How to Become a Successful YouTuber? The Ultimate Checklist

How to Become a Successful YouTuber? The Ultimate Checklist

YouTube has become one of the web's most remarkable indexes, ever since the first Youtube video titled "Me at the zoo" was uploaded to the platform by co-founder Jawed Karim in 2005. The engine is now second just to Google, and the third-most-visited site on the planet, as indicated by stats assembled via Search Engine Land. Today, the video sharing goliath claims over 1.5 billion dynamic clients around the world, and a huge number of attractive video content makers, called YouTubers or YouTube influencers.

YouTube has over 31 billion visits as of June 2020. (Credit to: SimilarWeb)
YouTube has over 31 billion visits as of June 2020. (Credit to: SimilarWeb)

As crowds keep abandoning TV and different types of customary amusement for internet-based entertainment platforms, online channels, and systems, YouTube has pulled in a great many clients who presently watch more than 4 billion recordings every day and more than 6 billion hours of recordings every month. The stage's top YouTubers have widely benefited from these stats, drawing huge crowds by making content that is both engaging and credible, while encouraging compelling collaborations with other YouTube stars. According to SimilarWeb, YouTube has over 31 billion visits as of June 2020, which YouTube app visits are not counted, making it the 2nd most-visited website worldwide, only behind

What is a YouTuber? Is this the right choice for me?

A YouTuber, otherwise called a YouTube content designer, or a YouTube influencer, is a kind of videographer or performer who produces content for the video-sharing site, YouTube. Some YouTube characters likewise have corporate partners who pay for item arrangements in their videos or social media posts. These content makers are frequently alluded as "influencers".

Life is loaded up with choices. Each and everything we choose to do or not to do, is a decision. We pick what we wear each day, what we eat, and what we say. When settling on the straightforward choices in life, we think that it's simple to understand when we've made the set in stone one. Let's assume you decided to wear a dress to work one day. At that point, you step outside and it's freezing out. You realize you settled on an inappropriate choice. Or, you choose to tell your friend what you think about their new hair style. They grin and bless your heart. Congrats, you settled on the correct choice. The prompt reaction from nature around you fills in as the pointer for whether you settled on the correct choice.

Top 100 Most-Followed YouTube channel

In the top 100 most-followed YouTube channels chart by SocialBook, you can see over half of the channels are created and managed by YouTube influencers or YouTubers, and the rest are the official channels of celebrities, companies and brands.

Whatever choices you make, ultimately you make them because you wanted to. Not on the grounds that you thought it was what you "ought to do". Not on the grounds that you felt that it was ethically right. Essentially, just on the grounds that you felt in your heart this was what you expected to do to be satisfied or happy. And choosing a career in YouTube should be no different.

Influencer, or YouTuber, has become one of the most wished careers among the Gen Z, and the highest paid YouTubers can earn has much as 26 million dollars a year, and he is only 8 years old - Ryan Kaji.

How much money do I need to become a YouTuber?

In the event that you have an astounding personality and truly unique and extraordinary material, you could pull off just utilizing just your cell phone for video making purposes. In any case, remember that YouTube has become an exceptionally competitive arena, so as an amateur, it is essential to place some work into the visual nature of your videos to guarantee you views, thereby resulting in increasing subscribers.

Most YouTubers use a wide assortment of cutting-edge video creation hardware. Some also outsource that job to talented video editors and camera administrators— however, when you're just starting off, you don't have to go that far. The following is a rundown of the fundamental YouTube essentials that you should have before starting your channel:

  • Camera
  • Lighting
  • Tripod
  • Microphone
  • Video editing program

Most beginners feel that purchasing over-the-top equipment is essential when entering the world of YouTube. It most certainly is not. Indeed, even experts, after being a magnanimous part of the YouTube industry for a considerable length of time, will in general depend on their iPhones for on-the-go videos. While the quality might be a bit compromised on the iPhone, experts guarantee that it gets the job done sufficiently.

For beginners, filming with your mobile phone is not a bad idea.
For beginners, filming with your mobile phone is not a bad idea. 

If you are a beginner to the world of YouTube content creation, don't be overwhelmed by the multitudes of video editing software out there. A list of software recommendations will be discussed in this article- these softwares are free and have a generally relatively simpler-to-use interface. The point here is to begin little and update as you go. There is no reason for putting boatloads of money into buying expensive gear until your channel begins pulling in the cash flow.

How much effort and time do I need to become a YouTuber?

Keep in mind, YouTube isn't serious like Google and their calculation is extraordinary. In the event that you need the most traffic, you simply need to follow some basic steps. It might seem like a great deal, yet it isn't. A large portion of them are short and simple to understand.

