How to Become Famous on Instagram

How to Become Famous on Instagram

Who doesn’t know about Instagram? The app that was originally created for sharing pictures and videos with friends and followers is now one of the most used social media apps in the world. With over 700 million active users worldwide, Instagram has undoubtedly occupied a very essential position in our lives and certainly has a special place in our routine table of tasks and duties.

With virtual meetups and daily hassle taking over our routine, it has become impossible for us to stay substantially connected with our friends and family. However, this artistic app takes that worry away and allows us to share our special and most cherished moments and memories with our friends and followers, keeping them updated so they don’t miss out on anything. Apart from that, every now and then we feel our hands automatically clicking on this app and mindlessly browsing through the feed. According to a survey, an average person spends about 53 minutes everyday on Instagram. But ever thought about making money from your favorite app? The answer to that is becoming an Instagram influencer!

Let's take an overview of how can one actually become an influencer on Instagram and make it your own business to earn some money.

Top 5 Instagram Facts You Need to Know

Ever since its creation in 2010 and even after a decade, Instagram has become a vital part of our lives. Whether it's mindless scrolling, or keeping fam and homies updated or about earning money, Instagram is definitely our go-to place. Earning more than 700 million users is not the only silver lining of this app, some other interesting facts which make this app really unique are:

  • More than 40 billion photos have been shared on Instagram.
  • On average there are 4.2 billion heart clicks, Likes, on Instagram.
  • On average 95 million photos are uploaded every single day.
  • More than 8 million profiles on Instagram are business profiles.
  • More than 300 million users upload stories daily.

The Instagram community is divided into 2 clans; one which consists of scrollers, amounting up to 85% and one which consists of influencers, summing up to 15%.

The most subscribed Instagram account is @cristiano, the football player has 218 million followers.  And there are 18 Instagram accounts each have over 100 million followers.

Who is an Instagram Influencer?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide.

An influencer is any person who has an influence over a certain target audience, in other words, an influencer has the power to modify the mindsets of the consumers and ease their indecisiveness by reviewing certain products of interest. Influencers build the bridge between the companies and organizations and their customers by leading promotional campaigns. According to a survey, brands and organizations receive a return of $7 for every dollar that they invest on influencer marketing.

Instagram influencers dominate a significant position in influencer marketing. They are people with a large fan following (from 5000 to millions) who post reviews on certain products and attract and engage their target audience. An Instagram influencer can earn thousands and even millions from each picture or video that they post on their Instagram accounts.

All this influencer earning sounds pretty attractive but the question arises, how to become an A-graded Instagram influencer?

How to Become an Influencer on Instagram?

Image result for infleuncer
Become an influencer on Instagram.

With the mountainous grow of the influencer marketing, influencers are being sold like hot cakes to companies and organizations. Influencer earning seems to be a very convenient and fun way of earning some big cash. So in order to establish yourself as an influencer, there are certain steps that one has to follow:

Select a Niche:

The first and foremost step is to select your niche, your area of expertise. You need to develop and define your skills and find what you are passionate about. Be very specific in outlining your area of interest, this will set the foundation for your journey as an influencer. You need to be mono-thematic. For example, if you are passionate about makeup, then your Instagram profile must solely be dedicated to makeup, and try to find the unique makeup topic make you stand out.

Defining Target Audience:

After selecting a niche, you need to define your target audience, the people you would want to project your skills to. Your target audience also needs to be very specific and must be coincident with your niche. This will greatly help you to get a big engagement number from your target audience, and hence help you in becoming a big fish in the influencer marketing. For example, if you are a fitness influencer, then your target audience must consist of weight conscious community and fitness freaks.

Create Content:

After determining your target audience, the next step is to keep your profile active and fresh to keep luring more audience and brands. For that purpose, you need to create content. Post pictures and videos frequently related to your niche and observe the engagement of your audience. Your content must be in synchronization with your niche and audience.

Check Analytics:

Once you have established your profile, you need to check your stats and analytics on a regular basis to see what your audience is demanding from you and what kind of brands you're attracting with your profile. It is very important to keep your audience engaged as that helps you to flourish in the influencer community. SocialBook provides a decent tool for all influencers to connect their social media accounts and get detailed channel insights.

Kick out the Bugs:

Once you have established yourself as an influencer and are ready to make contracts you need  to be very vigilant of your followers. Great deal of responsibility lies on an influencer as an entire company is relying on your promotional campaign. Therefore you need to be very cautious of the fact there must not be any Instagram bots or any ambiguity in your followers so that your profile  doesn’t fall in the blacklist of fake influencers. SocialBook can help you in determining these fake followers.

Have patience:

A great deal of patience and endurance is required for an influencer. You can not expect your fan following to rise by millions overnight. So just focus on working hard and keeping your audience entertained while securing your patience.

So just follow these simple steps and establish yourself as a successful influencer. The journey might not be a walk in the park but the results sure are fruitful.

Learn from the Rising Instagram Star Jailyne Ojeda to Become Famous and Monetize Your Channel

Jailyne Ojeda

The hottest chick from Arizona is taking over not only Instagram, but also the hearts of millions of people all over the world. Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa is the rising sensation and Instagram star who has a massive fan following of more than 11.3 million followers. This young sensation has conquered Instagram with her flawless hourglass body and perfect smooth curves. She is crowned as one of the top models on Instagram at just a young age of 22.

