The Top 10 Most Followed Instagram Influencers in 2024!

what exactly is this list of Instagram influencers and who qualifies to be in the top 10 rankings in 2024? Let’s find out! Most Popular Instagram Creators of 2024

The Top 10 Most Followed Instagram Influencers in 2024!

When it comes to Instagram, it's a race of followers. Whoever has the highest number of followers automatically leads the race. The number of followers one has armors them to compete in the battle of Instagrammers and to earn a place in the list of top 10 Instagrammers in the world. Every single Instagrammer has a unique niche. Some are beauty bloggers, some are fitness gurus, and some like to share snippets of their personal lives and call themselves lifestyle bloggers. These Instagrammers are the kings and queens of their respective niches. But regardless of the different niches they belong to, they all unite under the single category of the ‘list’ - the list of the top 10 Instagrammers in 2024.

Influencer marketing sure does have all the rage these days and what better platform to embrace this influencer wave than Instagram itself? Instagram is the home of millions of influencers and provides them with a platform to cash their services and talents in return for not just money but also for the love of groups of people around the world. These influencers have created multiple fanbases for themselves around the world based on their Instagram activity. They post various stories, photos, and videos of themselves on their Instagram profile which appeal to their followers, and in return, they get likes and comments. The more their followers engage with them, the thicker their chances of topping the list of the top Instagrammers. The whole Instagram algorithm revolves around the relationship between engagement and content. The more an Instagrammer creates relative content, the more engagement they get on their profile, hence increasing the number of their followers and securing a position in the list of top 10 Instagrammers in the world.

A permanent ranking on the list is not guaranteed. It totally depends on the ability of the Instagrammer that how well they are able to capture and resonate the interests of their followers in their content. Sometimes their content might not agree with the majority of the followers which can lead to reduced engagement, while at other times, it might give their account the boost that they just need. Either way, to maintain or upgrade their ranking in the list, these Instagrammers have to resort to consistent posting and creating relative content that their followers would like to see. So what exactly is this list of Instagrammers and who qualifies to be in the top 10 rankings in 2024? Let’s find out!

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Who doesn't know Cristiano Ronaldo? The worldwide sensational footballer is not only number one on the field playing football but has also maintained his status as the number one most-followed Instagrammer since 2018. Originally from Portugal, Cristiano has maintained himself as a legendary icon all over the world. His humble background keeps him engaged in multiple philanthropic activities across the globe which is the major reason why his fans adore him so much. Ronaldo’s football skills are charismatic on their own and have stolen the hearts of millions of football fanatics, but apart from the world of football, his non-football personality has also made him people’s favorite worldwide. As of 2024, Ronaldo has a total of 626 million followers on his Instagram, making him the most-followed personality on the platform. On his Instagram, Ronaldo shares moments from his personal life which always appeal to his fans. He disassociates from his career and shares his life as a father, a loyal partner, and just who he is as a human. His simplicity in life, even when he has attained the highest level of fame, is the prime reason why people love him. As of 2024, Ronaldo has a humongous net worth of $500 million to $600 million.

2. Lionel Messi

Coming up on number 2 is the second legendary football icon, competing edge to edge with Ronaldo, that’s none other than Lionel Messi. The star of Argentina, Lionel Messi is known worldwide due to his amazing football skills that earned him a series of wins and achievements. Much like Ronaldo, Messi also started his career from a simple humble background and soared to fame. Besides his one-in-a-million football skills, Messi is a great kind, and loving person who is always appreciative of his fans, making him the ruler of hearts. Fans around the globe literally worship Messi for his divine football magic and amazing personality, thus wanting more from him other than football. Messi realizes how much his fans are curious about his alter-ego, that is life outside of football, and hence shares with them various occasions from his personal life via Instagram. He also shares moments with his family, making him even more loved and adored by his fans. As of 2024, Messi has a total of 501 million followers and a shocking net worth of $650 million.

3. Selena Gomez

On number 3 in the list, we have former number one occupant Selena Gomez. Selena is a world-renowned singer whose songs get everybody dancing around the world. Selena stepped into the industry as a child star starring in Disney and grew her singing career there. Later on, after bidding farewell to Disney, Selena released multiple albums and songs that became sensational all over the world. She also started her very own TV series. Besides the entertainment industry, Selena is also an entrepreneur and is the founder of the Rare beauty brand where she exhibits unique beauty products that are natural and effective. Selena has always been people’s favorite on Instagram due to her vocality and her interaction with her fans. She has always been very vocal and observant of ongoing issues and doesn't hesitate to share her opinions on Instagram. She also interacts with her fans via live sessions and by replying to their comments, making them feel heard. Selena is a strong advocate of self-love and her Instagram posts all revolve around preaching mental health prioritization and self-love. As of 2024, Selena has a total of 430 million followers, even after taking several breaks from the platform. She also has an outstanding net worth of $800 million.