While it is not crucial that you follow these steps, it is highly recommended as they yield the best results.

Push hard in the initial 24 hours

Unlike customary SEO, content that performs well in the initial 24 hours will in general do well for the life of the video. On the off chance that you have an email list or a message pop-up list, inform them of your YouTube video right when it gets uploaded. If YouTube notices that your video is doing admirably right off the bat, they will suggest it to more individuals and rank it higher.

Transfer text-based transcripts

Although YouTube can, to some degree, unravel what your video is about, it is recommended that you don't depend on it. It is better that you physically transfer an interpretation of every video. While this might be an extra bit of effort you’re putting in, it will enable YouTube to figure out what your video is about and rank you for the correct terms.

Chill with your audience

YouTube is a social site. Content that gets the most commitment plays out the best. The undeniable suggestion is to advise viewers to leave a like and comment on your video, and to subscribe to your channel. Be that as it may, what works the best is reacting to your audience’s comments. Many YouTubers starting out (and well into their careers) try to address their followers’ comments during a video, or react to them in the comments section.

Concentrate on active visitor clicking percentage

Similar to Google search, YouTube takes a long look at the active clicking factor. From utilizing video thumbnails that shine, to making convincing features, you need to get viewers to tap on your video rather than anybody else's. If you need a cool looking thumbnail, use SocialBook’s clipping tool to make a customized image.

Utilize the correct keywords

Similar to Google, if you focus on inappropriate hashtags, you won't get a lot of adoration. You can utilize SocialBook YouTube Builder or if you need a free suggestion you can utilize Ubersuggest. While scanning for the correct hashtags, don't simply pursue the ones that have the most elevated traffic, center around the ones that are additionally identified with your video.

Keep your subscribers on YouTube

YouTube doesn't need individuals to leave the platform. Sending individuals off to your site at the beginning of your channel will hurt you. Also, if your video isn't relatable enough, you won't progress sufficiently.

Since you got the nuts and bolts down, how about we go over if YouTube is extremely justified, despite all the trouble.

How can YouTubers make money?

It is difficult to offer a simple yes or no response. It truly depends what your objectives are.

Try not to stress, however. Go over every situation below and you will know whether you ought to follow YouTube (or not) founded on your objectives.

Promoting pay

It is difficult to get a great many subscribers for each month. Depending upon what genre you are in, some adapt better than others with regards to advertisements. In any case, one thing that is certain is that, except if you have huge amounts of subscribers (like well into the millions), the advertisement salary isn't unreasonably extraordinary.

As indicated by SocialBlade, as a YouTuber, you could create an expected month to month advertisement pay of $173 to $2,800.

Sponsorship bargains

There are many acclaimed YouTube stars who rake in huge profits off of sponsorships and support bargains. While it is possible to bring in cash from YouTube in this design, it’s better if you don’t rely on it. It's extreme, and except if you have produced a large number of subscribers every month, you most likely won't get any sponsorships.

Selling items

Whether it is instructive or physical items, YouTube works incredibly well in this angle. A lot of YouTubers are known to make around $35,000 consistently from YouTube on the low end and $50,000 on the better end, if they push people to their online courses, for instance. If you need to use YouTube to sell items, go ahead with your idea. It's not very difficult to create the traffic and there is a huge amount of cash for every subscriber you pull in.

Building a brand

Numerous YouTubers are on the stage to popularize their image. The greater their image, the simpler it is for them to close client deals. If you put out great video content, you'll see that individuals will subscribe to your channel, connect with you, and become better acquainted with you.If you decide to sell anything later on, having this additional brand image does a world of good to your business.

Lead generation

If you need to gather leads, YouTube is an extraordinary channel to do so. However, simply don't begin gathering them from the very first moment. First concentrate on building your audience and afterwards, redirect individuals to your business page after 5 or 6 months of being on the platform. The reason behind the postponement in gathering leads is that it will assist you with working up your channel authority, so once you do drive individuals from YouTube, you will have the option to keep up your traffic as opposed to seeing a drop.

Bottom line is, if after going through all the different ways in which you can benefit from YouTube, have you found answers that suggest it is the right choice for you? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Start planning your YouTube channel today.

What video editing skills do I need?

Ask any Youtube maker, and they'll disclose to you something very similar: editing is one of the most significant pieces of content creation. In any case, there is a whole other world to editing than meets the eye. The individuals who need to float through it realize they can't manage without the correct Youtube video editorial tools.

Here’s how you can snare your watchers with eye-catchingYoutube video and absolutely wreck the editing game by utilizing the best Youtube video editors.

