It’s time to check out Instagram again. As summer is coming your way, the Instagram community also starts to heat up!

No wonder the amount of posts in summer is actually significantly higher than those in winter according to statistics from relevant agencies on Instagram.

This June is still ruled by celebrities from the beauty and sports industry. The popular kings and queens on Instagram have rushed to attract the public’s attention

So who were the popular queens and kings of Instagram in June 2019? Let’s take a look at Instagram’s Top 10 most liked posts in June and see if there are any that you liked.

Top 1 🏆:Kylie Jenner: 10,975,051 👍

Kylie, who unfortunately missed the May champion, appears to be a productive blogger in June who mainly focused on promotion for her new product, KylieSkin. Other than those promotions and endorsements, Kylie also released beauty photos one after another. If you want to see European style summer dresses or makeup, all you need to do is just check out Kylie’s Instagram and you will never want to leave~

Our champion post in June is a photo of Kylie holding her daughter, Stormi, with the caption of “mamas gotchu forever baby ♥️”.

In the photo, Stormi is just adorable! The traits of Davis Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner combine perfectly on her. It is said that all kids in the Kardashian family are cute. Ah~ Of course, don’t forget to mention that Kay is always as sexy as ever. Even though she already went into motherhood, she still works to be fit and keeps the title of the hottest mother! !

However, even though the mother and daughter are lovely together, my attention still caught by the golden bathtub in the background, just like the one in the comments — — “The bathtub just called me poor”

The most liked Instagram post of 2019 June is this one from Kylie Jenner.

Kylie, who currently has about 139.5 million followers, is the second most popular Instagramer in the Kardashian family. The first is Kim Kardashian but the follower engagement rate of Kim is far lower from that of Kylie.

Kylie Jenner Instagram follower count, 60-day avg likes and channel engagement rate (data from SocialBook)


Top 2🥈: Cristiano Ronaldo: 9,861,593 👍

Ronaldo’s recent Instagram page is just blissful~ Winning competition, Ronaldo started his vacation looks filled with joy in June. Not only performing his proficient swimming skills, but Ronaldo also shows us his well-fit figure. The eight packs on the post made me decide to be a self-disciplined person and doing work out. For how long? 1h.

At present, Cristiano Ronaldo, who has more than 170 million followers, can be said to be true winner and king of Instagram. Based on his current follower tendency, it is very likely that we will witness the first Instagrammer that has 200 million followers in a few months.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Instagram Follower Tendency (data from SocialBook)


Top 3🥉: Lionel Messi: 9,779,835 👍

Messi, who has 123.8 million followers, has an average of 4.2 million like in the past 60 days. In addition, 5.86% engagement rate is the highest among all the celebrities on the list today. It seems that everyone is very active on the birthday of the superstar.

Leo Messi's Instagram Stats
Leo Messi Instagram follower count, 60-day avg likes and channel engagement rate (data from SocialBook)

Top 4: Cristiano Ronaldo: 9,377,063 👍

Amore mio (my love) is just so sweet that your heart would be melting when you first opened the post~ sunshine, beaches, sea, yacht, lover, Cristiano Ronaldo is just having a wonderful vacation~

It’s also worth mentioning that Georgina got nearly 12 million followers due to her relationship with Ronaldo. With an average like over a million in the last 60 days and a follower engagement rate of as high as 48.82%, Georgina is definitely the backbone of the influencer community ~

Georgina Instagram follower count, 60-day avg likes and channel engagement rate (data from SocialBook)

Top 5: Cristiano Ronaldo: 8,993,999 👍

A luxurious private yacht, mini Ronaldo follows his father behind, Georgina watches from the deck. You can feel Cristiano Ronaldo’s happy mood across the screen. Have a wonderful vacation.

Top 6: Kylie Jenner: 8,953,118 👍

Kylie’s posting on Father’s Day for Travis Scott takes over the sixth place on our leaderboard. Kylie not only thanked for his support these years, but also the love shared between them.

Stormi in Travis’s arms is just so cute!!! Fashion influencer Chiara Ferragni also gives her blessing to this couple in the comment area. Such a lovely post, do you like it?

Top 7: Cristiano Ronaldo: 8,907,258 👍

— why?

— — Please take a look at this face, then look at this figure~ He is the player with the highest commercial value! They’re just enormous amount of advertisements that includes Cristiano Ronaldo in them. Last question, how many photos were taken for this trip at the end. There are already so many posts about it on his Instagram.

Top8: Kylie Jenner: 8,683,250 👍

Want to get a Kylie-style post? Simple — bikini + show the curve of the figure + feeling of captured by others incautiously.

Top9: Kylie Jenner: 8,641,703 👍

— — How is the bathroom photo taken both sexy and high level?

— — Kylie: keep it simple.

In every selfie posted by Kylie, her sister Khloe always appears ~ comment and like combos keep ongoing.

Top10: Kylie Jenner: 8,613,991 👍

How do you feel after all? Are you one of the likes in any of the post we have in out Top 10 most-liked an Instagram post in June?