an average gamer plays and educational videos. It is an interesting mix of a channel which delves deep into the narratives that have shaped how a video game has developed, or the representation of culture behind it. He takes videos games seriously enough to make them a topic of educational interest, sometimes connecting one video game universe to another. MatPat has been praised for his outlook towards video games and has had the chance to collaborate with other YouTube giants like FBE, Markiplier, Smosh Games and so on. His channel has around 11 million subscribers and 2.6 billion views in total on his videos. The net worth of The Game Theorists $18 million dollars as of 2020.

41. Enes Batur: 12.4 Million Subscribers

Enes Batur

Enes Batur Sungurtekin created NDNG (New Day New Game) before he created his official YouTube channel but has as of now deleted NDNG as he has not touched gaming in more than 6 months and is trying to move onto lifestyle vlogging or other review, challenges or comedy videos instead. Enes started off as a gamer who had a deep interest in video games like Fortnite, Minecraft and even made gameplay videos with humorous commentary. He won the Social Media Phenomenon of the year award at the Turkey Golden Palm Awards in 2019. Enes since his departure from gaming has also started focusing more on his acting career, trying to build an image for himself, he was previously well known for his review videos on console games and computers but now does vlogs. The YouTube channel has around 10 million subscribers and 5.4 billion views in total, making it one of the most streamed channels on YouTube. The net worth of Enes Batur is $22 million dollars as of 2020.

42. Kwebbelkop: 12.3 Million Subscribers


Jordi Maxim Van Den Bussche, a Dutch YouTuber who gained popularity due to his interest in gaming and how he has recorded all the games he plays with detailed, exciting commentary. While Kwebbelkop was created in 2008, Jordi did not start uploading content till 2011 and that too gameplay videos of Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Much like a lot of YouTubers, he too became extremely interested in Minecraft and has dedicated a large amount of video content to the video game. He now uploads videos daily and has been doing so after he became serious about pursuing YouTube as a career option in 2012. Jordi has around 12 million subscribers and a total of 4.7 billion views on his videos. The net worth of Kwebbelkop YouTube channel is $18 million dollars.

43. H2ODelirious: 12.3 Million Subscribers


H2ODelirious is a gaming YouTube channel by an American YouTuber Jonathan Gorman Dennis. He created the channel in 2007 with the intent of making gaming videos with commentary. Very little is known of Jonathan as a person as he has, since the start of his channel, never revealed his face to his subscribers. He is described as a loud and excited person from what can be heard during his commentaries and is known to be clueless about the jump scares in his video games, making most of his reactions original and entertaining. He is also said to have a ‘delirious’ laughter which is most frequently heard when he makes the Let’s Play videos, either with his friends or by himself. He has a fast growing YouTube channel with around 12 million subscribers and 2.6 billion views on his videos in total. The net worth of H2ODelirious is about $8 million dollars.

44. League of Legends: 12.1 Million Subscribers

League of Legends

LOL claims that it has recently been recognized as the most played video games in the world i.e. 100 million play every month. This is the official YouTube channel of the video game that has taken the gaming community by a storm. It is a multiplayer online battle arena video game where the user is the summoner who battles against a team of other players. The goal is to destroy the other team’s ‘nexus’. The channel features new videos and updates of the game, their upcoming projects, new gameplay previews, behind the scenes videos and even instructional videos by those who are masters of their craft. It has some of the largest footprints on the internet and remains undefeated in the gamer universe even after being released in 2009. The YouTube channel has around 10 million subscribers and a total of 3.1 billion views.

45. PDK Films: 12.1 Million Subscribers

PDK Films

PDK Films or normally known as Paul Kousky, is a famous YouTuber who deals with the creation of many games such as making his YouTube channel, a “Nerf War” expertise. Paul is 23 years old and has joined YouTube since 2009. His content has changed over time unless he found his strong core, which he does best. Paul, at this very moment has an enormous following of 9 million subscribers and 2 billion views on his YouTube channel. This YouTube handle does not only deal with video games, but a full action packed visual and sound effects. Paul’s channel is currently active and he manages to interact with audience twice a week. The net worth of PDK Films is $7 million dollars.

46. Machinima: 12.1 Million Subscribers

The channel of Machinima was deleted due to the AT&T acquisition of Otter Media, but it still has over million subscribers.

