All Facts You Didn't Know About Markiplier: YouTube and Net Worth

All Facts You Didn't Know About Markiplier: YouTube and Net Worth

Are you a gaming geek with a special place in your hearts for horror games? Then the famous fun YouTuber Markiplier is going to be your next best friend! Technically, Markiplier is an American YouTuber who loves shooting videos of horror games.

With over 25 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Markiplier is the king of YouTube with his content centered on horror video games. But who actually is this hilarious yet creepy Youtuber? You must have a thousand questions popping in your mind, and we have the answers to all of them! So here is everything that you ever needed to know about Markiplier!

Who is Markiplier?

Markiplier’s real name is Mark Edward Fischbach who is an American YouTuber who is a commentator, gamer, actor, entrepreneur and comedian. Markiplier is originally from Hawaii and he spent his early life there. Later on, he moved to Ohio where he started his YouTube career but soon when his YouTube career started to flourish, he moved to California. This 30 years old lively human being has a unique personality since he is half-Korean and half-German. Mark went through a hard time in his life when he was 18 and his father died. Later on, he decided to pursue his career in engineering and initiated his studies in Biomedical Engineering, but soon enough he learned that his engineering study life was turning out to be too stressful so he dropped out of college.

Markiplier is 5 foot 8 inches tall and serves some really cute yet handsome looks due to the Korean-German mix genes. He celebrates his birthday on 28th June. Currently, Markiplier lives in Los Angeles with his ever-loving girlfriend Amy Nelson. Markiplier’s girlfriend is also a graphic designer and animator from Ohio. The two live together in their apartment in Los Angeles and have been dating since 2015 but they like to keep their dating life private.

Mark has a really charming personality and never hesitates to show love to his fans. Often in his videos , he expresses immense gratitude for his fans confessing that he wouldn’t be anywhere if it was not for his loyal fans. In his older videos, Mark avoided showing off his face but in his recent videos, he does not hesitate to do so. Mark has a very positive attitude towards everything and has an optimistic outlook towards life and its happening. He has a firm belief in justice and righteous acts and encourages his fans to do so. Due to such a transparent and humble personality, his fans consider him to be a very pure of heart YouTuber, which is quite rare among the YouTube community where superficial culture holds dominance and thus he is entitled as ‘The most Caring YouTuber’.

He often sings tracks for his YouTube channel and also has acting as a side career since he has played a major role in many films and television series.

Markiplier's Social Profiles

Markiplier - YouTube

Markiplier’s success is no secret and his empire of fans seems to be growing more and more every day. His jolly personality and awesome videos are a real catch for fans. And of course! His undying love and gratitude for his fans are the prime reason why his profile visitors never have second thoughts while clicking the follow up button. Markiplier not only is crowned on YouTube but uses other social profiles as well, including Instagram and Reddit. So let’s dive into the social profiles of the famous YouTuber!

Markiplier’s YouTube Channel

Markiplie has over 25.8 million subscribers on YouTube.

Of course, the reason why Markiplier is famous is mostly because of his YouTube career. Mark has a passion for video games which is pretty obvious and he took it to YouTube. He joined the YouTube community in 2012 with a channel entitled as Markiplierbut for some reason his channel got deleted and although he pleaded to YouTuber numerous times but was unable to restore his YouTube channel. Then he made a new channel on YouTube which started to flourish. But an unfortunate event happened again and his YouTube channel got hacked in 2016. His channel did get restored on the same day.

In 2017, Mark was entitled as the most influencing YouTuber of the year. Mar has collaborated with a couple of famous YouTubers, including PewDiePie, to promote their YouTube channels and their collabs are pretty hilarious. They gather around and play video games. Mark has a thing for horror video games and mostly plays Containment Breach, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Drunk Minecraft and other similar games.

Currently, Mark has around 25.8 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Mark’s friends and other hired assistants help him to manage his YouTube channel. And of course, his girlfriend plays a very vital role in organizing his YouTube events. Markiplier is the 8th most followed YouTube gaming channel, and the most followed gaming YouTuber is PewDiePie.

The reason why Mark is most adored on YouTube besides his caring nature is because he also holds live streams for raising charities. He also often shows some fun and interesting fan arts of his fans and funny animations and expresses massive appreciation to his fans and their creativity. He then rewards them by giving them shoutouts.

Markiplier’s Twitter

Markiplier's Twitter

Markiplier’s twitter account has more than 12.5 million followers. On his twitter account, he promotes his YouTube channel and his newly launched YouTube series ‘A Heist with Markiplier’. He also shares images from his personal life on his twitter account.

Markiplier’s Twitch Channel

Markiplier also has an account on Twitch where he used to create live streams and other videos. But the channel has been long inactive since 2012 and no promising signs of the channel’s activation again in the future are known.

Markiplier’s Instagram

Markiplier's Instagram

Like many other famous YouTubers, Markiplier also has an account on Instagram where he has around 7.9 million followers. He shares clips from his personal life on his Instagram and often posts with his girlfriend. His loyal fan base never fails to disappoint and shows loads of love on his Instagram posts as well.

Markiplier’s Reddit

Markiplier's Reddit Community

Every famous person has an account on the very popular social platform as well, Reddit. There is a whole ‘The Markiplier Community’ on Reddit where Markiplier posts funny memes and images of himself on his profile. He has more than 137K subscribers on his profile on Reddit.

Markiplier YouTube Channel Analytics

Markiplier’s YouTube channel is all about his passion for gaming. Most of his content on his YouTube channel revolves around his passion. But his true desire is for horror themed video games. Mark’s love and burning passion for horror themed games like Five Nights at Freddy, can be seen all over his channel. His gaming videos are not only reaction videos, created by most YouTube gamers, but he also spares a minute or two at the end of each video to talk about its top aspects and gaming details, including some non-alluring features.

