Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos of 2020

Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos of 2020

2020 has been an extraordinary year. Apart from the world being imprisoned in a global lockdown, the worldwide population has also been glued to their phones during this year. But thankfully, 2020 is now approaching an end. It can be stated without any element of doubt that the year 2020 proved to be extremely beneficial for YouTube. Thousands of new users joined YouTube, hundreds of channels came into existence this year, and some YouTube videos even broke records.

Speaking of breaking records, a few YouTube videos became the highlight of the happening year 2020 and earned the title of being the ‘most viewed’ YouTube video of the year. These videos did not only do a commendable job in entertaining the audience captured in the shackles of boredom, but also gave a new perspective to the YouTube community. So what are these trending YouTube videos that earned such an honor? Read on to find out about the top 10 most viewed YouTube videos of the year 2020! Let’s get started!

1. Mukbang Dona - NIK-L-NIP Wax Bottle: 747 Million Views

Mukbang Dona - NIK-L-NIP Wax Bottle: 747 Million Views

Mukband Dona is a very famous south Korean YouTuber who is known to be a Mukbang. The term ‘Mukbang’ means creating food ASMR. Being a Mukbang is all about consuming large quantities of food in front of a camera or an audience and pleasing them with the sound of the food in a soothing way.

On 6th February 2020, the YouTube channel ‘Dona’ posted a video featuring her companion in which she ate loads of tasty gummy treats and created its ASMR. she started off the video by consuming some wax bottles and proceeded towards more yummy and gummy goodies. She crunched and munched on each food item and created a very soothing and satisfying ASMR of it. Her audience enjoyed it so much that the video was able to get the attention of millions of people and got more than 747 million views! The video also has a comical touch to it because of the funny expressions of the girls eating away all the junk food. 738 million sure is a big number for a food ASMR!

2. BTS - Dynamite: 736 Million Views

BTS - Dynamite: 736 Million Views

It is impossible to compile a record-breaking YouTube videos list without mentioning the iconic boy band BTS in it! The 7 immensely talented boys always surprise their fans by posting and creating dynamic and meaningful songs, and by possessing seats and awards in the worldwide music industry.

Earlier this year, on 20th August 2020, BTS officially posted their comeback song on their official YouTube channel which was called ‘Dynamite’. The energy of the song, the positive vibes it gave, the jolly lyrics, and the kinematic dances of the sparkling young boys did not even take a second to grab the attention of the world.

From the moment of its release till now, the official music video of Dynamite has received more than 736 million views! The song not only makes fans dance to every beat but also certifies a position for BTS in all upcoming award shows. Some fans even claim that the music video of Dynamite is the best thing that they have witnessed in this entire year. If BTS continues to create such powerful songs in the future, then it can be said without any doubt that they would definitely break all records of the YouTube book of records!

3. BLACKPINK - How You Like That: 716 Million Views

BLACKPINK - How You Like That: 716 Million Views

BLACKPINK is one of the most leading Korean girls band in the K-pop industry. Recently, they have also been successful in making their mark in the international music industries as well, especially the American music industry. The vibrant music style of the girls, their fashion sense, their colorful lyrics, and entertaining music videos are all the reasons why fans are showering them with love.

Earlier this year, on 26th June 2020, BLACKPINK posted the music video of their song ‘How You Like That’. The song instantly became a hit and got more than 716 million views! The song highlights the empowerment of girls and their powerful yet sophisticated music style. As soon as BLACKPINK posted the music video of their song, their fans marched in to shower them with appreciation and love.

Not only this song managed to get so many views and likes, but it also reserved a seat for BLACKPINK in all the upcoming international events. This song also became a TikTok sensation after taking over the YouTube community. If BLACKPINK continues to mesmerize their fans and listeners with such high-quality music, then the future will open very bright gates for them, bagging them with more than 712 million views!

4. Badshah - Genda Phool: 694 Million Views

Badshah is an Indian singer who has made a remarkable reputation in the Indian music industry owing to his music. His songs have been featured in several Bollywood films as well. His music style consists of a combination of both Punjabi music and rapping hip hop style.

Earlier this year, on 25th March 2020, Badshah posted a song on YouTube which goes by the name ‘Genda Phool’. The song instantly became a huge hit due to the fact that it featured one of the most leading actresses of the Indian Bollywood industry, Jacqueline Fernandez. The song basically highlights the tradition of celebration in India and how they feature the marigold to symbolize happiness and marriage.

Badshah’s song became such a sensation in the Bolly industry that his music video gained more than 694 million views! Apart from the catchy beats and hip hop music tune of the song, the major reason why fans showered the video with so many views is because of the featuring of the glamorous actress of the Bollywood industry, Jacqueline. This song is an indication that Badhsha would be creating similar music in the future as well and would definitely spark them up with beautiful Indian actresses to add some additional flair and beauty!

5. 6ix9ine - GOOBA: 658 Million Views

6ix9ine - GOOBA: 658 Million Views

6ix9ine is an American singer and rapper who is known for his aggressive rapping style, controversial lyrics, and catchy beats. 6ix9ine is popular in the American music industry because his rapping style is quite different from his fellow rappers. He is known to have an aggressive and controversial touch in his music and this is the reason why he is also a convicted rapper.

Earlier this year, on 8th May 2020, 6ix9ine released a song called ‘GOOBA’ whose name itself was so interesting that fans from all over the world jumped in to view its music video. The hype of the colorful and slightly controversial music video is the reason why it attained more than 658 million views! 6ix9ine’s song GOOBA is quite different from the usual rapping style, and so is its music video.