47. iTownGamePlay ✮Terror&Diversión✮: 12.1 Million Subscribers


Alvaro Herreros Martinez, better known as iTownGamePlay is a Spanish YouTuber who makes gameplay videos of various games like BF3, Minecraft or L4D. he started off as a YouTuber who was interested in reacting and doing commentary on video games associated with terror, however since then has expanded to gaming and horror stories with an addition of fun light hearted games like Minecraft, Happy Wheels etc. He was greatly supported by fellow youtubers Duxativa and Alk4pon3 and since then has surpassed both of them in popularity as well as the subscriber count. Martinez has around 11 million subscribers and 3.8 billion views on his videos in total. He even has a music channel where he has uploaded some of his original songs and some of Five Nights at Freddy song covers. The net worth of iTownGamePlay is $2.5 million dollars.

48. Antrax: 12.1 Million Subscribers


A YouTuber based in Mexico Antrax is a gaming YouTube channel that has been around since 2015. The creator however is quite humble about his channel claiming that his content is not as sophisticated but is done with the honesty of his heart. He started off with gameplay videos and then eventually expanded to making vlogs that are quite popular and completing challenges or dares and recurring videos of his pet pig. He has dipped his fingers in all sorts of games, or sport, be it soccer, football, basketball, PUBG, Fortnite etc. and has been seen to enjoy each game he played. Antrax has around 10 million subscribers and a total of 1.6 billion views on the videos. The net worth of Antrax is $4.3 million dollars as of 2020.

49. AzzyLand: 12 Million Subscribers


AzzyLand, a channel started in 2015 by the Canadian cos-player and gamer Azra Bajrami, gained a reputation as one of the fastest growing YouTube Channels in November 2016. Bajrami refers to her 9.7+ million subscribers as citizens of AzzyLand and she frequently posts entertaining vlogs about trying different internet challenges and life hacks. The channel rose to fame in 2015 when Azzy mistakenly referred to another popular YouTuber by another name, the following outrage by his fans and her subsequent apology being important incidents that led her to choose being a YouTuber over being a doctor. AzzyLand has over 3.1+ billion total views and the most watched video is a compilation of ASMR and Slime Pressing that has over 14 million views. The net worth of Azzyland is $12 million dollars.

50. TazerCraft: 11.7 Million Subscribers


TazerCraft was created by video game enthusiasts Pac and Mike in 2011. They have exciting and funny commentaries on their gameplay videos of Minecraft and some other random and odd games they find on the internet. They have made reaction videos as well as reviewed video games on their channel and post about 3 days a week. Pac and Mike have incorporated vlogs on their channel and are frequently making exciting videos that have gotten quite a bit of attention. TazerCraft is one of the fastest growing YouTube channels with a subscriber count of 11 million and 3.8 billion views in total. The channel even has a store of its own where they sell their channel themed products, plush toys, t shirts, toys etc. The net worth of TazerCraft is $5 million dollars.

51. Jess No Limit: 11.5 Million Subscribers

Jess No Limit, whos real name is Justin, is a professional player of game Mobile Legends. Justin who the global champion of the game for season 6. He joined the professional eSports team Evos eSports. In his YouTube channel,  Jess No Limit posted gameplay videos and vlogs he helps disabled community in Indonesia. The net worth of Jess No Limit is $8.5 million dollars.

52. theRadBrad: 11 Million Subscribers


The YouTube channel theRadBrad was started by Bradley Colburn, an American gamer, in 2006. The channel consists of several walkthroughs and reaction videos of a vast array of games that been launched from 2013 onwards to 2019 currently. With a total of 3.4+ billion views and 10+ million subscribers on YouTube, Colburn's audience is mostly from within the US and within the age-bracket of 18-34 years. The FVM magazine called theRadBrad "the king of youtube walkthroughs"; the most watched video on the channel is a gameplay walkthrough of GTA 5. The net worth of theRadBrad is around $5 million dollars.

53. Sky Does Everything: 11.4 Million Subscribers

Sky Does Everything

A name now changed to Sky Does Everything, Adam Dahlberg is an American YouTuber who started his channel in 2011. His interest in video games, he says, stems from how much he likes animating. However he quit animation and after launching his YouTube channel made gameplay videos on Minecraft and even sang the Minecraft ‘new world’ song as a parody at Minecon 13. Adam had decided, in 2017, to delete all his Minecraft videos and discarded the channel ‘Sky Does Minecraft’. His decision was met with discontentment however he stuck to it until 2018 where he announced all his Minecraft videos would be made public again and he would not solely make videos on Minecraft in the video game genre, instead he branched out and wants to play all kinds of different games. He, as of May 2020, has around 11.4 million subscribers and a view count of 3.8 billion on his videos. The net worth of Sky Does Everything is $8 million dollars.