4. Kylie Jenner

Next on the list is the last member of the Kard-Jenner clan, Miss Kylie Jenner. Being the youngest billionaire in the world, Kylie Jenner is a source of inspiration to many aspiring young women, especially moms. She built a whole beauty empire when she was just a teenager by the name ‘Kylie Cosmetics’. Kylie Cosmetics has been promoted effectively globally and for that, we need to thank her massive Instagram following which exceeds 399 million! Not just this, she uses the platform for much more- philanthropy and raising her voice for important matters like women's empowerment and mental health awareness. She is loved so much across Instagram because of her down-to-earth image as she is a dedicated mother to her daughter, Stormi Webster. Looking at her journey from being a TV star to becoming one of the most influential women, she is a woman truly resilient towards her goals! Kylie has over 400 million followers on Instagram and has a jaw-dropping net worth of $750 million.

5. Dwayne Johnson

All of us have heard about ‘The Rock’, right? A man whose journey is no less than a testament to his hard work. From being a professional wrestler who is a 10-time world champion to being one of the highest-paid Hollywood actors. Fifth on the list is Dwayne Johnson with more than 395 million followers on Instagram. He has millions of fans and followers on Instagram for all the right reasons. He shared tidbits from his workout routine, and upcoming projects and occasionally also gave insights into his family life which the fans look forward to. Beyond all this is how he actively indulges in advocacy work and is often seen supporting hospitals, veterans, and other charitable causes.

6. Ariana Grande

Powerful vocals and an iconic ponytail. You’re right, next on the list is Ariana Grande- the queen of music and pop culture with a massive following of over 380 million. From her ‘oh so adorable’ interactions with her fans to updates about her music, her fans love every bit! Although the main reason behind this solidified status globally is her music her stardom began back in 2010 when she played the role of ‘Cat Valentine’ in a Nickelodeon series ‘Victorious’. Her soulful music has conquered the hearts of millions as per her fans Ariana knows how to turn pain into art. This probably is one big reason why her fans connect with her on a deeply emotional level. This pop icon truly deserves millions!

7. Kim Kardashian

Moving on, the next we have on our list is Kim Kardashian with over 364 million followers on Instagram! She is undoubtedly one of the most recognized and influential figures not just because she is from the ’Kardashian family’ but also because of her glamorous lifestyle and insights into her new ventures e.g. KKW beauty which eventually expanded, and she now also owns KKW fragrances. Both these ventures are no less than multi-million dollar empires! The beginning of her fame was when she acted in a reality show- ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’. Not so many years in, and she already has made successful careers in various industries including fashion, fitness, and beauty. Not to forget about how actively she works in the fashion industry and even owns a clothing line that has the sole motto of promoting body positivity. She truly is an inspiration for millions not just because she is an icon in the world of fashion and entertainment but also the world of entrepreneurship.

8. Beyonce

Beyonce with over 319 million followers is not just a personality known for empowering music or just because she is an epitome of grace but also because of her unparalleled influence. She is known and loved for the role she plays as an activist and philanthropist. She has used her power to raise awareness about multiple global issues including racial injustice, racism, gender inequality, etc. She is the reason why so many people are eager to work for positive changes and take a stand for what they firmly believe in. In addition, Beyonce Knowles is also a great fashion icon and trendsetter. With her unwavering confidence, her sense of style, and how she empowers people all over the world… this woman is undefeatable!

9. Khloe Kardashian

It isn’t possible that amongst the top 10 Instagrammers, there could only be one person from the Kardashian family! Khloe Kardashian with a massive following of 311 million followers, is the youngest of the Kardashian sisters. She stepped into the world of entertainment back in 2007 but with her efforts and dedication towards what she does, she now is way more than a reality star. We have seen Khloe delve into the world of fitness over the years and is often seen sharing tips that lead to a healthy lifestyle on her Instagram. More than that, she is also an entrepreneur and influencer. She also uses this platform to raise funds for several campaigns. As her following continues to grow, we see her in the list of the top 5 Instagrammers sooner or later.

10. Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner, the second youngest sister of the Jenner clan is undoubtedly the family's pride. With a staggering following of more than 294 million followers, she has solidified her status in the fashion industry as well as all across social media. She swiftly paved her way in the world of fashion and has walked runways for the world's top designers. Kendall also launched her clothing line as well as stepped into the world of spirits by venturing on a new journey. A tequila brand ‘818’. Her being a vocal advocate for several major issues is proof of how she has been playing her role in changing the world with her positivity. However, despite all the fame she has earned to date she has been fond of keeping her private life away from and sharing insights from her life in a more reserved way which the fans often appreciate as well. Kendall continues to inspire her fans with her fashion statements, talent, and her dedication to bringing positive changes to the world!

And that concludes our list of the top 10 Instagrammers in the world! If you keep your Instagramming efforts consistent and really know your audience, then who knows, maybe you can also become an occupant of the list! We hope you found this article helpful. To learn more about influencer marketing and all things Instagram, make sure to check out us out at

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