Why You Shouldn't Buy YouTube Subscribers and Views!

Why You Shouldn't Buy YouTube Subscribers and Views!

So you’ve made a head-straight dive into the world of YouTube and are now getting impatient, huh? Can’t wait until the big bucks start flowing in? Can’t wait for the fame that comes with being a YouTuber? Thinking about finding easy and quick ways to increase that subscriber count? Don’t see a quicker way to grow your channel?

Well, too bad.

I’m here to tell you not to bother delving into the dark world of buying subscribers. Why? Because, to cut it short, it would definitely get you into a world of pain.

Have you ever looked into YouTube’s Terms of Service? If you’re thinking of buying subscribers, I’d recommend that you quickly look into the Permissions and Restrictions section. I realize that long and boring legal documents are no fun to read, but trust me, you’ll be thanking me for showing you this.

According to these terms, no matter where you might be trying to buy subscribers for your channel, it will do you no good. If you try to grow your channel in an illegitimate manner and violate YouTube’s Terms of Service, you will definitely bear the brunt of your actions. The YouTube team is one of the most vigilant corporate forces known to man. If the slightest of things seems off about your channel and they find out the manner in which you managed to have manipulated their metrics, you will surely have your channel suspended or terminated. Don’t believe me? Do a little bit of research and look up all the channels that have been banned temporarily or permanently from YouTube for violating their Terms of Service. Last year, according to a report submitted by The Verge, over 17,000 YouTube channels were banned permanently.

While we’re on the subject of illegal means of gaining subscribers, let me just make it known that sub4sub falls within this category as well. Don’t know what sub4sub is? Well, it’s basically a platform where you could sign up, enter a link to your YouTube account and then sit back and watch as your subscriber count continues to grow. Only catch is that you have to subscribe back to every channel that subscribes to you. I’m guessing the term ‘sub4sub’ makes a whole lot more sense now. Even this method, through any platform or means, is a violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service.

Now, let’s explore one major reason why you wouldn’t want to buy subscribers. Imagine that you’ve created your channel and are dreaming of becoming a huge influencer one day. It goes without saying that YouTubers are nothing without their subscribers. Success always comes from one’s fan following. I’m sure you’ll agree, too. However, the subscribers you would have bought would only be there for the incentive of payment. They have no interest in your content, they won’t motivate you to broaden your horizons and they won’t help you grow in any manner. So, in the long run, would the money you would be investing in buying subscribers really be worth it?

A YouTube channel is an investment of sorts. It requires you to put in effort, long hours of brainstorming fresh content, editing videos and going through feedback. When you put in the energy it takes to build a YouTube channel, you will surely benefit from the results as well, such as monetize the YouTube channel. If you want your hard work to sow seeds for the long-term, you must nurture it the right way. Buying subscribers might seem easy at the beginning and it might make it simpler to earn a quick buck, but it will do more harm than good in the long run.

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