54. Morgz: 11.2 Million Subscribers


Started in 2014, Morgz is a channel by a British teen gamer and vlogger known as Morgan Hudson. Initially his channel comprised of game commentary on FIFA, Minecraft, Call of Duty and more but later he switched to trying popular internet challenges, Vlogs and DIYs that led to his subscribers doubling from 7 million to 14 million. Known for over=exaggeration and click-baiting his vlogs, Morgz faced gradual loss of subscribers in 2017, however, Morgz began commentary on Fortnite and which increased his viewership to 10+ million subscribers. The total views of Morgz are above 1.7 billion and he has featured on the YouTube account of PewDiePie - one of the top YouTubers. The net worth of Morgz is $8 million dollars as of 2020.

55. Frost Diamond: 11.1 Million Subscribers

Frost Diamond is an Indonesian gaming YouTuber, who creates Minecraft and prank videos. The net worth of Frost Diamond is $8 million dollars.

56. RobleisIUTU: 11 Million Subscribers


Tomás Arbillaga or Robleis is an Argentinian YouTuber who loves to create videos about Gamelays and Vlogs. His lively personality and witty commentary at the back always win thousands and millions of subscribers everyday. Tomas has been consistent with the uploading of videos and has gained about 8 million subscribers and 1 billion views on his channel. The purpose of this channel is to provide entertainment to users for keeping the platform engaging and interactive that people would never leave their comfortable seats and videos full of entertainment by Tomas. His video content is somewhat basically the same criteria. The net worth of RobleisIUTU is $9 million dollars as of 2020.

57. PlayHard: 10.9 Million Subscribers


PlayHard is a gamer’s YouTube channel with no prime information available on his biography. However, the channel itself is a hit and almost need no representative over the internet. This Brazilian channel is a limelight of its own essence. That being said, the channel has an enormous following of almost 9 million subscribers and 1 billion views on the videos available on the channel. The main content uploaded on the channel revolves around the game play of many other games, there are currently no specification available. All kinds of games are being played, from mobile games to video games, everything has progressed. The net worth of PlayHard is $4 million dollars.

58. zbing z.: 10.9 Million Subscribers

zbing z.

Zbing z is a YouTuber who rose to fame after uploading gameplay videos of Roblox. She is one of the few popular gaming YouTubers who have been able to garner enough attention and have a strong presence that she stands at 9.4 million subscribers. She has seen to have widened her interests and plays all kinds of games that she is attracted towards. On average each video of hers gains 500k-600k views so it comes as no surprise that she has around 3.3 billion views on her videos. The net worth of zbing z. is $10 million dollars as of 2020.

59. CaptainSparklez: 10.7 Million Subscribers


CaptainSparklez is a community channel that was started in 2010 by Jordan Maron, an American now renowned for being a gamer-commentator. His channel primarily consisted of reaction and parody videos of Minecraft but he has often posted videos with his friend Nick who is also a YouTube personality with a channel called NFENvids. His channel hit 10 million views in 2017 and out of the 5 most viewed Minecraft videos, 4 of the videos were produced by him. With a current total of almost 3.5 billion views and 10+ million subscribers, the content videos on the channel CaptainSparklez are known for specific catch phrases which add to the comedic value of the videos. The net worth of CaptainSparklez is $9 million dollars.

60. Robin Hood Gamer: 10.7 Million Subscribers

Robin Hood Gamer YouTube channel is a gaming channel created by Brazilian creator Robin Hood. This YouTube channel was established in 2014, and mainly publishes videos of Minecraft. The net worth of Robin Hood Gamer is $17 million dollars.

61. luzugames: 10.6 Million Subscribers

luzugames is created by YouTube gaming influencer Luzu. This YouTube channel is one of the top Spanish gaming YouTube channels. Luzu create content for games like Fortnite, GTA V Online, Subnautica, PUBG, and many mobile games. The net worth of luzugames is $3 million dollars.

