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Are you bored from your daily 9-5? Or are you planning to level up your influencing game? Or are you preparing to say goodbye to your hectic old routine in 2022 and officially step into the realm of influencer marketing? If so, then keep reading! Helps Creators Connect with Brands!

Are you bored from your daily 9-5? Or are you planning to level up your influencing game? Or are you preparing to say goodbye to your hectic old routine in 2022 and officially step into the realm of influencer marketing? If so, then keep reading! In the world of today, influencer marketing has all the hype. Instead of advertising the old traditional way, like on billboards and tv ads, brands and companies are now investing in influencers. And let’s face the hard truth, if you see Kylie Jenner promoting any product, even some junk food, then you will instantly rush out to get your hands on one. That is the magic of influencer marketing.

In influencer marketing, famous influencers act as the face of the brand. They are the leaders of the brand’s promotional or marketing campaign. Brands and famous companies are always on the hunt for influencers who will be the perfect choice for their campaign. They look out for influencers who share the same target audience as them so their job of making their new product a success becomes easier. In the age of social media, where we all are glued to our screens scrolling 24/7 through Instagram and other platforms, this tough promoting job of brands become quite easy. They reach out to influencers with the same target audience, sign up for a collaboration deal with them, and let these influencers do the rest while witnessing the tremendous growth in their sales!

Now that we know what influencer marketing is all about, the next task is establishing yourself as an influencer. For becoming an influencer, all you need is a niche and a social media platform. You can be a lifestyle influencer, fitness influencer, or foodie influencer, whatever suits you the most! Now with around 37.8 million influencers in the world, how do you get in touch with brands when the other 37.8 million are also in the race? This is where SocialBook comes in. enables you to connect with brands in an instant. Instead of searching for hours in finding the perfect brand, wouldn’t it be better if the brand comes to you? offers its users a brand collaboration form. All the users have to do is fill up this form as an influencer and let SocialBook do the rest. SocialBook will skim down the brands relative to your niche and will build the bridge between you and brands in an instant! In this blog, we will see this growth tool in the form of brand collaboration form in great detail. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Step # 1: Open

The first and foremost thing that you need to do in order to get started with the brand collaboration form is to sign in on SocialBook. Simply head over to and add in your credentials to get logged in. If you do not already have an account on SocialBook, then you will need to sign up first. You can do this by simply entering your details such as email, username, password, etc.

Step # 2: Search for the Tool

Now that you have logged into your SocialBook account, the next thing you need to do is to search for the brand collaboration form. For this purpose, click on the menu present on the left-most side of your screen. A number of features and options will open up. Navigate through these options and click on the one that says ‘Get Brand Offers’. Click on this option and it will take you directly to the tool. An interface showing this option is shown below:

Step # 3: Open the Brand Collaboration Form

The moment you click on the feature ‘Get Brand Offers’, a number of options will open up. A side menu bar will also open up. In this menu bar, you will see an option entitled ‘Brand Collaboration’. That’s your cue so simply click on it. A snapshot of the interface showing this step is given below:

Step # 4: Fill up the Form

Now that you have accessed the Brand Collaboration Form, all that is there left to do is simply fill-up the form. Once you open the form, you will see that all your social media platforms will be automatically connected to the form. For each platform, a different pricing option will be shown below so you can charge the brand different prices for promotions on different platforms. There will be 2 options for the pricing, a maximum price, and a minimum price. This will enable the brand to determine your pricing range. The pricing interface is shown below:

For an in depth look into filling out the Brand Collaboration form, one of our brand ambassadors Wes has everything you need here .

Step # 5: Fill in the Details

As you will scroll down the form, multiple details will open. You will be asked to enter all your details so that the brands can easily reach out to you. You will need to enter your contact email, your billing method, your mailing address, and even your reference posts. You will also see some checkboxes which will allow you to enter your niche and check in your availability for offline events. Upon further scrolling, you will also see some Yes/No options that you will need to answer.

Step # 6: Save the Form

Once you have filled the form, all that there is left to do is to click on the ‘Save’ option. This will save all your information and your brand collaboration form. So while hunting for influencers, whenever any brand will see your name, this form will automatically open up, informing the brands regarding all your details. This form is a great way for you to connect with your dream brands!

And that’s it! With these simple steps, you are all set to sign your next big deal with your dream brand! In a matter of no time, brands will be knocking on your door!

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