20 Most Liked YouTube Videos as of 2020

20 Most Liked YouTube Videos as of 2020

2020 sure is one crazy year, and every month leaves us all wondering what will happen next? But hey! On the bright side, we are halfway through! In this crazy year, people all over the world are doing their best to provide emotional support, and hence a big thanks go to YouTube. So let's take a YouTube trip down the past six months. We have compiled a list of 20 most liked videos on YouTube from January 2020 to June 2020!

20. Billie Eilish - everything i wanted: 3.2 Million Likes

Billie is an iconic singer who really knows how to connect with the listeners on an emotional level. Most of Billie's songs are about depression and anxiety, and all the trauma she had to go through to acknowledge her mental health. Billie never fails to disappoint her fans in creating sentimental songs and her soothing voice paired with the heart touching lyrics, add a cherry on top!

January 23rday, 2020, Billie posted a song on YouTube' Everything I Wanted', dedicating it to her brother. In the video, Billie shares about her close relationship with her brother and how he has helped Billie to cope up with depression. The emotional song is actually about a dream Billie had and certainly truly depicts the love between the two siblings. Billie's brother, Finnea,s who is also a singer, produced the song. The video became an instant and got her more than 122 million views and 3.2 million likes.


The rising fame of the versatile K-Pop has definitely enchanted the world. But the collaboration between the legendary Lady Gaga and the vibrant K-Pop girls group BLACKPINK has taken the realm of YouTube by storm! BLACKPINK is a Korean girls group with a unique rock music style. It is the first girls' group band ever to break the stereotypical image of Korean girls. The band consists of 4 sassy girls, and their empowering lyrics, dynamic dance moves, and bold style have surely made them the most adored Korean girls group all over the world.

The group caught the attention of the music diva Lady Gaga as well, and on May 28th, the Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK posted their collaboration song 'Sour Candy' on YouTube. The song is about the fierce personality of the girls with a soft heart inside. The mix between Lady Gaga's powerful voice and BLACKPINK's Korean style has definitely amused fans! The video has earned a total of 67 million views and 3.3 million likes. The video was posted on Lady Gaga's YouTube channel.


The dynamic success of K-Pop owes quite much to the iconic boys' band BTS. Their meaningful songs, thought-provoking lyrics, and inspirational dances leave everyone in awe! Their world tours, international collaboration, and of course, their long list of awards have certainly done justice to the talent of these seven boys.

Earlier this year, BTS released an extremely soul touching and a momentous song called 'Black Swan.' The song instantly gained popularity all over the world due to its profound lyrics and elegant yet swift dance moves. January 17th7th, 2020, BTS released an art film in collaboration with the very famous dance company MN Dance Company. The symbolic dance was inspired by the quote of Martha Graham that the painful death for any dancer is when they quit dancing. The actors in black dresses in the video represent the wings of the swan. The insane yet beautiful dance video amazed people worldwide and earned more than 36 million views and 3.4 million likes.


Harsh Beniwal is a famous Indian YouTuber who is known for creating hilariously entertaining vlogs. He is one of the most adored YouTubers in the community of Indian YouTubers, and his content never fails to amuse his followers and give them fits of laughter.

In this video of Harsh Beniwal, which he uploaded on May 17th, 2020, he shares with his fans about the life of a typical Indian TikToker. Most people consider TikTok to be cringy, so in this video, Harsh gives his fans an insight into their life. The video is extremely funny and is the reason why Harsh has attained more than 23 million views on his video and more than 3.6 million likes.


Who doesn't love awesome collabs! When it comes to song collaborations, the pop queens Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga truly took the collaboration to another level! Both singers are considered to be the ultimate queens of pop culture. Their vibrant songs, coupled with their signature looks, add an extra flair to new music videos.

On May 22nd2nd, 2020, the two iconic singers released a collaboration song 'Rain On Me.' The song's message is to be strong, no matter how hard it rains. The two singers depicted the message wonderfully through their dance moves and powerful voices. The video gained more than 135 million views and 3.8 million likes.

15. BAD BUNNY – YO PERRERO SOLO: 4.3 Million Likes

Bad Bunny is the famous singer and rapper whose Latin songs have taken the world by storm. His songs are a unique combination of Latin words with a mix up of rock music and rap style. The one of a kind music and rapping style has made Bad Bunny everyone's favorite, especially among the younger generation.

