The Balance in Content Creation: Give and Take

As a content creator, you might have come across these questions at least once in your content creation journey “Is the content I’m creating enough for my audience?” or “How do I get the most from my audience through my content?”

The Balance in Content Creation: Give and Take

As a content creator, you might have come across these questions at least once in your content creation journey “Is the content I’m creating enough for my audience?” or “How do I get the most from my audience through my content?” or the most burdening one, “How do I earn from my content?” These questions are enough to tie your mind into a knot.

There comes a point in your content creation journey where you tend to question the aim of your content. The ultimate goal for every content creator is to generate some revenue from their content. But we, as content creators, often make the mistake of making too much content and generating little or no revenue from it. Similarly, sometimes we end up making little content but attach high expectations with it. So what is the right balance? Where should you draw the line in content creation? The balance in content creation is governed by the principle of ‘Give and Take’. But how do you implement it? Buckle up because this article explains it all!

Purpose of Content Creation:

Before getting to the root of the problem, balance in content creation, let’s shake our basics first to get a clear perception of the Give and Take concept. Prior to creating content, you need to determine the purpose of your content creation.

Generally, in broad classification, content has two different purposes, either to entertain or to educate. All the content that exists in the realm of the internet falls under these two categories, whether it is fitness content, or foodie content, or lifestyle vlogging. It is either going to entertain you or educate you. Both these purposes are completely distinguished from one another, and although both of them do a fine job in generating a revenue stream, the process of doing so for both of them is entirely different. For instance, the tips and tricks that you can apply to earn from educational content are entirely different from entertainment content.  

So the first and foremost thing that you need to settle on before creating any content is determining the purpose of your content; what your content aims to provide your audience, education, or entertainment. Once you finalize the purpose of the content, you can then choose a relative niche resonating with your content’s purpose, and start creating awesome content!

Promoting Your Content:

Once you have finalized your niche and have created some engaging content, the next step is promoting your content. The dream of every content creator is to see the number of subscribers and followers increasing so they can stand out in their domain. This can be done by promoting your content. You can promote your content by asking your followers or viewers to subscribe to you, requesting them to subscribe to your packages and newsletter, and urging them to share your content with their circle. These are promotion tactics and they revolve around convincing your audience to like you.

But there is a very thin line between promotion and over-promotion. One factor that turns out to be a major bummer for the audience is over-promotion. They might label your over-promotion as annoying or spamming, and nobody wants that. So before that happens, make sure to be vigilant and stick tightly to your promotional guidelines. You don’t want your audience to feel like you’re asking too much from them. You don’t want to come off as a bugging salesperson.

Under these circumstances, it is natural to get confused. It is completely natural to overthink your promotional strategies. What you need to do in order to get out of this dilemma is to find the right balance. How? Keep reading to find out!

What is the Right Balance?

The simplest way for finding the right balance between content creation and content promotion is to rely on the principle of ‘Give and Take’, as stated by Gary Vee. It’s all about providing value to your audience, and in return, receiving value from your audience. Under the principle of Give and Take, you need to provide your audience with the maximum best while maintaining some space with them and allowing them the freedom of thought so they can come to you not because you ask them to, but because they want to.

If we take a look at the philosophical approach of this concept, then it’s all about mutual connection, compromises, and concessions. It’s about understanding the values of others while simultaneously cherishing your own opinions. In simpler terms, it’s a concept that paves the way towards success. It’s a concept that helps to maintain balance in your life. In the world of content creation, success is also guaranteed by adhering to this principle. You need to value your audience’s needs and water your career at the same. You need to treat your content and your audience’s requirements as two sides of the same coin. When you will accomplish satisfying the need of your target audience, then it’s time for you to take a step back and let your audience do the rest. Once your audience witnesses that your content addresses their queries, they will automatically like, subscribe, and share! There is no need to rush them. Just stay on the path of ‘Give and Take’ and find the ultimate balance in your content creation!

How to Find the Right Balance?

If you go to Google and type in how to find the right balance in content creation, then it will provide you with one fundamental answer; quality over quantity. Yes, it’s true, quality over quantity is the leading principle in the dynamics of content creation, but it is not enough to achieve optimal balance. The quality over quantity principle is necessary to maintain balance during the process of creating content. But to obtain the right balance between your content and your audience, there are some objectives that you need to follow. These are enlisted below:

1. Searching for Target Audience

In order for your audience to instantly fall in love with your content, you need to select the right audience first who is willing to accept your content. For instance, you cannot promote peanuts to a group of people who are allergic to them. It’s all about finding the right audience, the target audience. So before jumping onto creating content, do thorough research in searching for your target audience. Enlist down the needs and the requirements of your target audience so you can answer them head-on with your content. Know what your audience is demanding and then create content to satisfy this demand.

2. Creating Resonating Content

Once you have narrowed down your target audience, the next objective that you need to achieve is creating resonating content. Create content that your target audience can relate to. Create content that answers the queries of your target audience. By doing so, your audience will trust you and will instantly follow you for more tips and tricks on your shared niche. Just make sure to keep creating quality content that shares the same niche as your audience. Don’t make the mistake of creating DIY content for the target audience who are on the lookout for fitness content.

3. Creating a Buyer’s Persona

The third objective on the list is creating a buyer’s persona. The key to success in promoting your content is connection. You need to develop an intimate connection with your viewers and subscribers in order to convince them to avail your services. For this purpose, you need to create a buyer’s persona. Creating a buyer’s persona means that you need to step into the shoes of your target audience, understand them, know their pain points, and challenges, know their fears and try to resolve them. The more you will become familiar with your audience, the more likely they are to click on your content. After all, your target viewers are humans and in order to pique their interest, you need to create a buyer’s persona. By doing so, they will subscribe to your content before you can even get the chance to ask them!

4. Asking your Audience to Contribute

Once you have implemented all the objectives mentioned above, it’s time to move onto the ‘take’ factor of the ‘Give and Take’ principle. This is where you have given your audience the maximum best and you ask them to do the same for you. You have given the value, now it’s time to take the value. You can do so by gently asking your subscribers to follow you or to check out the programs that you are offering. Don’t force them into it, leave them an open door so that they can know that besides being a helper, you are also considerate. Believe us, they won’t disappoint you!

5. Asking For Feedback

Last, but not least, is the most important objective that is all about asking your audience for feedback. This will make your audience feel important and valued which will draw them more towards your content. So make sure to constantly ask your audience for feedback so that the two of you can maintain a better connection and understanding that will benefit you both!

That’s all about finding the right balance in your content creation. Hope you found this article helpful!

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