Quantity or Quality when Creating Content

Content creation is something very common these days. We see hundreds of bloggers, vloggers, and content creators every day on different apps and sites among which the most commonly used for this specific purpose are Instagram and YouTube.

Quantity or Quality when Creating Content

Content creation is something very common these days. We see hundreds of bloggers, vloggers, and content creators every day on different apps and sites among which the most commonly used for this specific purpose are Instagram and YouTube. The two main factors of creating content that break records are the ‘quantity’ and ‘quality’ of one’s work. Multiple times in our lives we all go through situations when we have to choose between if the quality of the work or the quantity of work will matter. Both quantity and quality have their own importance but when it comes to choosing one, it’s a difficult thing! Let’s take a look at what points make both the quality and the quality of work important and when it comes to choosing one, which one should you go for.

Why is Quality an Important Factor in Content Creation?

The Quality of work has always held great importance be it in writing, blogging, and whatnot. The key to getting a great output in various fields of work has always been focusing on quality and not quantity. Especially when creating content, quality is a major factor that has to be taken care of. Content creators spend hours just editing a 12 min video. Why? So their viewers get to see flashy and pristine work. A video of just a few seconds can cross millions of views even if it has one catchy thing in it!

What is disappointing is the fact that even in the 21st century when billions of people are a part of the ‘social media family’, YouTube and similar other platforms incentivize quantity over quality. The more you post, the more you earn. Isn’t it unfair for the people who take out hours from their busy schedules just to make their content eye-catching and provide maximum information in just a few minutes rather than making content that takes up hours? At times it can be frustrating and demoralizing to spend so much time and energy and not getting as much appreciation and love as you expect. What gets affected the most is the mental health of such people.

One tip to provide people with high-quality work is that once when you’re done with your content, before posting it somewhere, watch it as a viewer and see if you enjoy watching it. Creating great content gives you your own identity one way or the other as it catches the eye of the right viewers and the less time-consuming and valuable it is, they’re more likely to share it as well! So don’t ever think that low-quality work can be as encouraged. Always try to reach the perfect quality! Just a few hours of work will surely pay off one day or the other.

Why is Quantity an Important Factor in Content Creation?

The amount of work you produce defines the term ‘Quality of work’. Gary Vaynerchuk, one of the most well-known American entrepreneurs has said that ‘You just need to upload frequently and get more content out there. It doesn’t really matter if the quality of work isn’t great, it can always get fixed later on’ which proves that to be successful it’s not just that your work should have a very high quality.

For more on Gary Vee's take, see him discussing quality vs quantity here:

The most used and loved social media site, YouTube, proves his statement that the more regularly you post the more followers you’ll get which eventually will increase your earning.

You can also look here to see our article on the highest paid Youtubers of 2020:

Well, obviously you can make six videos a day, give them a little editing and post all of them at once, and in a blink of an eye, you’ll have 6x more content than any other creator.

You should always have this one fact in your mind that just because you’re spending hours editing and creating a video and putting in more effort than it requires, it doesn’t mean it will always be up to the mark and get maximum views and attention. If you go through any app or site you’ll experience this yourself as well that the videos that have been effortlessly put up there might have already broken records! But, observe what’s so distinctive in them, the content they have? Maybe. Whereas the videos with so much editing and planned content are struggling just to get 50,000 views. In the same way, you will be able to see videos similar to each other but that is only to earn, people nowadays are ripping videos of other content creators, adding texts, editing them differently and they’re still making more money than the original content creator with much less effort! A pro tip to seek the attention of a million people? Make more content! Just take care of what you’re delivering and how perfectly can you deliver the content to people.

Which One Would You Choose?

Well, you should know that these two factors aren’t the only ones on which fame and earnings depend on. Neither are these the only factors that play a major role in giving you your identity, your followers, and your paycheck. But one thing is for sure, these factors are the ones that play a major role in making you a successful content creator! Other factors include the niche, relevancy of what you’re making content on, the events currently happening, target audience, and another major factor, the platform you’ve chosen to work on! The best kind of work is the one that has the balance of quality and quantity both, as both of them have their own significance! Quality of work attracts the eye whereas the quantity makes you a more prominent content creator. Even if you’re from another field all these points would definitely work for you too!

We hope this article proved to be helpful!

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