On 27th May 2020, Bad Bunny posted a song on his YouTube channel 'Yo Perrero Solo.' The song is really catchy as the Latin words fit perfectly with the rock and roll beats. Due to its unique music, which makes it irresistible for fans to jump on the dance floor, the video attained more than 293 million views and 4.3 million likes.

14. BADSHAH – GENDA PHOOL: 4.2 Million Likes

Badshah is an Indian rapper who intermixes the Indian music style with the modern rapping style, and this is the reason why he is so much adored among the Indian community of singers and has gained a wide fan following.

March 25thrch, 2020, Badshah posted his music video on Sony Much India's channel on YouTube. The video is starred by the sensational Indian actress Jacqueline Fernandez. The music video depicts Indian culture with a flair of a modern rapping style, paired up with the smooth dance movies of Jacqueline. This is the reason why the video has attained more than 415 million views and 4.2 million likes.

13. IU – EIGHT: 4.2 Million Likes

Coming again towards K-pop, IU is one of the leading iconic female singers in the Korean music industry. Not only IU is an amazing singer, but also a talented actress.

May 6th May 2020, IU did a collaboration with the rapper of the infamous boy band BTS, Suga. The song is actually a nostalgic song in which IU takes a trip down the memory lane. The moments she shares of her past, her confessions about them, and how much she dearly misses them are all depicted wonderfully through the insightful lyrics. Moreover, an additional flair of rapping style has been added by the rapper Suga. The animations in the video are the reason why fans love it so much. The video has gained more than 67 million views and 4.2 million likes.

12. BTS – MAP OF SOUL OUTRO: 4.6 Million Likes

The success and story of BTS are known to everyone. Their passionate songs, fierce dance moves, and heart touching lyrics never fail to amaze their fans.

BTS released another album, Map of Soul, which was undoubtedly a major hit. The outro of the album was posted on February 2nd, 2020. The lead singer for the outro song was J-Hope, one of the rappers of the band. The casual music video paired with the awesome lyrics makes the song the perfect outro for any album. The beats and music of the song are the reason why it has gained more than 62 million views and 4.6 million likes.

11. RESIDENTE – RENE: 4.9 Million Likes

Residente is a famous Puerto Rican rapper, and his Latin songs always amuse his fans with his deep lyrics and catchy beats.

Earlier this year February 27th , 2020, Residente released a very unusual song which was about 7 minutes long and had almost no music attached to it. In this song, Rene shared his depressing story about his childhood, his career and his mental health. He takes a nostalgic trip of his past in this song and shares it with his fans. According to his Instagram, Residente thought of committing suicide due to depression but on the advice of his mom, he summed up his feelings in this song. This sincere snog caught the attention of people and earned him more than 116 million views and 4.9 million likes.

10. EMINEM – GODZILLA: 5.2 Million Likes

Everyone loves Eminem! His iconic rapping, catchy songs and being entitled as the fastest rapper in the world really make him everyone's favorite. Eminem songs are always full of energy that really take the listener into his world.

March 9thrch, 2020, Eminem released his song 'Godzilla' which became an instant hit. Eminem holds 11 world records to his name and this song enlisted another one below his name. In this song, Eminem made a world record of uttering 224 words in just 31 seconds! This fast rap is definitely one of his most loved songs and that is the reason why it earned him more than 197 million views and 5.2 million likes.

9. BTS – MAP OF SOUL INTERLUDE: 5.6 Million Likes

Map of Soul is definitely one of the most amazing albums released by the iconic Korean boy band BTS. Here's another song from the album which set the records on fire and took the world by the storm.

January 9thary, 2020, BTS released this song which was starred by their rapper Suga. In this song, Suga shares his experience as a rapper and the problems he had to overcome as an individual to become a successful rapper. His sincere feelings expressed through this song are the reason why it became such a hit and earned him more than 76 million views on his video and 5.6 million likes.

8. BTS – BLACK SWAN: 6.6 Million Likes

BTS really knows how to win the hearts of people and they never fail at their job. People develop an instant spiritual and mental connection with their songs as it helps them to unleash their feelings and encounter their issues.