62. CarryMinati: 10.5 Million Subscribers

CarryMinati is an Indian comedian, gamer and rapper. The net worth of CarryMinati is around $3.6 million dollars.

63. BCC Trolling: 10.5 Million Subscribers

BCC Trolling

BestCodComedy, more commonly known as BCC Trolling is a YouTube channel currently dedicated to funny video compilations of the game Fortnite. Started by Charlie Ley in 2011, the posted videos were short and showcased entertaining clips from the gameplay in Call of Duty, Fifa ad then Minecraft. Having gained a reputation from making 'trolling' videos about the before-mentioned games. Ley started making trolling videos about GTA V as well until 2017 when the Fortnite was released. In April 2019, the channel reached 10 million subscribers and has had more than 2.9 billion total views. Due to its huge fan following, the channel is no longer managed by Ley alone but is managed by a team that promises to deliver visually appealing and creative content. The net worth of BCC Trolling is around $1.1 million dollars.

64. Coisa de Nerd: 10.1 Million Subscribers

Coisa de Nerd

A wholesome and interesting YouTube channel Coisa de Nerd aka Nerd stuff was created by a couple Leon Martins and Nilce Moretto in 2009. They are a couple who have a very strong bond that shows off in all of the educational, technological and scientific videos they make. Their interest in gaming and gadget review has led to the gaming community subscribing to the channel. They have created a number of series on their channel like the GAGA series (Gambiarra A Gente Aceita) where they review gadgets, have an in-depth conversation about which gadget suits which situation better. They also have a small series called The Coffee Time where they publicly share their lives, talk and learn about the universe, your life and the truth. The channel has around 9.7 million subscribers and 2.7 billion in total on their videos. The net worth of Coisa de Nerd is $3.4 million dollars.

65. DaniRep | +6 Vídeos Diarios De GTA 5 Online!: 10.1 Million Subscribers


DaniRep or Daniel Hidalgo, is a 22 year old YouTuber from Espanyol. Daniel’s channel is fully and highly dedicated to a popular known video game, Grand Theft Auto V. DaniRep or Daniel, post excessively every news that may have been present relevant to the game Grand Theft Auto. Danial was left his studies at the prime age of 16 but worked as a YouTuber since then and luck has been on his side. Daniel currently has 10 million subscribers and almost a massive count of 4 billion views on his videos. Daniel, however, does not only own this channel but has many other businesses up and running outside the world of YouTube. The net worth of DaniRep is $3.7 million dollars.

66. TheSyndicateProject: 9.8 Million Subscribers


Thomas Cassell a British YouTuber better known as the SyndicateProject, Tom Syndicate has dedicated his time and effort into creating a YouTube channel that has surpassed many and become one of the three most subscribed YouTube channels in the gaming genre. The channel was originally built to review and play Halo and Modern Warfare 2 but became more popular after the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies and grew exponentially after Thomas did a series on The Minecraft project. While he is quite successful on YouTube, Syndicate has enjoyed the status of being most followed gamer on Twitch. While Syndicate was supposed to be originally a vlogging channel but eventually was taken over by Thomas’s enthusiasm for gaming and started uploading more game play videos. He has around 9.8 million subscribers and a total of 2 billion views on the videos and even has a clothing line to add to his popularity. The net worth of TheSyndicateProject is $1.2 million dollars.

67. PlayStation: 9.8 Million Subscribers


PlayStation is a product of a Japanese company, Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is a brand name of various video gaming consoles. Media service, online controllers and much more gadgets that come along with advancement in technology. The YouTube channel of PlayStation tends to post different clips, trailers and story based visuals about their latest and newly released games plus also, like to appreciate their fan art in their limelight. PlayStation has about 8 million subscribers and 2 billion views on their channel. PlayStation official YouTube channel begin in 2005 and has gained massive popularity not only on social platforms but is still the best chosen company for video gaming gadgets.

68. Arab Games Network: 9.5 Million Subscribers

Arab Games Network

Syed is a gaming YouTuber who created his channel in 2013. He is an enthusiastic gamer who wants to bring videos games like PUBG, Call of Duty, horror games and so on to his Arabian fellow gamers to popularize video games in Saudi Arabia. He, at the moment, is focusing on his series Pro Evolution Soccer. Syed has reacted to a number of video games and has interesting narratives attached to each game, his video titles are quite creative. The channel has around 6.5 million subscribers and a total view count of 1.9 billion on its videos. The net worth of Arab Games Network is $18 million dollars as of 2020.

