Top 10 YouTube Videos with the Most Comments in 2020

Top 10 YouTube Videos with the Most Comments in 2020

YouTube values the consent of its users more than anything. Youtube also likes to make sure that whatever consent they receive from their users, they act upon as their first priority so their users can cherish their favorite video streaming platform without any hindrance. There are multiple ways through which YouTube users can express their consent on any YouTube video, but the like, dislike and the comment feature form the frontline.

2020 was a thriving year for YouTube and multiple videos were uploaded which received tons of appreciation from the YouTube users and were able to set records. We have already gone over the most liked and disliked videos on YouTube in 2020, but the comment feature also deserves its fair share. So, here is a list of the top 10 YouTube videos with the most comment in 2020! Let’s get started!

1. BTS - Dynamite: 10.7 Million Comments

BTS will continue to amaze its fans till the very end of time, and being number one on the list is proof of that. BTS was just an ordinary boy band of seven talented and down-to-earth boys until they made their debut in the United States of America. Upon make their debut, they became more than just a band. They got entitled as the most legendary boy band to ever exist in the history of mankind!

The song which BTS released earlier this year on 20th August 2020, Dynamite, set multiple records this year, including being the most liked and the most-watched video of the year 2020. But the list does not end here. BTS’s iconic song also holds the record of being the YouTube video with the most comments in the year 2020. This dynamic music video has more than 10.7 million comments!

Liking a YouTube video is one way of expressing your admiration towards a YouTube video but taking out the time to comment really means that the video blew its viewers’ minds. This music video was uploaded on the YouTube channel BigHit, which is the company that supervises BTS. All the 10 million comments on BTS’s video are a symbol of love and appreciation of fans towards this video full of smiles and positive vibes. With record-breaking videos such as Dynamite, BTS is bound to create a historic mark with their vibrant music!

2. Shooter Kahlon - GAME: 5.1 Million Comments

Shooter Kahlon is an Indian Punjabi singer who is known in the Indian community for his thought-provoking songs in Punjabi. All his songs have a deep meaning associated with them and this is the reason why his songs are also featured in the Bollywood film industry.

Recently, on 2nd September 2020, he posted a music video of his song on YouTube. The song was entitled ‘GAME’. In this song, he explains the shortcomings of the poor and how they have high expectations from the future but have to work super hard just to get the bare minimum from life. In the music video, he also explains the struggles of his parents and his family and how he has to support them all with his very little earnings.

After hearing his song, all his fans jumped in to show appreciation for the songs in the comments. They all applauded the singers for creating a meaningful song that stands out from the rest of the Bollywood industry. The catchy beats and deep lyrics are the reason why his music video got more than 5.1 million comments. His song was uploaded on the YouTube channel of 5911 records. Promising songs like GAME clearly indicates that the future holds bright things for Shooter!

3. BTS - Life Goes On: 4.6 Million Comments

BTS - Life Goes On: 4.6 Million Comments

The list of the videos with the most comments would not be complete without mentioning the iconic boy band at least twice, who gave us numerous reasons to smile this year. BTS not only rules K-pop and the American music industry but also holds a significant reputation in the Japanese music industry as well.

On 19th November 2020, just as the year was about to end, BTS bestowed its fans with an early Christmas gift. BTS released the song ‘Life Goes On which happens to be in Japanese. This song highlights the fact that no matter what troubles one faces in life, and no matter how many happy or sad moments they encounter in their lifetime, they are all bound to be captured in the wind of time.

This is the reason why this video of BTS attained more than 4.6 million comments. BTS teaches its fans that life is bound to carry on and the hard times are destined to pass. They emphasize the fact that life does not stop for anyone and neither does it becomes stagnant. Life Goes On teaches its fans to just pass this time with a smile on their face because good times are not far. With such thought-provoking songs by BTS, the band is bound to surprise everyone in the future with more of their masterpieces.

4. BLACKPINK - How You Like That: 3.7 Million Comments

BLACKPINK is another remarkable Korean band of 4 vibrant girls. These girls have been remodelling the history of the girls’ groups in the K-pop industry. Their rapping music style, catchy beats, awesome lyrics are all the reasons why they have acquired such a huge fandom from all across the world. On 26th June 2020, BLACKPINK released the song ‘How You Like That’ which became a rising sensation on both YouTube and TikTok. The vibes of the song depict the power and strength of the girls in the Korean industry. When BLACKPINK released this song, their fandom couldn’t resist but express appreciation through millions of comments. This is the reason why their video has gained more than 3.5 million comments. This music video of BLACKPINK was posted on their official YouTube channel. If BLACKPINK continues to create such iconic songs, then the world would be happy to shower them with equal appreciation!

5. BLACKPINK with Selena Gomez - Ice Cream: 3 Million Comments

BLACKPINK with Selena Gomez - Ice Cream: 3 Million Comments

BLACKPINK has been amazing everyone with their songs over the past 2-3 years. Their fans went over the moon when they heard about the collaboration of this iconic girls band with one of the leading singers of the United States of America, Selena Gomez. Selena has been slaying everyone’s heart ever since she debuted in the Disney series and the announcement of her collaboration with BLACKPINK thrilled the fans worldwide.

BLACKPINK released the song ‘Ice Cream’ on 27th August 2020 and from that moment onwards, Icecream has been occupying the hearts of millions across the globe. The colorful music video, jolly dances of the girls, and the cheerful lyrics all are the reasons why the video managed to get more than 3 million comments.

