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Step 1

Sign up on using your Google account or other social media credentials. After logging in, you have the option to buy video background remover credits or get a free 10-second video preview.

Step 2

Upload your video to SocialBook's Video Background Remover. It accepts formats like mp4, webm, mov, and gif. The processing time may vary based on the video size. With the help of AI, our tool can transform videos by making them transparent, altering the background, or removing specific color backdrops efficiently.

Step 3

After processing, a 10-second preview will be available. Utilize the Color Palette for background adjustments or 'Upload' to add custom photos or clips. Keep in mind that not all browsers or software support transparent backgrounds, which might cause visual discrepancies. For precise viewing and edits, tools like iMovie or Premier Pro are recommended.

Step 4

Wait until video rendering is fully complete before downloading. Downloading prematurely can result in errors. You can safely refresh current page during video processing. Once saved, you can polish your video with suitable editing software or share it directly on YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok.

Powerful Video Background Remover

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SocialBook's Video Background Remover efficiently eliminates video backgrounds in mere seconds, offering a seamless and precise result. Achieve top-tier transparent background videos in just minutes, saving both time and expense.

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Leverage the power of one-click background removal

  • Want to make your subjects stand out by adding the perfect background?
  • Automatically remove the background of any video and create professional quality videos without relying on an expensive team of editors.

Make videos easier than ever before!

  • You want less hassle when it comes to removing video backgrounds.
  • Remove the need for…
    • ❌ Greenscreens
    • ❌ Expensive studios
    • ❌ Pricey software
    • ❌ Time-consuming editing
  • With our background remover you don't need any of these things. Now you can just focus on creating.

We’re All About Making Your Life Easy!

Before SocialBook Video Background Remover

❌ You spend hours staring at your screen and editing each video.
❌ You worry about building a set and space for greenscreens.
❌ You use a lot of time editing, that can be spent making more content!
❌ You feel some of the tediousness and repetitiveness of editing

After SocialBook Video Background Remover

You greatly reduce screen time by leveraging Artificial Intelligence to edit every video.
You just hit record and shoot without worrying about the background.
You get to produce more videos because you don't have to extensively edit them
You feel relaxed since the mundane tasks are taken care of by AI.

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