69. Jazzghost: 9.4 Million Subscribers


The channel is produced by Juliano Barros. Juliano channel’s special and strong outlet is the featuring of game play of different kind of games and available online such as: Mincraft, buildings and mods, and has offered more than once. Juliano is a hard working, struggling yet charming with witty commentary at the back of the game plays is highly recommended and is the reason the channel got famous. The channel at this very moment has about 8 million subscribers and more than 1 billion views. Juliano likes to keep his account sort of kid friendly YouTube channel which is enjoyed by all range of ages. The net worth of Jazzghost is $8 million dollars.

70. Stampylonghead: 9.3 Million Subscribers


Stampylonghead is originally known as Joseph Garrett. Garrett is a 28 year old man who loves playing games and making interesting yet informative videos on famously known game Minecraft. However, his videos entirely focuses on creating them as kid friendly as possible. Joseph has another channel where he likes to Vlog and post about his daily life and share the events with viewers, but stamoylonghead has been solely created for sharing about Minecraft. Joseph currently has about 9 million subscribers and about 7 billion views on his channel. The audience is mainly consist of young game enthusiasts. The net worth of Stampylonghead is $2.5 million dollars.

71. Piuzinho: 9.2 Million Subscribers

Piuzinho is a Brazilian Gamer who publishes gaming videos to YouTube, and also hosts live streams of gameplay on NiMO TV. NiMO TV is one of the largest game live streaming platform. Piuzinho has over 2.7 million followers on NiMO TV. Piuzinho has a net worth of $3.2 million dollars.

72. MiawAug: 9.2 Million Subscribers

MiawAug is a gaming YouTuber located in Indonesia. He joined YouTube in 2014. The channel name MiawAug is from "the sound of cat and dog." He plays PC games, console and mobile games. The most popular video is the on he played and reacted to a horror game. This single video has been played over 16 million times one year after it was published. The net worth of MiawAug is $12 million dollars.

73. Typical Gamer: 9.1 Million Subscribers

Typical Gamer is a YouTube gaming channel featuring games include GTA 5, Fortnite, Minecraft, Call of Duty, Apex Legends and VR games. The series he played Minecraft with his girlfriend are favored by a lot of his fans. The net worth of Typical Gamer is $3 million dollars.

74. ZarcortGame: 9 Million Subscribers

ZarcortGame is the YouTube channel created by Spanish artist Zarcort. He has two great passions, music and video games, so he publishes content for both category to entertain his fans. The net worth of ZarcortGame is $10 million dollars as of 2020.

75. RocketJump: 9 Million Subscribers


RocketJump is an entertainment company that is made by Freddy Wong. The channel likes to update their content once in a while or daily, about many other things like interactive visual effects, streaming, twitch and really having engaging content on your channel is highly a necessity. RocketJump is joined YouTube in 2006 and has gained a massive following count of about 8 million subscribers and 1 billion views on his channel. Freddie Wong has been a former professional gamer and his dedication towards games has taken him to success on YouTube. Freddy Wong liked to give dedicated at home about games like Portal, Battlefield 3 and Marios Bros. The channel however, also releases short films to never ending fun. The net worth of RocketJump is $3 million dollars.

76. LipaoGamer: 8.8 Million Subscribers


LipaoGamer is a Brazilian YouTube channel created in October, 2011. The channel was created by Felipe Victor who is a gamer, gaming commentator and video producer that makes mostly GTA V videos along with Minecraft. His channel now has over 7.9 million subscribers since its creation. There are 7801 videos on it as of August, 2019 and they have a total view count exceeding 1.94 billion ranking it among the top gaming channels from Brazil. The net worth of LipaoGamer is $7 million dollars.

77. KSIOlajidebtHD: 8.8 Million Subscribers


Olajide William Olatunji, better known by his screen name KSI or JJ, is a British YouTuber who runs one of the most subscribed to channels, with over 20 million subscribers. This is his secondary channel on which the YouTuber primarily showcased his gaming skills until 2017, after which he also started posting reaction videos on the channel. The channel has been active on the platform since as early as 2011, except for a brief duration in 2017 when the YouTuber took a break from his career. Unlike other gaming YouTubers, JJ is known for posting gameplays of random games, rather than sticking to a few that he is comfortable playing. It goes without saying that fame does not come easy and JJ also has had his fair share of controversies and rifts, the most prominent one being with his own brother Deji, which has also reportedly caused him to lose subscribers. Regardless, the YouTuber still has over 7.2 million subscribers on this channel, with over 1.2 billion views. The net worth of KSIOlajidebtHD is $15 million dollars.