Like for every other influencer, SocialBook also provides us with in-depth YouTube channel analysis of Markiplier. So let’s take a trip through the highs and lows of Mark’s channel, all delivered by the very trusty SocialBook!

Markiplier’s YouTube Channel Stats

Markiplier has more than 25.8 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and more than 13.2 billion views on all his videos combined. He has more than 4.7k posts on his YouTube channel and his influence score is 80. The general overview of his channel provided by SocialBook is as follows:

Markiplier's YouTube Channel Analytics

Engagement Rates of Markiplier YouTube Channel

Markiplier has an engagement rate of 10.78% engagement rate on his YouTube channel. The highest views he ever achieved on any video are 35.8 million while the lowest are 94.9K. A much more detailed overview of his engagement ratios given by SocialBook are as follows:

Markiplier's YouTube channel has a 10% engagement rate. (Credit to: SocialBook)
Markiplier's YouTube channel has a 10% engagement rate. (Credit to: SocialBook)

Audience Demographics of Markiplier YouTube Channel

SocialBook also provides us with the demographics of his YouTube channel’s audience. Most of his viewers are from the United States. A generic overview is given below:

About 70% of Markiplier's YouTube Subscribers are from North America. (Credit to SocialBook)
About 70% of Markiplier's YouTube Subscribers are from North America. (Credit to SocialBook)

Top Performance Posts of Markiplier YouTube Channel

The top 4 performance posts of Markiplier’s channel are the ones with the most views on his YouTube channel. The top 4 posts are as follows:

Most Viewed Videos of Markiplier's YouTube channel (Credit to: SocialBook)
Most Viewed Videos of Markiplier's YouTube channel (Credit to: SocialBook)

1. Moo:

This video of Markiplier is one of his most famous videos which has more than 35.8 million views and 41.7K comments. In this comical video, Markiplier has used a funny filter on cows and can be seen communicating with other animals while imitating the mooing cow sounds. This hilarious video has been successful in grabbing the attention of millions from around the globe and giving them fits of laughter. This crazy video is a reflection of the comical side of Markiplier.

2. Try Not To Laugh Challenge #13:

Markiplier is famous on his channel for conducting a series of try not to laugh challenges. He often conducts these bizarre challenges in which he tries his best to contain his laughter while watching funny videos and memes. In the 13th series of the challenge, Markiplier had to go through a really hard time trying to control his laughter. The hilarious video reached more than 29.18 million views and bagged around 66.15K comments.

3. Try Not To Laugh Challenge #15:

Like in his other try not to laugh challenge, Markiplier had to go through a similar tough job of holding back his laughter. The effort he puts in while forcing himself to smile or inhale instead of laughing is actually quite funny and amusing for his fans. The video bagged more than 27.33 million views and gained more than 65.54K comments.

4. Try Not To Laugh Challenge #14:

Markiplier seems to adore these try not to laugh challenges which is why the top 4 performance posts on his channel provided by SocialBook are mostly challenges in which he has to refrain himself from laughing. The video earned more than 24.53 million views and got around 48.84K comments.

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Markiplier is also an actor and has played certain roles in multiple television series, including Disney’s ‘A Gamers Guide’. Markiplier collaborated with YouTube and created multiple web series on YouTube. Some of the top ones are mentioned below:

A Heist With Markiplier

A Heist with Markiplier | Official Trailer - YouTube

A Heist with Markiplier is an online YouTube web series which stars Markiplier. The series started airing in October 2019. It’s basically a fictional series which depicts Markiplier as an agent who tries to steal an ancient box of valuable assets from a museum. The series also has some musical episodes with musical numbers sung by Markiplier himself. The series has a total of 64 episodes and is a definite hit among Markiplier’s humongous fan base.

Who Killed Markiplier

Who Killed Markiplier? - Chapter 1 - YouTube

Who killed Markiplier is yet another YouTube web series which Markiplier has made while collaborating with other fellow YouTubers. This web series has a horror and scary flair to it. Markiplier has a tiny bit of obsession with creepy and scary games and traditions. So he made this series as a tribute to the day Friday the 13th.

Markiplier’s Net Worth

Markiplier’s undying success is no secret. Whether it be acting, singing or gaming, Markiplier manages to achieve the limelight in all the scenarios. But most of Markiplier’s success owes to his YouTube channel. Markiplier in total has a net worth summing up to a big amount of $28 million. But even with this much wealth, his humble personality and immense gratitude stays intact.

Markiplier's Brand Collaborations

With so much fame and with such a massive fan following, it is natural for Markiplier to become a golden target for brands and companies to pitch Markiplier for their promotional campaigns. SocialBook yet again provides us with the complete stats of all the brands that Markiplier has worked with and promoted them through his YouTube channel. Some of them are:

  • Kickstarter
  • World of Tanks
  • Kraft
  • McDonald’s
  • Oreo
  • Hasbro

The list provided by SocialBook is as follows:

Mentioned Brands in Markiplier's YouTube videos (Credit to SocialBook)
Mentioned Brands in Markiplier's YouTube videos (Credit to SocialBook)

Markiplier’s Merch

Markiplier's Merch

On the high demand of his fans, Markiplier also launched his merch which includes T-shirts, sweats and gift cards. His merch contains logos of his channel and his famous sayings. Markiplier’s fans also love his merch and promote it on various social platforms. His merch can be bought by Markiplier’s official merch website.

So here was everything that you ever needed to know about the famous gaming YouTuber Markiplier!

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