The Best YouTube Video Editors

You must be thinking about what editing programs YouTubers utilize the most, in order to make your decision easier. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. But before that, here are our best 3 picks that manage everything.

1. iMovie

This is an exemplary free video manager that lets you make Hollywood-style trailers and shocking 4K-goals video cuts. Likewise, an ideal decision for fledgling YouTubers who are new to introductions, changes, and channel determinations.


  • 4K video option for dazzling film quality movies
  • Exceptionally available and simple to utilize
  • Has an amazing versatile rendition that permits you to alter from your Android or iPhone.
  • Broadened assortment of vivified credits and titles
  • Ten imaginative video channels also look over and include an artistic touch
  • Spotless and inviting interface
  • Wealthy in highlights
  • Direct sharing alternatives


  • Just accessible for iOS
  • Restricted altering highlights
  • Interface not adjustable

2. Da Vinci Resolve

A genius level free YouTube video editorial manager including four very good quality video-creation modules for altering, shading rectification, sound creation, video impacts and movement designs. The Basic highlights are very simple to use. However, you will have to refer to the user's manual for anything except the basics.


  • Compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac
  • Free of cost
  • Unlimited use
  • No watermarks
  • automatic interface
  • Perfect for compositing, color grading, and production of audio
  • Offers both 2 dimension and 3 dimension workspace
  • Tools for painting, compositing, keying, creating effects, adding animated text, etc


  • HD graphics which require a strong PC
  • No export directly to any social media platforms
  • Difficult to learn fully
  • The unpaid version does not have some important modern features

3. Filmora9

An elegant Youtube video editing software that is easy for any user to learn to use, even if they are just starting off. It has several pricing plans, including a free one and a one-time purchase for €59.99.


  • Compatibility feature with Filmstocks
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows
  • Can handle 50+ formats
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Editing support
  • Option to burn projects to DVDs
  • Basic video editing tools include noise removal, speed control, reverse mode, GIF support, frame preview, import from social media, color tuning, etc
  • Advanced editing tools include PIP, split-screen, further text editing, screen recording, audio mixer, audio separation, green screen, video stabilization, tilt-shift, scene detection, and much more
  • Easy to understand for beginners


  • Doesn't support videos in 360 degree
  • Cannot track objects that are moving
  • Cannot configure surround sound
  • Is not suitable to all the requirements that professional Youtube editors have
  • Doesn't have advanced options like storyboard editing, Multicam, and closed captioning

These are the top tools for Youtube video editors who know their stuff. Now look, we get it. Editing is not always smooth and if you're in this game for real, it's time to get ahead of it.

What tools do I need to boost my YouTube channel?

1. SocialBook YouTube Builder

This is perhaps the most convenient and most effective tool to grow your YouTube channel. It is the perfect all-in-one tool for YouTube tracking and boosting.

The best part is that SocialBook YouTube Builder is a browser extension, so no extra software downloading and installing complications. And, on top of that, it has a free version for all YouTube beginners.

The extension features many useful tools to help boost your YouTube channel, and help you perform better overall as well.

These features include:

  • tag management- getting the relevant tags for your videos instantly, content making opportunities that you might have overlooked, and organizing your tags across different channels.
  • thumbnail maker- easily customizable fonts and graphics that will give your video an edge, ability to create original designs within the Creator Studio, downloading and saving option, multitudes of professional template choices.
SocialBook Thumbnail Maker
SocialBook Thumbnail Maker
  • inline tracking link- ability to track performance in real-time, customizing tracking link, generating inline tracking links while editing, one smart link for all platforms and devices.
  • competitor tracking- relevant recommendations of competitors, channel tracking in realtime, data comparison of channels, video data comparison of channels.
  • trend alert- notifications of trending videos from popular YouTubers, customized alert tracking through keywords, customized alert tracking for competitors videos.

Unlike other channel boosting tools out there, SocialBook YouTube Builder will only require you to share minimal read-only permission from your channel, will you continue to retain full autonomy over your channel.

2. YouTube Studio

This is the official app for content creators designed by YouTube Inc. itself.

YouTube studio is a tool you must-have if you want to properly manage your channel from your cellular device, or if you want to be able to control it while you’re on-the-go. And trust us, any top YouTuber, who is serious about their YouTube channel, will opt for YouTube Studio. Will you look for a computer every single time that there’s something you need to fix on your page? What if the issue is time-sensitive?

Like other channel builders, YouTube Studio also allows you to track how your channel is performing in real time, complete with analytics. You can also quite conveniently respond to all the comments on your videos and filter them.

The app also gives customized push notifications directly to your smartphone if there are any important alerts for events. You can also control the following things directly from the app:

  • monetization settings
  • scheduling,
  • thumbnails

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