78. UnspeakableGaming: 8.8 Million Subscribers


UnspeakableGaming is an American YouTube channel created in October, 2012. The channel is owned and run by a YouTuber named Nathan. Nathan is popular for uploading videos of Minecraft in which he showcases maps, plays with friends and also makes Do Not Laugh challenges with them. The channel now has more than 7.62 million subscribers as of August, 2019. His channel now has 2111 uploads on it which have been viewed over 2.62 billion times. The net worth of UnspeakableGaming is $16 million dollars.

79. FROST: 8.7 Million Subscribers

FROST is a Russian YouTuber creates content about games, challenges, and pranks. The net worth of FROST is $1 million dollars.

80. Miniminter: 8.5 Million Subscribers


Miniminter is a British YouTube channel created in February, 2008. It was created by Simon Edward Minter, who is a YouTuber who has become incredibly popular for his FIFA vlogs and videos, football challenges and tricks along with Q&A. His channel now has more than 8.4 million subscribers and he has uploaded more 1653 videos so far which have garnered more than 2.8 billion views and counting. He also has a secondary channel on which he uploads videos of other games like GTA V, Draw My Thing, Garry’s Mod, Uno and other multiplayer games with the Side Man. As of 2019, he has an estimated net worth of around $12 million. On his channel he has two series named Your Ultimate Team and UK vs. USA. On Your Ultimate Team, Simon lets viewers pick players for his team and tries to reach each division by a different team which he builds. On UK vs. USA, he plays FIFA against female YouTubers called Fangs, who are also known for her videos on FIFA. The net worth of Miniminter is $7 million dollars.

81. ElTrollino: 8.5 Million Subscribers

YouTube channel ElTrollino is a Spanish gaming channel focusing on Minecraft, Golf IT, Pinturillo and Fortnite. ElTrollino joined YouTube in 2013, and he has got almost 2 billion total views by end of 2019.

82. Kuplinov ► Play: 8.5 Million Subscribers


Dmitry Kuplinov is a Russian YouTuber who has been an active part of the platform since 2013 when he posted a gameplay of the horror game ‘Postal 2’. Gameplays of horror games initially remained the main focus of this gamers channel but as he grew on the platform, his genre of games diversified as well, thereby aiding further to Dmitry’s growth. It took the youtuber 2 years to reach the one million mark and from there, it was a steady million subscribers growth the following years. His fun gameplays have earned the YouTuber, in the last 6 years alone, over 7.2 million subscribers, even though his content is published exclusively in Russian. The channel has also been viewed over 2.7 billion times since its inception.

83. Fortnite: 8.4 Million Subscribers


This is the official YouTube channel for the popular game that has taken the gaming world by storm ever since its release in 2017. Created by Epic Games, in the last 2 years alone, the game has released 5 seasons, with the 6th about to be released soon. The channel was created in 2014 to post content related to the game like the Fortnite WorldCup highlights. The channel has no proper posting schedule and the videos are primarily short in duration. Regardless, Fortnite’s YouTube channel has gained over 7 million subscribers and has been viewed over 781 million times.

84. Dyland PROS: 8.4 Million Subscribers

The Indonesian gaming YouTube channel is owned by Dyland Maximus Zidane. Dyland joined YouTube in 2015 and has over 7.4 million subscribers. Dyland made videos of both gaming and daily vlog content. The most popular videos of Dyland's channel are the ones for Garena Free Fire, a mobile battle royale game developed by Garena Studios.

85. Cris Devil Gamer: 8.3 Million Subscribers

Cris Devil Gamer

Cris Devil Gamer is a Vietnamese YouTube channel created in May, 2014. The channel is owned and run by a YouTuber named Chris Phan who has gained popularity for his gaming tutorials and playthroughs for games such as Pokemon Go and Minecraft. His channel now has more than 6.92 million subscribers as of August, 2019 and he is among the top YouTubers from Vietnam. He has uploaded 774 videos up till date which have garnered over 1.61 billion views and counting. Phan has an estimated net worth around $3 million.