In fact, GOOBA’s music video is so colorful that some fans stated that it looks more like a Skittles commercial rather than a singer’s music video. His aggressive rapping style is quite prominent throughout the music video but nonetheless, it does have the element that makes fans wish to jump on the dance floor. If 6ix9ine continues to create such music videos in the future, then they are bound to get more views either due to their quality, or controversy, we’ll never know! This music video also got many critics, that making it the No.5 most disliked YouTube video of 2020 as well.

6. Maluma - Hawai: 575 Million Views

Maluma - Hawai: 575 Million Views

Maluma is a Colombian singer who recently broke the internet by releasing his iconic song ’Hawai’. Maluma usually sings in his native language Colombian, but his songs always have a distinct style attached to them which is why his fans love his music.

On 29th July 2020, Maluma released a song on his official YouTube channel which was called ‘Hawai’. The song is actually a breakup song that Maluma sings for his ex-lover as he is trapped in a nostalgic mindset while recalling the moments he spent with his ex-lover in Hawaii. The catchy beats, emotional touch, and heartful lyrics of the song are the reason why its music video got more than 575 million views!

This song by Maluma became an absolute fav of his fans and the music industry worldwide that recently, Maluma did a collab with the famous American singer and rapper, The Weeknd, of his song Hawai. Hawai is a very emotional yet soothing song that touches the soul of the listener while telling the sorrow tale of the singer. If Maluma continues to create such music in the future as well, then his fans will never stop showering him with love and wiping teas!

7. Justin Bieber - Yummy Official Video: 555 Million Views

Justin Bieber - Yummy Official Video: 555 Million Views

Justin Bieber is not only America’s young sweetheart, ut he has taken over the world with his music style. A few years back, Justin himself couldn’t imagine that a boy just 13 years of age would make history one day by releasing one song called ‘Baby’. Today, Justin has millions of fans around the globe who patiently anticipate his songs and shower him with countless love and appreciation. Justin’s music and his lyrics have always been a reflection of himself as a person or a reflection of a particular phase in his life.

Earlier this year, on 4th January 2020, Justin made his comeback in the music industry after 4 years, and after his marriage, with a song called ‘Yummy’. As soon as Justin posted his song on YouTube, fans rushed in to get a glimpse of Justin’s new music and making the video reach more than 555 million views!

Just as the name of the song reflects, the song depicts Justin in a very lavish cuisine, crowded with yummy sweets and desserts. Some fans suggest that this song of Justin might be dedicated to his wife due to the positive and happy energy that the song radiates. This song is a promise from Justin that guarantees that he would be amusing his fans with even more tasteful music in the future!

8. Tainy, J. Balvin - Agua: 521 Million Views

Tainy is a music producer whereas J.Balvin is a very famous Colombian singer and rapper. J.Balvin is known for his catchy music, dance lyrics, and the traditional Colombian element in his music.

Earlier this year, on 15th July 2020, J.Balvin released the music video of his song ‘Agua’ which was produced by the Tainy. This song is basically for the third movie of the famous cartoon series ‘SpongeBob Squarepants’. This song was specifically produced to be featured in the 3rd movie of this iconic cartoon series. The word ‘Agua’ literally means water in Spanish and this what the singer highlights throughout the song.

The music video of the song features the Colombian singer dancing to the beats while simultaneously rapping and he is cojoined by the stars of the cartoon series, SpongeBob and Patrick. Due to the feature of the very popular cartoon characters, his music video got more than 521 million views! This song itself is proof that the upcoming SpongeBob movie, ‘Sponge On The Run’ is certainly going to be a legendary comedy!

9. BLACKPINK - 'How You Like That' Dance Performance Video: 491 Million Views

With the third mention in the list of the most-watched YouTube videos of 2020, BLACKPINK is certainly not coming slow! The success of their dynamic song ‘How You Like That’ is no secret, in fact, the song’s immense takeover on TikTok is proof of that success.

But on 5th July 2020, BLACKPINK released an official dance performance music video of this song which blew the fans’ minds and, made them fall in love with this song all over again! The music video highlights the 4 girls and their extremely tough and delicate dance movies. Their dynamic dance movies, which certainly are one of a kind, is the reason why this music video attained more than 491 million views! The hard work of the young and talented girls can easily be depicted from the insane dance routine of this song. If BLACKPINK continues to amaze their audience with such amazing performances and songs, then their reign over our hearts is bound to last forver!

10. BLACKPINK with Selena Gomez - Ice Cream Music Video: 455 Million Views

BLACKPINK with Selena Gomez - Ice Cream Music Video: 455 Million Views

BLACKPINK’s rising success is no secret and this song is proof of that! After BLACKPINK made its debut in the American music industry, multiple famous and renowned American singers and rappers have been lining down to conduct a collab with the vibrant girl’s group. On 27th August 2020, BLACKPINK released the music video of the song that fans had been anticipating for a very long time. The song they released was called ‘Ice Cream’ and it featured the beautiful American singer Selena Gomez.

The announcement of the Selena collab with BLACKPINK was enough to grab the attention of the fans and it rewarded the music video with more than 455 million views! The music video of the song completely depicts the name of the song, ice cream, and is full of lovely girls munching on icecream. The jolly lyrics, colorful dances, and the iconic collab urged fans to shower the videos with limitless love. This song is proof that the music industries of the future hold very positive things for both BLACKPINK and Selena!

And that was all from the list of the top 10 most-watched YouTube videos of the year 2020!

We've created the following "2020 Top 10" series for you to wrap up this special year.

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