Fake followers, fake data, and phony engagement, how many celebrities’ followers are real? This article could be one of the biggest reveals of the real insight of online influencers.

A lot of the top Instagrammers are celebrities, and they did a great job of transporting their fans from traditional channels to their social media channels. Let’s take a look at their Instagram accounts!

Selena Gomez is the queen of the social buzz. She is the first woman on Instagram to hit the 100 million follower mark thanks to a campaign by her fans. She now has over 130 million followers on Instagram.

Then it comes to Cristiano Ronaldo who has 122 million followers right after Selena Gomez.

Then we got Ariana Grande, and Beyonce in the 110 million tiles; Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Kylie Jenner, and Dwayne Johnson also over 100 million followers.

Here is a graph for top celebrities ranking on Instagram.

It might not be obvious, but most of them only have 1% engagement rate which means that only 1% of the followers are truly “authentic.” However, don’t get me wrong. These “1%” are crucial and responsible for more than 80% of the trending topics.

Let’s find out more data here:

Selena Gomez has 134.5 million followers, but her average likes is only 1.3 million, which yell out her engagement rate to be 1.02%. Even though Cristiano has just 1.6million likes in the latest ten posts, he still gets a higher engagement rate than Selena Gomez. We can also see that Leo Messi has the most top engagement rate above 2%.


SocialBook stats for Top 16 Celebrities on Instagram.

Then there is Ariana Grande and Beyonce, all below 1%. Well, you may say that the average likes is based on their total posts and total likes, it might be unfair because they are still continually gaining new followers.

Thus, I dug into their latest ten posts and came up with their average likes:

It looks much better where everyone’s engagement rate is either equal or above 1%, Kylie Jenner won the race by having 6% engagement rate for the latest ten posts, and Justin Bieber won the second place.

Let’s take a look at their hashtag performances which kind of indicates people’s interested in their Instagram accounts.

With 97 million followers, Justin Bieber received most of the hashtag attention: He has almost 35,000,000 hashtag posts.

You see, these followers are trying very hard to support their celebrities.

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