Fans expressed their appreciation for the song in the comments section and claimed that this song has been ringing in their minds ever since its release. This music video of BLACKPINK was posted on their official YouTube channel. If BLACKPINK continues to conduct such iconic collaborations with leading singers, then it is bound to pave their way towards massive success.

6. Darshan Raval - Bhula Dunga: 2.5 Million Comments

Darshan Raval - Bhula Dunga: 2.5 Million Comments

Darshan Raval is an Indian singer who has been amusing the Indian community with his catchy songs and uptight beats. Darshan has gained quite a lot of fans in India and in South-Asia because of his music. His songs are in all diversities; some of them containing deep meanings, while others proving to be party songs. Earlier this year, on 23rd March 2020, he released a song called ‘Bhula Dunga.

This song has a very deep meaning and brings attention to one of the important aspects of love and relationships. Darshan highlight in his song that although love is a beautiful feeling but when it starts to cause too much pain, it becomes evident to just let go and move on. The deep meaning behind his song and the emotional music video of the song is the reason why it urged fans to hop onto YouTube and shower his music video with more than 2.5 million comments.

Fans expressed their appreciation for the song and did not hesitate to be grateful for the singer. The singer himself posted a comment on his music video thanking his fans for their support and love. The future certainly holds bright things for Darshan if he continues to amuse his fans with similar songs.

7. Stray Kids - Back Door Music Video: 2.1 Million Comments

Stray Kids - Back Door Music Video: 2.1 Million Comments

Next on the list is again a song by the iconic boys and Stray Kids. Stary Kids are certainly surprising their fans with even better songs, paired with more dynamic and energetic dance movies. Fans certainly agree that the progress Stary Kids have made over the past few songs can clearly be depicted from their recent fresh release.

Recently in this year, on 14th September 2020, Stray Kids released a song called ‘Back Door’ which struck their fans like thunder. The catchy and profound lyrics, kinematic dance moves, and creative cinematography impressed the fans so much that it made their jaws drop. This is the reason why fans jumped in to express their appreciation for the song in the form of comments by showering the video with more than 2.1 million likes.

Just like every other song of Stray Kids, this song is also full of energy and hype. This song just makes their fans forget about all their tiredness and get instantly charged up by the beats of the song. This song was posted on the official YouTube channel of the company which supervises Stray Kids, the JYP Entertainment. Stray Kids are not coming slow and this song is proof of that!

8. Adab Punjabi - Babbu Maan: 2 Million Comments

Adab Punjabi - Babbu Maan: 2 Million Comments

Adab Punjabi is an Indian singer who is known for his Punjabi style music which consists of drum beats and rocky lyrics. The Punjabi music style urges people to step out of their comfort zone and onto the dance floor and Adab Punjabi ensures the execution of this myth by his astounding music. Adab Punjabi has reshaped the Bollywood industry by the introduction of his hippy Punjabi songs.

On 18th August 2020, Adab Punjabi released the song ‘Babbu Maan’ which became an instant hit amongst the Indian community. Fans have been expressing their appreciation and gratitude toward the song from the moment it was released and this is the reason why the song has been able to acquire more than 2 million comments.

The catchy and dance-worthy music and lyrics of the song have made it the favorite song of the Indian community to play in their traditional weddings. The song highlights the Punjabi culture and is full of flavor and life and this can be reflected through the lyrics of this catchy song. The song was posted on the official YouTube channel of the Punjabi singer. Adab Punjabi promises his fans to bring similar catchy songs in the future as well which he guarantees will be loved by them!

9. Stray Kids - God’s Menu Music Video: 2 Million Comments

Stray Kids - God’s Menu Music Video: 2 Million Comments

The K-pop industry is not coming slow! Stary Kids is a Korean boys band of 9 superbly talented young boys who amuse their fans with their breathtaking dance movies and enlightening lyrics. Stray Kids has been creating a mark in the K-pop industry with their iconic music and are preparing themselves to step into the international music world as well.

On 17th June 2020, Stray Kids released the title song of their comeback music album ‘GO’ which is recognized as ‘God’s Menu’. The song is full of energy and dynamic dance moves which reflect the passion of the boys for the love of music and dancing. The dynamic vibes of the song are the reason why its music video has managed to acquire more than 2 million comments.

2020 has been a backstabbing year for many but Stray Kids making their comeback this year certainly gives their fans a reason to smile and enjoy. This song contains so much power and energy that many fans claimed in the comment section that this song makes them feel powered and charged up. If Stray Kids continues to create such striking songs, then their dream of recognition in the international music industry would become a reality!

10. BLACKPINK - Lovesick Girls: 1.9 Million Comments

BLACKPINK - Lovesick Girls: 1.9 Million Comments

This the third mention of BLACKPINK in our list which clearly screams about the progress this band has made over time and how much they are considered to be a hot trending topic across the world.

On 1st October 2020, BLACKPINK released another iconic song that instantly became a sensation on YouTube. BLACKPINK posted the music video of their song ‘Lovesick Girls’ which made everyone fall in love with them all over again. This song is slightly different from BLACKPINK’s usual rock-punk style. This song has an emotional hint attached to it which is not often found in songs by BLACKPINK.

The emotional music video, the appearances of the lovely 4 girls, and the deep touchy lyrics are the reason why fans were urged to express their appreciation in the comments section and award this video with more than 1.9 million comments. This song clearly guarantees the fact that BLACKPINK promises to amuse its fans in the future with similar songs!

That’s all from the list of the top 10 videos on YouTube with the most comments. Stay tuned to know more interesting YouTube video stats for the year 2020!

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