How to Market as an Indie Game Developer Using YouTube

Game development, and then in-game marketing is one of the best ways to earn profit as well as bear the fruit of how hard you worked in developing the game. From creating intriguing video ads and banners.

How to Market as an Indie Game Developer Using YouTube

Game development, and then in-game marketing is one of the best ways to earn profit as well as bear the fruit of how hard you worked in developing the game. From creating intriguing video ads and banners… there is a lot that apps well-known apps like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram have to offer in 2023. Using games as a marketing technique is something that you must be missing. It doesn’t only get you high engagement (which is one of the most important marketing matrices) but if you’re thinking of conveying a powerful message you can now do this by marketing your gaming as well! As an indie game developer, you must be aware of how marketing your game can be a daunting task, especially with a limited budget. However, with the help of Youtube and influencer marketing, you can reach a wider audience and boost your game's visibility.

In the following article, you will get to know all the right reasons why should you choose Youtube as the first marketing app, and will also be able to read all the necessary tips and the outline for the three main points for marketing your game as an indie developer using Youtube, and influencer marketing is also mentioned below. Let’s get started!  

Why Choose YouTube for Marketing Your Game?

Youtube is one of the platforms where gaming is the most popular and most watched niche. With gamers like PewDiePie and Markiplier who are very close to having 1 billion subscribers on this platform, everyone is motivated to be a part of the Youtube family. If you have the right marketing strategy (that you’re going to read about below), your audience will always be looking forward to new content from you. YouTube allows viewers to easily engage and share the content they like. Not just this, if you’re a newbie and have a low budget, YouTube should be the first platform you choose to get promoted on. In comparison to other apps like Twitch, the cost per view (CPV) on this platform is extremely low. According to a survey, roughly 26.9 percent of people are intrigued to make purchases and install apps through ads on YouTube. Attracting an audience, and growing rapidly takes time whereas once you step into the world of fame, things will get even easier. Also, what’s better than having a surety that you are investing in the right place?

YouTube Views As they rank by Country

1. Finding the Right Creators

One of the most crucial steps in marketing your game is finding the right creators who have a fan base from the genre of game you are creating. This can be the milestone for you to set your potential to reach more relevant people who are more likely to install your game and make in-game purchases. As content creators engage one-on-one with their audience very often, their interaction can be fruitful for you as followers rely on such influencers more than others. You need to make that the creators you choose have the right target audience, you are looking for to reach your marketing goal. By collaborating with creators who have a  relevant audience, you can increase your game's visibility and generate more interest in your game. Moreover, look for creators who are passionate about gaming as well, because no one wants to see fashion vloggers making content about gaming, right? Now is the right time to start looking for the right creators to grow your engagement, improve your reach, and pave your way to success.

2. Choosing Between High Viewership and High Engagement

Other than the fact that the needs of the audience and what they expect you to offer is the key to successful marketing, you also need to know that when deciding on a Youtuber to collaborate with, it's essential to consider the trade-off between high viewership and high engagement. Collaborating with a creator with a high number of views but a low engagement rate may result in low conversion rates and, therefore, may not be worth the investment. In contrast, working with a creator with a smaller audience but a high engagement rate can result in a more engaged and interested audience, leading to better conversion rates. Keep in mind the fact, that the audience engagement matrices have much more scope than just the views and when we hear the word ‘engagement’ it refers to the potential reach of any brand is much higher but the growth is totally visible. Thus, more purchases mean more engagement!

Sometimes engagement is best, other times high views, it all depends!

3. Leveraging Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to promote what you are offering on multiple platforms at a time. Leveraging is. Apart from collaborating with creators, you can also leverage influencer marketing to reach a wider audience. Influencer marketing involves partnering with influencers who have a substantial following on social media platforms with a large audience and high engagement rates such as Instagram and Twitter as they have billions of users. By collaborating with influencers, you can increase your game's visibility on social media and reach a more expansive audience that may not be present on Youtube. Try collaborating with influencers that have a specific niche e.g. Gaming, tutorials, game reviews, etc. Collaborate often and take your time finding influencers that fall under your budget and are the right pick. If you see your engagement rate and audience growing even through one of them, long-term contacts are always an option!

Flappy Bird Generated Over 10 Million Dollars in sales all due to Youtube

We all know the game Flappy Bird right? This is an example of a Youtuber playing a game, from a developer that no one has ever heard of, and this game was the highest grossing mobile app of 2013. The creator said he literally doesn't know what to do with all the money he's earned. Pewdiepie played the game, and it went astronomically viral!

As an indie game developer, marketing your game can be challenging, but with Youtube and  influencer marketing, you can reach a broader audience and generate more interest in your  game as it is cost-effective and reliable. By finding the right creators, choosing between high viewership and engagement,  and leveraging influencer marketing, you can effectively market your game and increase your chances of success.

We hope this article proved to be helpful! We look forward to seeing you grow. For any queries or more information regarding similar topics log on to

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