All the Facts You Didn't Know About Ninja

All the Facts You Didn't Know About Ninja

Gather around gaming geeks! We have a treat for you all! Love your favorite professional gamer Ninja, but don't know much about him? Fear not! We have got you covered from personal life to gaming achievements. We have compiled all the facts that you need to know about Ninja! So without further ado, let's dive into the life of Ninja!

Who is Ninja?

You all Ninja as your favorite professional gamer. As a Fortnite obsessed gaming freak. But there is a lot more than just 'gaming' associated with Ninja. Like do you know what his actual name is? What are some of the most notable things that Ninja has accomplished? What are his favorite games of all time? Take out your notepads guys and start jotting down all the essentials of Ninja!

Ninja's real name is Richard Tyler Blevins. He is a 28 years old American who is a live streamer, YouTuber, and professional gamer and is absolutely adored by his fans! He started gaming when he participated in many of the esports competitions and live streams, and he played the game 'Halo 3' back then until Fortnite came into existence. After the launch of the viral and internet loved video game, Fortnite, in 2017, Ninja shifted all his gaming interests to this video game. He is the major reason why Fortnite rose to popularity in 2018. Formerly, Ninja used to rule the live streaming app Twitch, but he recently shifted his interest to the live streaming site, Mixer. This was a huge step for Ninja since, in August 2019, his Twitch channel was the most followed one on Twitch. Ninja has also been nominated for multiple awards but has been successful in bagging six awards in the gaming category, including Kids Choice Awards and Streamy Awards.

Ninja has a very frantic and energizing personality. His jolly and friendly nature made him an instant lover among his fans. His fan base used to compare him as a cartoon character, but never once they hesitated to reach out to Ninja for some advice, and Ninja was always pleased to oblige. His fame and immense popularity can be acknowledged by the fact that the young gamer has appeared twice on the famous Ellen show and once on Jimmy Fallon's show. His face has also been the cover of ESPN.

Ninja and Fortnite

It is no secret that the viral user-friendly video game, Fortnite, has taken over the world more than any video game has ever had in the past. The unique features the game offers to the players, the multiple costumes and dresses, the bizarre missions, and lands; these all factors have everyone hooked to this game. But the game did not reach popularity overnight. Fortnite's popularity owes much to everyone's favorite gamer, Ninja.

After the launch of Fortnite in 2018, the renowned video gamer, Ninja, decided to try the game as well, and like millions of other gamers around the world, he also got caught under the magical spell of Fortnite.

Ninja always used the live streaming site, Twitch, to record himself live while playing the internet sensation video game Fortnite. His live streams soon caught the attention of the internet gamers community, and Ninja got bestowed with the fame limelight. One of his live streams even reached up to 628,000 views, which made his channel on Twitch the most-watched one and got him entitled as the 'Streamer of the New Generation.' His live streams of Fortnite on Twitch paved his way to fame and got him a seat in the celeb circle.

But with great fame comes responsibility. A slip of the tongue can cause you a lot as a streamer, and Ninja was unaware of that. He lost plenty of his followers when he accidentally and unconsciously used the 'n-word' on a live stream, he later apologized for his slip of the tongue, but the damage had been done. His obsession with Fortnite also soon died when he found some other interesting games on the web, but the major reason was when he announced on a live stream that he would not play Fortnite with any female gamers for the sake of preserving his marriage.

So after these controversies, Ninja decided to take a break from Twitch and shifted to Mixer.

Ninja Social Media Profiles

Ninja's success through YouTube and the live streaming site Twitch is not a secret in a closet. In fact, these social platforms paved the way for Ninja towards his promising and eternal fame. Whether it be YouTube or Twitch or any other social forum, Ninja has always been successful in gathering a huge following and always promising to entertain his audience. His loyal fan base also never fails to hesitate and express their love for Ninja. When Ninja decided to take a break from Fortnite, most of his fans depicted a positive attitude and openly accepted this drastic change in the gamer's gaming profile. So let's dive in and see what facts lie in the social profiles of this gamer!

