The Top 10 Biggest YouTubers in 2024

The effort it takes to be included in the list of the Top 10 YouTubers of 2024 is unmatchable but is surely worth it! The names on the list aren’t consistent as it takes ‘blood, sweat, and tears’ to sustain your position amongst around 62 million other creators.

The Top 10 Biggest YouTubers in 2024

YouTube... It isn’t just a friendly video-sharing platform but now is a big market for those who want to earn by using their creativity or those who love their cameras. It is eventually people's favorite platform to go to when they’re in their comfort zones or when they want to know more about literally anything and not to forget that after its recent update binge watching videos in under 1 minute now is also very common. The diverse content on YouTube which is user-generated makes the use of this platform extremely fun! Moreover, it is very user-friendly be it if you’re a creator or a viewer.

It is 2024 and when it comes to being a YouTube creator, there can be no debate that everyone is in the race of gaining more subscribers one way or the other. How competitive the platform makes the creators so determined to make unique content and not steal ideas like all other platforms. Of course, unique content eventually means high engagement of users and more subscribers to your channel. While hundreds of thousands of people are vlogging every bit of their lives and sharing it on the platform, you’ll find fashion content, tutors, gym trainers, and people teaching you basic living skills on YouTube. Making an account is surely worth it! We bet you might already have one. According to the latest figures, the number of total creators on YouTube has officially crossed 61.8 million which means on average if there are 80 people in room 1 one of them has to be a YouTuber! Image your name being under the list of the top 10 YouTubers.

When you’re officially on the list of the top 10 YouTubers the list of benefits is not just limited to popularity or a passive income. These people make and shape trends, their voice and opinions are thought to be valuable no matter what the niche of their content is and not just this when you have millions of subscribers and active engagers hundreds of collaborations and brand deals are always waiting on your doorstep. Thus, your success is no longer limited to the platform, global exposure becomes the new norm in your life. It isn’t just about fame or money but you know you’re responsible for having a long-lasting legacy so the people who follow you consistently are the ones you inspire with your hard work and creativity.

The effort it takes to be included in the list of the Top 10 YouTubers of 2024 is unmatchable but is surely worth it! The names on the list aren’t consistent as it takes ‘blood, sweat, and tears’ to sustain your position amongst around 62 million other creators. However, this makes the platform so fun and the content being generated is also very engaging and unique. In the following article, we will look at those 10 lucky creators with the most subscribers and most watched content. Let's get started!

1. T-Series

Number one on the list India record label film and production house with a huge following of 262 million. The content of the channel includes trailers of their latest films and all the music videos they have produced to date. They joined YouTube back in 2006  but because of the wide range of entertaining content they offer and how they provide us with all the latest Bollywood hits… their success has been impeccable. From regional music, and hits from the 90s to devotional songs you can find it all on the T-series YouTube channel. People from all over the globe T-Series has expanded its content to include a diverse range of entertainment offerings, from Bollywood hits to devotional songs and regional music. How people from all over the globe have subscribed to their channel is proof of the growing digital entertainment industry as we can see millions of fans who are not just from India flocking to its channel, surfing through the uploaded videos to find the latest entertainment news, film and music releases and trailers of the film you have been waiting for, for months! (1) T-Series - YouTube

2. Mr.Beast

Positioned at number 2 is Mr. Beast also known as Jimmy Donaldson straight from the United States with over 248 million subscribers! With his engaging content that includes philanthropic endeavors, stunts that could make your heart race, and entertaining challenges Mr. Beast set his prominence in 2012. Moreover, as it is said that kindness comes back to you Mr. Beast's generosity and the efforts he puts to build a positive revolution in the community by donating large sums of money to individuals and charitable organizations. Not just this, you’ll also see him very often in plantation drives that aim to plant millions of trees for a better environment. There is no doubt that his larger-than-life personality is one reason why he has such a massive and dedicated fan following. Be it about captivating content or jaw-dropping videos almost every day, he is best at what he does! MrBeast - YouTube

3. Cocomelon

Number 3 on the list is that one channel that the people with kids at home know very well about as there is no chance that the videos aren’t played repeatedly to make the kids learn. Yes, it’s Cocomelon with a massive number of subscribers i.e. 173 million! Catchy nursery rhymes along with colorful animations that catch the eyes of all babies are what this YouTube channel is known for. While the channel was made back in 2006, its growth and popularity did not take much time as parents are very swift when it comes to choosing the right educational yet fun content for their preschooler children. The animations in their videos are not just catchy but are very age-appropriate. This wholesome content makes the parents rely on Cocomelons YouTube to teach their children skills e.g. numbers, shapes, and colors while listening to catching rhythms to keep them engaged. Whether it is about teaching your children essential skills before they join school or keeping them hooked up to meaningful content while you do your thing... Cocomelon has to be your favorite too! They surely are fulfilling the purpose of this channel's creation by being a valuable resource for early childhood as they do not just keep children entertained but also teach them the essentials. A fun fact is that a video entitled ‘Bath Song’ has over 5 billion views! cocomelon - YouTube

