Top 10 Most Liked YouTube Videos Of 2020

Top 10 Most Liked YouTube Videos Of 2020

2020 was the year where the internet took a leap, and to sum it all up, YouTube became a burning sensation. People started spending more than their average time on YouTube and this soon caught the attention of content creators. They wanted to bring their viewers a ray of sunshine during these happening times and set off to create brilliant videos that would not only keep their viewers’ minds occupied, but also entertained. Their efforts were soon recognized by the viewers of the YouTube community and they all hopped on to press the like button on their videos.

With everyone glued to their screens, content creators sure faced a challenging time trying to capture the attention of their viewers and to give them some smiles during the world crisis. Luckily, some content creators managed to do more than well and their efforts were acknowledged by people worldwide! The videos of these content creators made their way to our list of the top 10 most liked videos on YouTube in 2020! So, without further ado, let’s dive right into this YouTube treasure!

1. BTS - Dynamite: 22m Likes

BTS - Dynamite: 22m Likes

When the 7 Korean boys joined forces to make the iconic band BTS, no one knew of their existence. Today, the names of these7 boys are on every awards show, every red carpet, and on everyone’s mind. The iconic band BTS simply never disappoints! While 2020 continued to be a rollercoaster ride, BTS provided everyone with smiles and happiness in the midst of this wild ride.

On 20th August 2020, BTS released the music video of their dynamic song ‘Dynamite’. The song became an instant bang and got more than 22 million likes! Fans were overjoyed and overwhelmed at such an astonishing success of the Korean boys. The reason why Dynamite received so many likes is that the song is full of happiness and good vibes. The vibrant dance movies, catchy beats, and the smiley facial expressions of these 7 boys throughout the song became the reasons why this song will pave way for BTS towards another shower of awards. Fans all jumped in to push the like button the moment this brilliant song was released. This song surely promises that BTS will never stop to become better and better with their every release, and the figure of 22 million likes is proof of that!

2. BLACKPINK - How You Like That: 18m Likes

BLACKPINK - How You Like That: 18m Likes

The Korean gang never disappoints! This group of 4 Korean girls, BLACKPINK, is surely an iconic one! When they released their first song, they proved to be indifferent from the rest of the girls’ groups of the K-pop community due to their vibrant dances and rap-style music. Nobody could have guessed that in 2020, rising pop stars like Selena would be lining up for a collab with this Korean group!

On 26th June 2020, BLACKPINK released their song ‘How You Like That’ which instantly became a hit and got more than 18 million likes! The song not only became the top favorite of the YouTube community but also became a TikTok sensation. The catchy tune, rapping style of the girls, and their bold dance moves became the reason why everyone jumped in to shower their music video with more and more likes. The 4 Korean girls are definitely rocking the music industry of not just Korea, but are also becoming a trending topic all over the world. BLACKPINK promises to bring even more electrifying songs in the future which would make the listeners wish to jump on the dance floor. Many fans even claimed that BLACKPINK saved the traumatizing year 2020 with their show-stopping song and the 18 million likes they have acquired is proof of that!

3. BLACKPINK - Icecream: 15m Likes

BLACKPINK - Icecream: 15m Likes

Next on the list is another crashing song by BLACKPINK. The iconic Korean girls’ group shocked everyone when they released the statement that they would be having a collab with everyone’s favorite pop star Selena Gomez. This announcement thrilled both the BLACKPINK and Selena stans that they could hardly wait for the chilling song Icecream.

On 27th August 2020, the wait for the fans finally came to an end when BLACKPINK posted the official music video of their most awaited song ‘Icecream’. Just as people cannot resist ice cream, they also all joined in to appreciate the song Icecream by showering it with more than 15 million likes. The collaboration between Selena and the Korean group certainly guarantees a bright future for the girls in both Hollywood and the American music industry. The yummy icecreams in the music video, the cheerful dances, the smiles on the singers’ faces, and the jolly good vibes of the song are the reasons why the fans loved it so much. This song not only clarifies a bright shiny musical future for the girls but also certifies fans to keep expecting smashing songs from them! The number of 15 million likes is proof that both BLACKPINK and Selena will continue to amaze their fans in the future!

4. Carry Minati - Yalgaar: 13m Likes

Carry Minati - Yalgaar: 13m Likes

Carry Minati is a rising Indian YouTuber who has managed to acquire a whole fandom in a period of just 4 years. He is famous for his roast videos which he uploads on his Youtube channel.

Recently, Carry posted a YouTube video which his fans had been anticipating for quite some time. When Carry released the video, all his fans marched in to shower his video with millions and millions of likes. Unfortunately, YouTube had to take down that video because of the bullying and harassment policy. When his video got removed from YouTube, Carry became a subject of roasting of several TikTokers and YouTubers.

In response to the roast, he started to receive, Carry released a rapping song Yalgaar on 5th June 2020 in which he called out all his haters and proved his confidence and self-esteem. Carry’s iconic rapping video got more than 13 million likes. The reason for the tremendous amount of likes on his video is due to his confidence and strength. The proof of 13 million likes on Carry’s music video is proof that Carry would continue to enlighten his viewers in the future as well.

5. BTS - Life Goes On: 12m Likes

BTS - Life Goes On: 12m Likes

The list of top 10 most liked videos on YouTube would not be complete without mentioning the legendary band BTS at least twice. 2020 was proving to be downhill for everyone but just as this happening year approached towards an end, BTS provided everyone with a song that enlightens the purpose of life.