Ninja's YouTube Channel

Ninja has over 23 million subscribers on YouTube.
Ninja has over 23 million subscribers on YouTube.

Ninja joined YouTube back in 2011, and most of his content is centered around gaming, specifically Fortnite. His energetic and goofy personality can be exhibited through all his videos. Ninja has a huge fan base on YouTube, constituting more than 23.6 million subscribers from across the globe. He has uploaded more than 1.1 billion videos on his channel. Ninja often interacts with his viewers through his YouTube videos. The major catch for his audience is his charming personality and polite behavior throughout his videos.

Ninja's Twitter

Ninja has around 6 million followers on Twitter.
Ninja has around 6 million followers on Twitter.

Like every other celebrity, Ninja also has an account on Twitter where he promotes his merch and promotes his videos and live streams. Ninja is known to raise charity funds through his live streams, and he has managed to earn millions of dollars, which he donated all to charity. So Ninja promotes his live streams through his twitter account as well to gain maximum coverage.

Ninja's Twitch Channel

Ninja is the most followed Twitch streamer
Ninja is the most followed Twitch streamer

The famous live streaming site and the one which chalked out Ninja's way to success is Twitch. Ninja has gained millions of views on his live streams on his Fortnite on his Twitch account. He has had more than 481 million views in total on his live streams. Ninja has used his live streams on various occasions to raise funds for charities and the underprivileged.

Ninja Moved to Mixer

Ninja has ditched Twitch to Mixer in 2019.
Ninja ditched Twitch to Mixer in 2019.

After taking a break from his Twitch account in 2019, Ninja shifted to another live streaming site, Mixer. But Ninja was not the only one to join. Soon when he started conducting live streams on Mixer, it attracted other fellow streamers as well. And of course, Ninja's huge fan base followed the path along. Ninja continued his live streams on Mixer and bagged tens of thousands of views on his Mixer profile. He has more than 3 million followers on Mixer.

Ninja YouTube Channel Full Analytics

We are pretty sure many of you know Ninja through his videos on YouTube, especially of Fortnite. The majority of Ninja's channel content is centered around gaming, which is pretty obvious as he is after all a professional gamer. His gaming style can vary from conversational to a commentary style. He can often be seen providing complete background commentary on his gaming videos. Fortnite gave Ninja the spotlight that he had been waiting so patiently for, and Ninja gave Fortnite the recognition it deserved through his YouTube videos and live streams. Ninja joined YouTube in 2011, and since then, he has been successful in bagging more than 23.5 million subscribers on his channel and more than 2.2 billion views on all his videos combined on his channel.

SocialBook yet again does not fail to amaze its users by providing a complete and thorough, authentic as well, analysis on a YouTuber's channel. So let's see what SocialBook analysis has to say about Ninja!

Ninja YouTube Channel Highlights

Ninja has more than 23.5 million subscribers on his channel, as provided by SocialBook. His influence score is a solid number of 31, and his constant efforts and energy is the reason why he has thrived in attaining more than 2.2 billion views on all of his YouTube's channel videos. A general overview of his channel analysis is given below:

Ninja YouTube Channel Highlights (Credit: SocialBook)
Ninja YouTube Channel Highlights (Credit: SocialBook)

Ninja YouTube Channel Engagement Rate and Average Views

SocialBook is known for providing all the tiny bits of details regarding an influencer. If we analyze the profile of Ninja on SocialBook, then we get to know that Ninja’s YouTube channel has an engagement number of 13.33%. The highest views he has ever received on any video are 44 million while the lowest amount up to 93.1K. An in-depth analysis provided by SocialBook are as follows:

Ninja YouTube Channel Engagement Stats and Performance Metrics (Credit: SocialBook)
Ninja YouTube Channel Engagement Stats and Performance Metrics (Credit: SocialBook)

Ninja YouTube Channel Audience Demographics

The best feature of SocialBook is providing the complete stats of the audience of an influencer, their demographic regions and areas of high influence. The complete figures and data provided by SocialBook can be seen as follows.