86. Denis: 8.3 Million Subscribers


Denis is an American YouTube channel created in March, 2016. The channel is owned by Denis Kopotun, who posts kid-friendly videos of games such as Roblox and Granny along with livestreams and challenges. He initially started off with another channel in which he usually uploaded videos of Minecraft until he made a channel with other YouTubers called The Pals, in which they make gaming videos together. Denis has over 7.74 million subscribers on his channel as of August, 2019 and there have been 1991 videos posted on it which has garnered over 2.95 billion views and counting.

87. BRKsEDU: 8.3 Million Subscribers


BRKsEDU is a Brazilian YouTube channel created in July, 2010. The channel was created by Eduardo Benvenuti, who is a YouTube video producer and was responsible for bringing the Macinima video network to Brazil. In the early days of the channel, he only focused on making videos on Call of Duty but since then, he now has a regular series on which he makes videos of games from Nintendo like Mario and God of War from PlayStation. He is also very keen on playing horror games like Outlast and Resident Evil. His channel now has more than 7.9 million subscribers as of August, 2019. He has posted 4106 videos on it which have been viewed by over 1.47 billion people and rising. Even though he is Brazilian and the videos are in Portuguese, he now lives with his wife in Canada.

88. Muselk: 8.3 Million Subscribers


Muselk is an Australian YouTube channel created in January, 2012. The channel was created by Elliot Watkins who is a YouTuber based in Sydney that became famous for playing Team Fortress 2 and other popular games such as Star Wars Battlefront, Overwatch, Garry’s Mods and Rainbow Six Siege among many others. His channel now has more than 8 million subscribers since its inception and as of August, 2019; he has uploaded 1514 videos on it which have amassed over 2.77 billion views and counting. Elliot has an estimated net worth around $6 million and he is among the top 20 YouTubers from Australia.

89. TheBrainDit: 8.3 Million Subscribers


TheBrainDit is a Russian YouTube channel created in September, 2011. The channel is owned and run by Oleg Brain, who is a Ukrainian-Russian gamer and game reviewer who mostly makes videos of Let’s plays and game reviews. He is among the most popular YouTubers from Russia with more than 8.14 million subscribers since the inception of the channel. He started the channel with reviews on the Angry Birds game followed by the latest games of that time like Assassin’s Creed Revelations and TES V: Skyrim. However, he gained most of his subscribers from his long and entertaining series of GTA online which have 300 episodes alone. The total videos on his channel are 6716 as of August, 2019 and they have been viewed more than 2.79 billion times and counting.

90. aLexBY11: 8.2 Million Subscribers


Alejandro Bravo Yanez is a Spanish gaming YouTuber based in Madrid who has been active on the platform since as early as 2011. The YouTuber got his start through his first channel named ‘XFireX’, which got deleted, eventually leading to the creation of this channel. AlexBY showcases himself playing many popular games on his channel including PlayerUnknownsBattleGrounds, FIFA, Black Ops, etc. Even so, the most popular video on his channel remains to be the ‘Read the Lips Challenge’ on which he gained over 10 million views. Alex’s popularity, however, is contained within the Spanish speaking countries and Spanish speaking audiences as he produces content primarily in his mother tongue. That has still not been a factor in curtailing his success. Currently, Alex has over 1.2 billion views on his channel as well as over 7.5 million subscribers.

91. JP Plays: 8.2 Million Subscribers

JP Plays

JP Plays is a YouTube channel created in October, 2014. The channel is owned by a Brazilian YouTuber named João, who posts videos related to Let’s plays mostly on the world renowned game, Minecraft. However, he does play other games as well which include Call of Duty, Fortnite and GTA 5. His channel now has 6.96 million subscribers as of August, 2019. It has been uploaded with 2413 videos which have been viewed more than 2.18 billion times. Even though exact figures are unknown, Joao has an estimated net worth in between $5 million and $10 million.

92. VyacheslavOO: 8.2 Million Subscribers


Аид [VyacheslavOO] is a Russian YouTube channel created in December, 2012. The channel is owned by a YouTuber named Vyacheslav Ronzhin and the videos on it are mostly based on the game Minecraft. Many of his videos involve him removing hide and seek on maps, parkour, survival and mini-games as he described as an irritable person who hates cheating and flows but is incredibly funny. His channel now has more than 6.75 million subscribers as of August, 2019 and he has uploaded 1719 videos on it so far which have garnered more than 2.42 billion views.