On 19th November 2020, BTS released their heart touching song ‘Life Goes On’. The deep and profound meaning of this song is the reason why it received more than 12 million likes. The song reminds listeners of the deep purpose of life that no matter what happens in the world, whether you get happy moments or sad moments, all those moments are bound to pass and become memories.

The boy band gently reminds everyone in the tragic times of 2020 that life continues to go on no matter what ups and downs one encounters in their life, they have to let time heal them and let those moments pass. Life Goes On proves that BTS will continue to provide its listeners with amazing enlightening songs that would not only entertain their listeners but will also give them gentle reminders to carry on and prosper. Such songs truly deserve 12 million likes!

6. BLACKPINK - Lovesick Girls: 11m Likes

BLACKPINK - Lovesick Girls: 11m Likes

BLACKPINK continues to thrive and surprise their fans with more banging songs, even better ones than before. They have certainly maintained their reputation as they continue to occupy seats at every awards show and red carpet of Hollywood and the American music industry.

On 1st October 2020, BLACKPINK released another smashing song known as ‘Lovesick Girls’. Its catchy beats, wholesome music, deep music, and the electrifying rap style is the reason why the music video of this song attained more than 11 million likes. In this song, the vibrant and talented girls explain to their listeners the tragic pain of love and how they can overcome it. They highlight that although love is a beautiful feeling, it can also be the reason for a heart attack. Their fans loved the expression of love by their favorite singers and did not hesitate to show their appreciation in the likes and comments section. With music videos like this getting more than 11 million likes, BLACKPINK is bound to have an imprint on the world’s heart!

7. BTS - ON Kinematic Manifesto: 10m Likes

BTS - ON Kinematic Manifesto: 10m Likes

BTS never disappoints! The legendary boy band is remarkable around the world for multiple reasons, but the one that tops them off is their dynamic and energetic dance moves. BTS gained international recognition due to their profound lyrics and electrifying dance moves. The 7 amazing boys spend hours practicing and surely get the reward of all their hard work. On 21st February 2020, BTS released a new song called ‘ON Kinematic Manifesto’. As the name suggests, the music video of the song was a perfect combination of kinematics and manifestation and that is the reason why the video attained more than 10 million likes! In the music video of ON, the 7 boys literally dance to every beat and pour all their energy into their moves to make it a perfect manifestation of their kinematic and dynamic dance moves. The song is quite a buzzing one which makes listeners wish to jump on the dance floors, and being paired with the killer dance moves, it surely becomes a sensation! With music videos such as ON that get 10 million likes, it seems that the reign of BTS would not end soon and we all are here to live every moment of it!

8. BTS - ON Official MV: 10m Likes

BTS - ON Official MV: 10m Likes

And again we have BTS! The boys are surely leveling up their game and taking it to another level with their every new song. Just when you start to think that they can not possibly come up with a better song, BTS always finds a way to surprise you!

On 27th February 2020, BTS released the official music video of their electrifying sensational song ‘ON’. A few days before the release of the official music video of ON, BTS released its kinematic manifesto in which they showcased their mind blowing dance moves and applauding efforts.

The kinematic manifesto became such a hit that the band was urged to release the official music video of the song. When fans heard about it, they simply lost their minds and hooked themselves to YouTube to countdown the seconds till the release of this dynamic song. This is the reason why the official music video of ON got more than 10 million likes! It certainly seems that with the continuous efforts which BTS is currently showcasing, they will soon reach their target of 100 million likes!

9. BTS - Stay Gold: 9.4m Likes

BTS - Stay Gold: 9.4m Likes

Again on the list, we have BTS! BTS has been taking the world by storm and their brilliant songs are proof of that. Not only BTS is excelling in the K-pop and American music industry but is also taking over the Japanese music industry. On 26th June 2020, BTS released their song ‘Stay Gold’ which happens to be in Japenese. The song touched everyone’s heart and was so full of emotions that people were urged to press that like button which gained their video with more than 9.6 million likes! BTS’s music and songs are usually thought-provoking which develop an instant connection with the human heart. Stay Gold does the same. The brilliant cinematography, deep touchy lyrics, and the soothing vocals of the boys became the reason why no one hesitated to show their love for this song. With emotionally enlightening songs such as Stay Gold, BTS is bound to set new records and achieve even more than 9.6 million likes.

10. Justine Bieber - Yummy: 9.4m Likes

Justine Bieber - Yummy: 9.4m Likes

Justine Bieber has a well-known reputation for being everyone’s childhood sweetheart to date. His music has been entertaining the world ever since he was a kid. Who knew the young boy who sang ‘Baby’ would one day grow into a world-famous man with demanding music.

On 4th January 2020, Justine released his comeback song after 4 years which was called ‘Yummy’. Just like its name, the song was full of flavor and taste and that is the reason why the music video got more than 9.4 million likes. Justine’s fans had been waiting for his music patiently for 4 consecutive years, so when he released Yummy, everyone rushed to their screens to get a glimpse of their childhood sweetheart. The music video is full of yummy desserts, groovy dance moves, and cute JB content that has everyone hooked to the song. This song certainly paved JB’s way towards more success in the future with his music, and it also guaranteed his fans that they can expect some smashing rocking music from JB in the future as well. The big figure of 9.4 million likes on JB’s song is proof of the fact that fans today worship him with the same as they did 10 years back.

2020 was a rollercoaster ride that was on fire! But thanks to these amazing top videos of 2020, we get to say something good about this year! Stay tuned for more!

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