How to Market Your Video Game Using Twitter!

Indie video game marketing is about promoting video games developed by developers new to this work or individuals. Although the plan doesn’t consist of a budget that requires millions, it still can promote a video on a large scale if the right marketing strategies are used,

How to Market Your Video Game Using Twitter!

Indie video game marketing is about promoting video games developed by developers new to this work or individuals. Although the plan doesn’t consist of a budget that requires millions, it still can promote a video on a large scale if the right marketing strategies are used, e.g., using social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter. ‘Twitter’, most of you reading would already know what the app offers but how can you make use of this app to gain an audience? It allows people to put their thoughts into words and share them with billions of people at a time, this gives the person a sense of exposure and one can build a strong community around him. Not just this, it is a great platform to promote your work through advertisements especially when it is about marketing your new game as a person who is new to the field.

The following article consists of multiple ways how you can use Twitter as a sole source to promote your video games as a small-scale developer just by using the right strategies. Not just this you’ll get lots of information about creating engaging content and how interacting with your audience plays an integral role in your growth. Let’s get started!

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Building a Huge Following

Identifying the people who are inquisitive about the niche of your video games and then interacting with them plays a huge role in attracting more audience towards what you create. Constant interaction can also help you get more unique ideas. Being a developer and not knowing the importance of utilizing trends and hashtags can be a huge drawback as they help you attract followers that would be highly interested in your video game. A huge following means, more feedback and a greater number of shares which will eventually lead you to gain a larger audience. Another pro tip is to try bonding with well-known influencers and experts as they can not just promote your game through posts and stories but you can also take inspiration from what they do. Mutual collaboration between two or more companies with a greater reach is a great marketing strategy to increase brand awareness as well as incline their supporters to play your video game.

Creating Engaging Content

The content you make is what matters the most if you want to attract more people to your work. Of course, people tend to share content with intriguing videos and screenshots rather than dull work. Thus, don't forget to showcase screenshots and videos so it’s easier for gamers to enjoy playing your video game. Try introducing new features often as youngsters these days look forward to trying out new things all the time. Moreover, everyone likes winning giveaways to get free goodies so running contests that won’t be costly in your pocket is gonna be worth it. Another little tip is to keep your audience aware of what's going on behind the scenes!

Engaging with Your Community

If you’re a keen observer you must be aware of the fact that bloggers and developers who tend to engage with their followers more often usually have a higher reach and growth rate. Replying to your audience through direct messages gives you a better idea of their thoughts and opinions about your work, and eventually, you’ll produce even better quality video games. If that doesn’t fall in your comfort zone, responding through comments is never a bad idea. A few people from your audience might be encouraging enough to create content be it artwork, edits, etc. for you thus, showing gratitude is a big YES. Not just this, but retweeting positive tweets and feedback on Twitter can also help you develop a stronger community. While you get to read and interact with people who love your work, others might show criticism that you should know how to handle and address negative feedback as well. Very often, negative feedbacks encourage you to do so much more than you think you can.

Networking and Collaboration

Try participating in gaming chats that have relevance to your video game. This will not just help people notice you, but through those chats, you can share what your game has to offer. Try collaborating with influencers that aren't very demanding if you’re a new developer. You can ask them to create a video while they play the game you designed, and ask them to identify the reasons why should one prefer playing your video game over thousands of others. In addition to this try engaging and collaborating with gaming journalists for better guidance, tips, and promotion.

Twitter is a platform with over 56 million users, thus if you’re on a budget promoting your video game even through a single ad can get your game the attention of thousands. Take your time exploring the benefits of Twitter ads for targeted game promotions. Set up your budget be it annual or monthly, which is going to be a fixed amount of how much you are gonna spend promoting your content. Moreover, setting clear campaign objectives is also really important as you should have a clear idea of what results you look forward to e.g. larger community, more views, etc. while you advertise your game on Twitter.

Your Audience is Here! Utilize the power of Twitter for your own marketing!

From creating engaging content to interacting with your followers, these are a few marketing strategies that can promote your game greatly in a limited period however, we suggest you be consistent and take care of the authenticity of your more. In addition to this, do not get demotivated as growth takes time! Keep your eyes fixed on your goals and continue to make better content with each passing day.

We hope this article proved to be helpful. We look forward to seeing you grow and prosper as a game developer. For any queries or more information, log on to

For more help with promoting your game, please send an email to or visit our website and submit a demo request of our services! We love indie and large video game companies alike!

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