Jailyne was born on 9th January, 1998 in Arizona, United States. She is from a Mexican descent and therefore her parents left no hesitation in teaching Jailyne and her younger siblings; Johnny and Alondra, Spanish, hence making her and her siblings fluent in both English and Spanish.

Jailyne always possessed a passion for modeling and styling and always dreamt for this ambition of hers to chalk out her career path. Her family was always very supportive and considerate towards Jailyne’s passion and aspiration. Therefore, with the blessing of her parents, in 2012 at the age of 14, Jailyne successfully graduated from Barbizon Modeling and Acting School, Arizona. Even during her school years, Jailyne always laid special emphasis on her body and took care of her fitness and body shape. Consequently, that serves as the major reason for her to land directly in her first job by signing a contract with South West Modeling Agency. This contract serves to be a stepping stone for her in her modeling career. Soon after the contract, Jailyne started receiving offers for promotional campaigns of night clubs and lounges in Arizona. She happily accepted a handful of them and this representation for promotional purposes led her onto her next milestone which was commercials and music videos. She starred in several commercials and music videos and also signed another contract with ‘Empire Talent and Management’.

Jailyne Ojeda Music Video Screenshot

Due to Jailyne’s stunning looks and Latin features, she starred and featured in a handsome number of Latin music videos. Her most prominent feature was in the music video of the Latin artist Alfredo Olivas called ‘Tus Lagrimas’. She also made notable features in other music videos such as the one of Nroc Leoj’s music video ‘Chemistry’. Jailyne is also a fitness freak which is why she has also made several appearances on the famous fitness YouTube channel ‘Fitness Girls’.

Apart from her jaw dropping hourglass body and smooth curves, Jailyne also is an entrepreneur and has firm beliefs for women empowerment. She runs a website ‘Jailyne Official’ and has her own app ‘JLean Store’ on Playstore from where her fans can purchase products showcasing their favorite Instagram star, Jailyne. The website and app has her merch consisting of calendars, phone cases, albums etc. with her photos branded on them. Although her business is on a small scale at the moment but judging from the ambitions of this 22 year old influencer, it seems she will do whatever it takes to elevate it to new heights.

Jailyne Ojeda is also an A-grade influencer dominating Instagram with more than 11.3 million followers and Twitter with more than 130.5K followers. She also recently started her YouTube channel where she frequently posts videos exhibiting her fitness routines and her photoshoots.

There are a lot of controversies that arise towards Jailyne’s faultless body shape and curves. Many of her haters accuse her of having plastic surgeries and implants and photoshopping her pictures. Jailyne shuts them all up by confirming that she has never had a single plastic surgery and nor plans on having one. She is all natural and believes that a perfect flawless body can be attained by following a strict fitness routine, which she does. She also encourages her humongous fan base to concentrate on their fitness. She preaches that perfect body cannot be attained without a peaceful mind, laying strong emphasis on mental health and this awareness can also be seen all over her Instagram

Image result for jailyne ojeda

Jailyne has established herself as one of the top Instagram stars and an A-graded influencer. Her massive fan following surely has gotten her the attention of some brands and organizations, American as well as Spanish. Some of her colorations are:


Nu3slim is a weight control smoothie and Jailyne’s fitness partner. On her Instagram post, Jailyne shares the benefits of this healthy nutritious smoothie and how it helps her maintain her diet.

Myrtle Beach Safari:

Jailyne Ojeda endorsed Myrtle Beach Safari in her Instagram.

Myrtle Beach Safari is a wildlife conservation which includes tigers, apes, eagles and many more vicious animals. Jailyne is often seen on her Instagram posing with these beasty yet friendly animals and  promoting this wildlife conservatory. She loves this promotional campaign due to the fact that it helps her to openly express her love for animals.

Pretty Little Things:

Jailyne Ojeda endorsed Pretty Little Things in her Instagram.

Pretty Little Things is a very famous UK based fashion retail store from teenage girls and women. Jailyne also did a promotional campaign for this store promoting the smooth payments method that the store offered and many other clothing from the store.

Heavenly Designs:

Heavenly Designs is an event management company that organizes parties and other special occasions. Jailyne gave a shoutout to this company by offering her gratitude to the company for organizing her birthday party.

Bufboi Athletics:

Bufboi Athletics is a gym and physical fitness center in Arizona. Jailyne is often seen on her gram giving shouts to this company.

Fashion Nova:

In one of her Instagram posts, Jailyne also claimed to be the ambassador of Fashion Nova through a hashtag.

Nonetheless, the fame of this stunning model is not going to diminish anytime soon, in fact, her journey has just begun. Jailyne is a true inspiration for millions of girls that how they can still achieve their dream of a perfect body by staying all-natural. Jailyn promises that she will continue to amuse her fans by her breathtaking Instagram content and ensure that she also plans on growing her business empire, setting a mark in the world to be a successful businesswoman and a supermodel and incrementing her net worth of $600K.

If you have decided to become a beauty influencer, we have prepared a quick guide for you to get prepared.

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