What is an NFT and Why Should I Care?

The abbreviation ‘NFT’ stands for ‘non-fungible token’. Non-fungible refers to something that is unique or irreplaceable.

What is an NFT and Why Should I Care?

As it's the era of social media and the biggest inspiration of almost everyone is content creation be it regarding fashion, cooking and what not! It allows us to showcase our skills as well as earn. The social book has been working on different NFT projects that will give people the opportunity to convert their artwork into NFTs and can then sell them to make profits. It is surely gonna be a successful project as it isn’t easy to become a well-known artist first so people get attracted to your work and then think of purchasing it, with a profit! All the artists, bloggers, and other content creators put in so much time and effort, sometimes it even takes months to get done with what they have started so don’t you deserve an equal amount of appreciation and a reward for having such great skills?

If you too are someone looking forward to making your artwork useful, you’re definitely on the right page! To know more about NFT projects, how to make an NFT and how can they play an integral role in making you successful, continue reading!

What is an NFT?

The abbreviation ‘NFT’ stands for ‘non-fungible token’. Non-fungible refers to something that is unique or irreplaceable. NFT is a unique unit of technology that, recently introduced that is going to help people prosper a lot with time as by using this technology, people get a chance to authenticate their artwork be it videos, pictures, or even any kind of audio! Yes, you can now own your hard work and sell it for great profits. An example of this would be if a famous musician decided to turn his album covers into an NFT. This would mean that each album cover designated by the musician would be the only official version of that picture, which is verified by blockchain technology. Sure you can go to Google and find the same image, but the verified version where no other copy exists in it's digital signature, that one is worth money because it was minted by the artist themselves.

If you're still interested in learning the ins and outs of NFTs and what exactly they are, here is a really great video from Max Maher breaking it down!

What Makes the NFT Projects so Important?

Making NFTs can be proved to be very beneficial for almost everyone as by using this tool you get proof of the authenticity of your work. NFTs also make any digital business more valuable as now work that couldn’t be sold before can be sold at high prices and through this, the artists also get a chance to work with different people and companies. This helps them get promoted as well as inspire people through their work. NFTs act more like membership cards as they provide access to special discounts and events as well. The seller can also send additional products to the ones that have a token or ticket as the ‘Block chain’ is public. Thus, NFT projects can help build a highly engaged community around their brands as it has multiple benefits.

How to make an NFT using SocialBook?

You can now get creative and make your NFT using SocialBook as it has a lot of tools to offer! You don’t have to worry as it is free of cost and takes care of all your needs. Making an NFT isn’t a very time taking or difficult process. Just by following a few steps you can now make your NFT using SocialBook in just a few minutes!

If you want to follow along on our NFT maker page, while you read, try to make your first NTF!

Step # 1: Sign into SocialBook

The first thing that you need to do in order to access the tool is to sign in on SocialBook. Open the SocialBook homepages, add in your username and password and press Sign in. If you’re not a part of Socialbook yet, then you can sign up by just filling up some information like your username, email, etc.

Step # 2: Navigate to NFT Maker Tool

Once you’re done signing in, you then have to open the growth tools which you’ll find at the top left of the page. Quite a few tools will open out of which you have to scroll down and click at ‘NFT maker’, you simple have to click on it. Once you open up the ‘NFT maker’ tool, you’ll be able to access it for free. You can take the image inserted below as an example.

Navigate to "NFT Maker" from the menu.
Navigate to "NFT Maker" from the menu.

Step # 3: Upload your Work

It first requires you to upload your photo/art or insert a url and beside it is an option to select a style for your NFT. More than 15 different styles are given so you’re no short in options. Incase you need a high-resolution picture you can also buy a plan for that.

Upload a photo and customize your NFT.
Upload a photo and customize your NFT.

Step # 4: Get your NFT Crafted

After you’re done uploading your work and selecting a style you just have to click at the option ‘Make NFT now’ which is visible just below where you uploaded your work. Within a few seconds your image will be cartoonized. You can then use the options underneath the picture to free edit or free download the image. Incase you want to share it on your social media accounts, that too is possible. Easy, Isn’t it?

Make your first NFT now!
Make your first NFT now!

How to List and Sell an NFT?

There are various ways you can sell your digital art be it through different websites or by creating your own website! You should first discover multiple marketplaces and select the best one among them. The process of each marketplace differs but works out one way or the other. Once you’re done deciding you then have to list your work in the ‘On sale’ items. The most important task among all of these steps is promoting it once it’s listed. You can use different social media platforms e.g Facebook and Instagram to promote your work so more people get interested to buy it.

One example of a popular NFT listing site is OpenSea.

This concludes our blog on using the recently launched ‘NFT maker’ tool on SocialBook. Try it out and share your experience. We hope the article proved to be helpful!

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