4. Sony Entertainment Television

Moving on, the one with the 4th position is Sony Entertainment Television from India. It is a leading Indian television network that joined the YouTube family in 2007 and now has a family of over 170 million subscribers! It is one of the oldest players in the Bollywood industry as it was launched 29 years back and is continuously taking over hearts from all over the globe. From India's topmost TV shows and series to uploading short interviews with India's prestigious celebrities the channel has a wide range of content from various genres be it reality shows, comedy, romance, and of course drama! Their wide range of content caters to audiences of all ages and allows fans from all over the world to access and watch their favorite shows anywhere anytime on YouTube. In the next years, we see this channel further solidifying its position.

5. Kids Diana Show

Ranking number 5 is the Kids Diana show with over 120 million subscribers originating from Ukraine with its first debut in 2015. Who could previously think that so many channels that produce fun content for children would be on top of the list of YouTubers with the most fan following? The Kids Diana Show is an English-language series and a family-friendly channel. The channel features a 7-year-old girl Diana and her brother Roma. Their playful videos showcase their everyday adventures, family moments, and activities that your children could also practically do! Fun, isn’t it?  The Kids Diana show gained popularity quickly as today's children can be seen on their tablets or other devices looking for colorful videos with melodies. Having such a charming and playful personality at the age of 7 is why parents choose this channel for their children as it isn’t just about content but also conveys positive messages! and playful antics resonate with children worldwide, while parents appreciate the channel's wholesome content and positive messages and foster positive relations between family members.

6. Vlad and Nikki

Claiming the next spot at number 6 with 115 million subscribers are two brothers from Russia. They joined YouTube in 2018 and yes, it is again a kid's channel! Imagine being under the age of 10 and earning huge amounts of money. Vlad and Nikki are best known for their toy reviews which is why they are seen collaborating with various pages often. Their entertaining vlogs and imaginative play are everyone's favorite too as their bright and jolly personalities are seen through their content. Moreover, it is one of the fastest-growing channels on YouTube as they have a fan following of all ages from all over the world. Be it for entertainment, education or to strengthen your imagination skills, Vlad and Nikki are doing a remarkable job in every video that is uploaded.

7. Like Nastya

Nastya follows closely at number 7 with 114 million subscribers and the pace their channel is growing is amazing. Nastya is also a children's entertainment channel that shows how the life of young Nastya is full of adventures with her family and also promotes the fact that parents should have a close bond with their children. The journey of Nastya from 2016 to 2024 can not be ignored as gaining millions of fan followers in just 8 years is something one can only dream of.  The channel features, Nastya, telling charming stories and content related to them as well which showcases how with creativity and a joyful spirit you can mark your presence on such a huge platform!

8. PewDiePie

A veteran in the YouTube community, PewDiePie whose actual name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is a well-known online personality known for his diverse content on YouTube. He uploads fun challenges and the reactions of people to those challenges. Moreover, gaming videos, comedic sketches, and travel diaries can also be seen on his channel. His consistency has made him maintain a strong presence on YouTube which is why his at number 8 on our list and has a massive number of subscribers i.e. 111 million. His fame and hard work made him fall on the TIMEs list of the ‘100 most influential people which is now another thing that has made him an iconic, globally recognized figure. He has a diverse fan following known as the ‘Bro Army’ which most people find very cool!

9. Zee Music Company

The channel reserving the 9th spot on the list with 106 million subscribers is ZeeMusic Companyy which India's world of music revolves around. It is and has been India's leading music label for years now as they produce music in different languages and genres. Moreover, it offers a vast library not just of music videos but also film trailers and other entertaining content.  Their extensive collection of music and content appeals to all music lovers and helps the viewers recognize their favorite emerging singers and actors specifically from India and YouTube enables them to reach their global audience.

10. WWE

Rounding off the top 10 with 100 million subscribers, WWE is the last on our list. Seeing big personalities in wrestling matches makes WWE a global leader in sports entertainment. WWE was created in 2007 so its fans could access to all the recent matches, see highlights, and keep a check on all the updates coming straight from the world of WWE. It has been captivating audiences of all ages for many years now and it surely will further solidify its position on the platform as well as the sports entertainment industry as a premier destination. Their live shows including Raw and Smackdown are watched and loved by millions!

The list of the top 10 YouTubers in 2024 concludes here. It is not an easy job to get on this list but with the right amount of effort and dedication, you can surely become a prominent personality on YouTube. I hope this article proved to be helpful. To get more information log on to

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