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SocialBook Builder

SocialBook Builder is a browser extension that helps you grow your YouTube channel for FREE

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Tools to Set You Apart. Insights to Keep You Ahead.

Content creators deserver a better, prettier tool. SocialBook builder is an enterprise grade software that is built for every YouTuber. It helps content creators to create “smarter“ videos and gain more views and followers faster.

Tag management

Get relevant tags for your videos in seconds

Discover content opportunities you are missing out

Organize tags across channel

Competitor tracking

Relevant competitor recommendation

Realtime channel tracking

Channel data comparison

Video data comparison

Trend alert

Get notified of trending videos from your peer YouTubers.

Create alert tracking keywords in videos

Create alert tracking videos from competitors

Flexible email frequency

Thumbnail Maker

Easy to customize graphics and fonts to match your video.

Create your own designs right within Creator Studio.

Download as image or save your templates for future videos.

Plenty of professional templates to choose from.