Who had the Best Year? Logan Paul vs. Jake Paul - SocialBook vs. Series

Who had the Best Year? Logan Paul vs. Jake Paul - SocialBook vs. Series

Logan Paul and Jake Paul ranked Number Four at $12.5 million and Number Seven at $11.5 million on Forbes’ The World’s Highest-Paid YouTube 2017. But, as an influencer insider, we will not answer this question by simply looking only at the Forbes ranking.

Both published their videos saying that 2017 was their best year.

Let’s get started! If you do not know Logan Paul and Jake Paul; they are YouTube personalities with a huge subscriber count. They are brothers, born and raised together.

Logan Alexander Paul (born April 1, 1995) and Jake Joseph Paul (born January 17, 1997) first rose to fame through videos shared on the application Vine.

On December 22, 2017, Logan Paul posted a video:

Logan Paul published a "2017 the Best Year Of My Life." video.
Logan Paul published a "2017 the Best Year Of My Life." video.


And, on Jan 1st, Jake Paul also posted a video:

Jake Paul also posted a "BEST YEAR EVER" video.
Jake Paul also posted a "BEST YEAR EVER" video.


Both listed a lot of achievements in their videos:

Logan Paul Bought a $6,500,000 house, a $300,000 Mercedes Yeti, a bus, and a Bugatti.

He also created his own Clothing line (Merch) called Maverick by Logan Paul.

Jake Paul bought a $7,000,000 House, a 2018 Lamborghini Oticon, a Tesla P100D, a military truck, a pickup truck, a $45,000 bed, and a Time Square Billboard.

He also created an MCN titled Team 10, a clothing line titled Fan Joy, an influencer course, and invested in 15 startups.

Although it seems that Jake Paul has more streams of income, it turns out he is far behind his brother Logan.

We all know that subscriber counts are what make them popular and what made them rich.

Logan Paul subscriber count
Logan Paul subscriber count

As of January 2020, Logan Paul subscriber count has 15.7 million on Facebook, 17.2 million on Instagram, 20.3 million followers on YouTube, 5.3 million followers on Twitter, and 1.7 million followers on Snapchat.

While Jake Paul subscriber count has 5 million followers on Facebook, 13 million followers on Instagram, 19.7 million followers on YouTube, and 3.7 million followers on Twitter.

Let’s start with the basis: Their YouTube videos:

Logan Paul YouTube channel performance

Logan Paul has two official channels: TheOfficialLoganPaul and his vlogging channel, Logan Paul vlogs. The main channel (TheOfficialLoganPaul) has over five million subscribers as of early and has accumulated over 400 million views so far. It receives an average 800,000 views per day. This should generate around $1,500 per day ($550,000 each year).

Logan Paul estimated price

The vlogging channel, Logan Paul Vlogs, has over 16 million subscribers, growing by over 50,000 new subscribers daily, and has accumulated over 2.6 billion views so far. It receives an average of 5.5 million views per month, which should generate an estimated revenue of around $20,000 per day ($7.3 million each year) from YouTube ads that appear on the videos.

YouTubers receive between $2 to $5 per 1000 monetized from YouTube. This price is affected by several factors that are under YouTube’s control, including device type, audience location, the popularity of the video, and ad engagement, etc. But, since he is the top 5% of the most popular contents, his ad rates here are higher than normal. He also receives part of the YouTube Red viewers’ monthly fee, which is based on subscriber viewing times.

This is what Forbes is talking about. However, what Forbes did not mention is that Logan Paul does have lots of different income streams.

Now you will say what about Jake?

Jake Paul Subscriber count
Jake Paul Subscriber count

Jake Paul has almost 13 million followers and has generated almost 2.8 billion views. He has an average of 4.9 million views in one month, his monthly earning is estimated to be $68,500 to $1,100,000 per month, that’s $822,000 to $13,200,000 per year.

Besides this channel, he also owns the Team 10 channel; let’s take a look.

Team 10 YouTube channel basic info
Team 10 YouTube channel basic info

Team 10 channel has 2.4 million subscriber count and has generated 46.4 million views. Unfortunately, this channel has only around $99,700 yearly earning estimates.

Team 10 estimated price
Team 10 estimated price

Logan Paul

According to SocialBooki.io, with an average view of 6.3 million, his estimated price of sponsored content is $104,810 to $113,646 per video, He posted 350 videos in 2017 and suppose 10% of the posts are sponsored: 350*10%*$104,810-$113,646 = $3,668,350 – $3,977,610

What about his Instagram? We found one sponsored post on SocialBook.io.

Here are his Instagram stats:

Logan Paul's Instagram channel
Logan Paul's Instagram channel

His sponsored post is around $29,106 to $45,656 per post, and we found 5 sponsored posts on SocialBook.io

That’s 5* $45,656 =$228,280

We also found in SocialBook that his video posted on December 4, 2016, featured Sorry Bro!, went viral and made him popular:

Subscriber counts rose right after the video.


Logan Paul has 7,654 Tweets. If 5% of his tweets are sponsored, and if sponsored rate is between $10,000 per tweet, he will be gaining $3,827,000.

Jake Paul

Compare to Logan Paul, Jake Paul has an estimated price from $94,695 to $103,562 per video.

We can easily find 3 sponsored posts in SocialBook.io,

That’s 3* $103,562 = $310,686

Here are his Instagram stats:

Jake Paul's Instagram channel
Jake Paul's Instagram channel

His sponsored post rate is around $46,443 to $70,080 per post, we found 3 sponsored posts:

That’s 3* $70,080=$210,240


Jake Paul's Twitter channel

Jake Paul has 10.2k Tweets, if 5% of his tweets are sponsored, and if the sponsored rate is around $8,000,

10,500* 5% *$8,000 =$4,080,000

Now let’s take a look at their Merch:

Jake Paul Merch

Logan has the most successful Merch among all the influencers. Though we can not get the exact numbers of Merch that he has sold, we found that his Merch site has a global ranking of 14,764 and a United States ranking of 4,530. This ranking is even higher than Pepsi’s official website (https://www.pepsi.com/en-us/)!

The website of Logan Paul's Merch has a lot traffic.
The website of Logan Paul's Merch has a lot traffic.

While Jake’s Merch site: The fun Joy has a global ranking of 21,827 and a U.S. ranking of 6,473, not as good as Jake’s Merch, but still slightly higher than Pepsi’s official website.

Beside the Merch, Logan Paul is also in all series of movies and TV shows including the Valley Girl.

Thinning 2, Top Chef, and his own movie: Airplane Mode, as well as all the shows such as Weird Loners, Stitches, Bizaardvark, Law & Order, and Walk the Prank.

While Jake Paul raised one million dollars from investors for Team 10, he founded where he teaches YouTubers how to become more powerful. This course is set at a starting price of $7, and advanced resources (called Jake’s inner circle) is $57. We found has 5671 subscriber count on Instagram, if 50% of then could purchase his “inner circle,” he could be earning $161,623.

Take a look of top 100 YouTubers around the world, how they became famous and their net worth.

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