93. Afreim: 8.1 Million Subscribers


Afreim is a Brazilian YouTube channel Created in January, 2014. The channel is owned and run by Andre Victor, who lives in Orlando, USA and is famous for content related to video games. Andre makes vlogs and game play videos like Minecraft and GTA V. He is also a Facebook Gamer Partner who performs daily on the platform. His channel now has over 7.9 million subscribers as of August, 2019. He has uploaded 2683 videos since the creation of his channel and the videos have a total view count exceeding 1.13 billion. Andre shares Breakman Mansion with fellow YouTubers like EduKof, Jon Vlogs and PortugalPC.

94. Gameplayrj: 8 Million Subscribers


Gameplayrj is a Brazilian YouTube channel created in September, 2011 by a YouTuber who goes by the name, Davy Jones. However, his real name is Gustavo Sanches who is originally from Rio de Janeiro and currently resides in São Paulo. This channel is dedicated to making videos which are mostly on GTA V but also posts content on other games such as Overwatch, FIFA, Minecraft and Pokemon. His channel now has over 7.71 million subscribers as of July, 2019 and it has been uploaded with a massive total of 14566 videos since its creation. These videos have been viewed more than 2.84 billion times so far and counting.

95. BIBI: 8 Million Subscribers


Bibi Tatto Marques, or simply Bibi, is a 19-year-old Brazilian gaming YouTuber who has been active on the platform since 2014. The channel is primarily entertainment based but the youtuber occasionally enjoys posting videos of her playing games with her friends. Other than that, Bibi also vlogs, posts reaction videos and other entertaining content. Given her ethos of posting a video everyday, the YouTuber now has 244 thousand videos on her channel. This has caused her channel to be viewed over 838 million times and has earned her the honor of ranking amongst the top 100 YouTubers in Brazil. Currently, Bibi has a subscriber count of over 7 million, a number which steadily grows every month as the YouTuber grows on the platform.

96. Поззи (Pozzi): 7.3 Million Subscribers

Pozzi is a Russian gaming YouTuber who has been creating content of mobile game Brawl Stars, Roblox, Minecraft, Clash Royal and many others. His most popular videos are his Roblox series.

97. CJ SO COOL: 7.9 Million Subscribers


Cordero James Brady is an African-American YouTuber who is known on the platform as a prankster. Since 2014, this YouTuber has been running an entertainment/comedy youtube channel on which he regularly uploads prank and gags videos. The creator also posts content of him reacting to different YouTubers, a segment which caused CJ to receive much criticism for being “unoriginal” and “stealing the videos he was reacting to”. The comedian had to, furthermore, face a setback in 2016 when a hacker got access of his youtube channel and deleted his 1,033 videos that he had uploaded on his channel. Youtube was successful in recovering 700 of the 1,033 videos, and the channel now has 846 uploads. Regardless of the bumps along the road, the youtube channel has been viewed over 1.5 billion times, while 7.2 million remain subscribed to it, as of today.

98. Hueva: 7.7 Million Subscribers


Hueva is a Mexican YouTube channel created in January, 2012. The channel is owned and run by a YouTuber named Fernando. Fernando started off by making videos on Grand Theft Auto V before he switched his focus to Gears of War 3 which his channel was about from then on. Now, he uploads videos of games that his audience recommends and up till 2018, he never showed his face in any of his videos. His channel now has over 6.65 million subscribers and is among the leading Gaming channels from Mexico as of August, 2019. There are 1338 videos on the channel which have garnered almost 1.6 billion total views and counting.

99. Games EduUu: 7.6 Million Subscribers

Games EduUu

Games EduUu is a Brazilian YouTube channel that leans more towards the humorous side of being a gamer. The video thumbnails are exaggerated, meant to be very obviously funny and attracts the viewer’s attention. This is one of the fastest growing YouTube channels and has around 6.5 million subscribers while being relatively new. The videos, on average, have 1.2 to 1.4 million views which makes it one of the most streamed channels having a total of 1.2 billion views. The creator likes to review a number of games like Battlefield, Red Dead Redemption and Minecraft and so on.