March 4thrch, 2020, BTS released a very soul-stirring song that made everyone's jaws drop! In this song, 'Black Swan', BTS shares with the world how they overcame their fear of acceptance and became the most trending band. The venue of this music video is a major highlight as it is one of the famous Los Angeles Theatre. The iconic and dynamic moves the boys depicted the meaning of the song through, are the reason why this video earned more than 119 million views and 6.6 million likes.

7. AGUST D - MV : 7 Million Likes

Agust D is the second name of the rapper of the golden boys band BTS, Suga. His rapping skills are insane and his rapping style is adored by fans all over the world.

BTS released a music video May 22nd 2020, which was a rap song by Suga. The song is very exciting as it shows the transition between traditional Korean culture and modern culture. The music video portrays Suga as a king in the olden ages that even way before time, Suga was the king of rappers. The unique style in this music video is the reason why it has achieved more than 100 million views and 7 million likes.

6. JUSTIN BIEBER – YUMMY: 7.9 Million Likes

Justin Bieber has been everyone's favorite ever since he made his debut as a child star. Since the release of his first-ever famous song 'Baby,' Justine promises to entertain his fans with nothing but the best.

January 4thary, 2020, JB released a song 'Yummy' which fired up the internet. This iconic song with a catchy beat, and of course, yummy lyrics, instantly became a hit. Whether it be ringtones or birthdays, this song is everywhere! It is safe to say that this umbilicus song by Justin earned the love of people worldwide, by getting more than 430 million views and 7.9 million likes on the music video.

5. 6IX9IINE – GOOBA: 8.4 Million Likes

6ix9ine is an American rapper, and his rapping style has quickly taken the world by storm and has made him renowned in the world of rapping. His crazy appearances and modern rapping style, equipped with his catchy beats have made him lovable among his fans.

On May 8th 2020, 6ix9ine released a music video of his song Gooba. The song has some high beats which make the feet dance. This is one of the most adored songs of 6ix9nie and has earned him more than 423 million views and 8.4 million likes.


Carry Minati is an Indian YouTuber who creates enlightening content for his followers. The majority of his content is a reflection of the Indian culture, the education, and the norms of India.

On May 17th 2020, Carry Minati uploaded a video of himself to let out his frustration on YouTube. He shared with his fans that his previous video had been removed from YouTube even though it didn't violate any rules set by YouTube. He clears the misconception of his followers that nothing in his previous video violated the laws. He also requested his fans to stop making vague assumptions about him. The video got him more than 65 million views and 8.3 million likes.

3. BTS – ON: 8.3 Million Likes

The golden boys of BTS sure never disappoint their fans, and that is the reason why our list is mostly piled with their videos. So here's another one!

BTS released their extremely anticipated album Map Of Soul, which was lined up with some amazing songs ON being one of them. In this song, the seven members of BTS share their seven years-long journeys about their band. BTS shares with their fans that although it was a tough journey towards success, piled up with multiple ups and downs, in the end, the group emerged victoriously. The dynamic dance moves and passionate lyrics are the reason why the song has attained more than 157 million views and 8.8 million likes.


And another BTS video! The kings of the list are undoubtedly BTS!

BTS created another iconic music video of ON February 21stary, 2020, which was a manifesto film. In this video, BTS portrayed some crazy choreography and actions which completely did justice to the meaning of the song. The action dance video earned the love of millions of fans from across the globe. The video in total attained more than 210 million views and 9.1 million likes.

1. YALGAAR - CARRYMINATI X Wily Frenzy: 11 Million Likes

Carry Minati, as discussed above, is an Indian YouTuber who likes to cast out the black sheep of the society.

June 5thune, 2020, Carry Minati posted a video of his rap song in which he is calling out the haters and critics who demoralize his YouTube channel and videos. He was really frustrated when YouTube removed one of his videos, and he let out his frustration in the form of a song, answering the misconceptions of his haters and critics. The rap song attained him more than 124 million views and 11 million likes.

Wondering which YouTube videos got the most dislikes in 2o20 so far? Check our 20 Most Disliked YouTube Videos as of 2020 article to get the idea.

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