Logan Paul YouTube Stats for 2017 That You Need to Know about

Logan Paul YouTube Stats for 2017 That You Need to Know about

How will his recent controversy affect his Influencer date for 2018?

Logan Paul is currently in the news for all the wrong reasons. The popular YouTube star had a lapse in Judgement this holiday weekend and posted a New Years video that featured several dead bodies from the notorious “suicide ” in Japan.

The young social media phenomenon even used one of the dead bodies in the YouTube thumbnail. The video was uploaded on the evening of January 1st, and by the morning of January 2nd was already deleted and replaced by a public apology.

However, the damage may be done, as every major new publication is currently publishing the details of this mishap, and many of his fellow YouTube stars have posted their own reaction of Logan Paul’s, needless to say, they have all been the most negative. This is definitely not the way Logan Paul wished to kick off his 2018, especially after a stellar year in 2017.

In 2017 Logan Paul estimated price per video ranged between 104 and 113 thousand dollars. An advertiser could expect to get at least 3.4 million views after just 24hours of the sponsored a Logan Paul video. His highest viewed video clocked in at 97 million & he averaged nearly 30 thousand comments per post!

Logan Paul’s user base was also growing dramatically as well! You can see that he received a very large spike in traffic over the summer, and as of November was still increasing in viewership and subscribers by the millions.

Logan Paul was very popular North America, with US and Canada accounting would 74% of his traffic! What’s more impressive was his ability to split the audience into almost equal genders!

His audience was primarily on the younger side, with 49% clocking in under the age of 24, with 40% of them being at least 18. The interest of his audience was “Lifestyle” which is a classy way of saying “general vlogger.” Meaning his audience primarily did not subscribe to any one form of content, but rather followed YouTube personalities as a whole. However, he did have a strong gaming influence, most likely stemming from his male followers.

I am very curious as to how this controversy will affect these stats for the 2018 calendar year! Not to make light of a terrible situation, but due to the timing of the video, this is an almost perfect scenario for tracking movement. It will be very interesting to see this time next year if this notoriety (no matter how negative it may be) leads to a rise or fall in viewership/subscriber.

Furthermore, how will it affect his sponsorship opportunities? If he does rise in views/subscribers will this lead to more advertisers taking a chance and rolling the dice on him? His current average view is 3.9, what is this scandal increases it to 6? Furthermore, how will this affect his price? Will it rise due to the traffic boost, or fall in order to attract new sponsors who were shying away from the negative attention?

Influencer marketing is still in its infancy, this Logan Paul incident could set precedent for how controversy positively or negatively affects an Influencer’s brand. I’ll be looking forward to trying to shine more light on the questions raised by this incident once the data comes in. I’ll be looking to publish a piece on the results next month.

However, if you can not wait that long and wish to track his potential rise or fall in real time then head over to social book and view his profile, due to the recent requests for Logan Paul’s statistics from varying media outlets we’ve gone ahead and unlocked his profile to the public. So you can all go view his full stats for yourself! Good luck with the detective works!

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