Audience Demographics of Ninja YouTube (Credit: SocialBook)
Audience Demographics of Ninja YouTube (Credit: SocialBook)

Ninja YouTube Channel Most-Viewed Videos

SocialBook also does a fine job in highlighting the top performance posts of an influencer. The top 4 most viewed and engaged videos on Ninja’s channel, as provided by SocialBook is as follows:

Most Viewed Videos of Ninja YouTube Channel (Credit: SocialBook)
Most Viewed Videos of Ninja YouTube Channel (Credit: SocialBook)

32 Kill Solo Squads

Ninja is obsessed with Fortnite and conducts a lot of Fortnite battles as well, which he portrays on his live streams and on his YouTube channel. In this video of Ninja, he showed another Fortnite battle. The video received a total of more than 44 million views and 35.6K comments.

Jess Wins First Fortnite Game

Ninja is married to a beautiful woman named Jessica, whom he loves to death. The lady is also the reason why he confessed that he would not be playing Fortnite with any of the female players. In this video, however, Ninja shows his wife playing the epic game Fortnite and receiving her first victory. The video got more than 18.8 million views and 19.6K comments.

4 Corner Mythic Challenge

Ninja’s obsession with Fortnite can be seen all over his channel as his channel on YouTube is solely dedicated to Fortnite and all his content circles around it. In this video, Ninja did another one of the crazy challenges trending on Fortnite. The video got more than 15.99 million views and 9.3K comments.

Best Sniper In The Game

Without any doubt, the 4th top performed video on Ninja’s channel is again one which is centered around Fortnite. In this video, Ninja conducts a battle to see who is actually the best sniper in the game. The video was successful in bagging more than 15.64 million views and 24.26K comments.

A full analytics of Ninja YouTube channel is available for all on SocialBook.

Ninja's Twitch to Mixer Journey

Is Mixer Dying Even with Shroud and Ninja? - EssentiallySports

It is without any element of doubt that Ninja was the most popular streamer on Twitch, and his live streams on Twitch were the most-watched. He had a total of 14.3 million followers on Twitch, but Ninja decided to give that all away in 2019. Ninja made a partnership with Microsoft of nearly $20-30 million to quit his streaming on Twitch and continue his gaming career on Mixer instead. Mixer was not always the popular live streaming site. But as promised, Ninja did bring some major viewers traffic on Mixer ever since its launch in 2016. It was even reported that Mixer's engagement rate had increased by 188% by Ninja's arrival. Ninja was not only accompanied alone. Many other live streamers who supported Ninja's decision to expand his gaming community totally supported Ninja and followed his footsteps and joined Mixer.

Although today Ninja has more than 3 million followers on Mixer, Mixer still is nowhere near achieving the same status as the live streaming site Twitch. Although the viewers' count has escalated by Ninja's arrival, the number of hours watched on Mixer has certainly lessened.

The major reason why Ninja made such a drastic change was to expand his gaming community and explore new options for partnerships to gain exposure.

Ninja Brand Collaborations

Ninja's success story is proof that he has collaborated with a number of brands and companies in the past, and his ever-growing gaming empire has made Ninja a must want for organizations to lead their promotional campaigns. SocialBook yet again provides us with all the details of this brand partnership. Some of them are given below:

Mentioned top brands in Ninja's YouTube channel. (Credit: SocialBook)
Mentioned top brands in Ninja's YouTube channel. (Credit: SocialBook)
  • Red bull
  • EA sports
  • Adidas
  • PC World
  • Dollar Shave World
  • NZXT

Ninja's Net Worth

Ninja has been working tirelessly ever since his Halo gaming era. His success on Twitch and YouTube is why the young guy has been successful in bagging a significant net worth that sums up to $20 million, and the amount is boosting. Ninja's net worth owes much to his live streams, and it has also given Ninja the courage to launch his very own merchandise consisting of hoodies and fun caps along with some other accessories.

So that's all, guys! Everything you needed to know about your favorite gamer, Ninja!

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