Best Influencer Marketing Software SocialBook: 4 Data-Backed Reasons to Jump-Start Influencer Marketing on Twitch

Thinking if you should start using Twitch and find influencers using the best influencer marketing software to kick-start your influencer marketing campaigns? It’s never too late to try Twitch for optimum brand exposure, given its high popularity. Here’re a few data-backed reasons in support.

Best Influencer Marketing Software SocialBook: 4 Data-Backed Reasons to Jump-Start Influencer Marketing on Twitch

Tried YouTube and Instagram for influencer marketing? Now, you want to broaden your reach to something new? It’s never too late to try Twitch using the best influencer marketing software. Twitch is an amazingly useful platform for brands you shouldn’t miss out on.

These days, everybody is in a race to show up his brand on YouTube and Instagram. But Twitch has its own charm, especially if your brand is in the gaming niche! However, Twitch is equally useful for non-gaming brands too.

Reaching broader audiences for your brand than ever won’t be a big deal if you smartly leverage the platform’s potential. If you are craving for your brand’s more success and exposure, here are a few reasons to try your hands on Twitch:

1. Twitch is Leading the Show

According to Screen Rant, in 2020, users have watched over 1 trillion minutes of video content on Twitch.  That’s a whopping number! Isn’t it? Can you imagine the exposure your brand could get on Twitch? These engagement numbers were close to 660 billion in 2019. In other words, Twitch’s growth is on an upward curve, bringing even more value to your table.

2. Twitch Has a Diverse Audience Base

Twitch isn’t just popular among kids but millennials and old adults are too its fans. It's quite common in the US to see couples hosting video games overnight. Interestingly, adults between 34 and 54 years of age count as the 2nd biggest category of US gamers as per a study by Statista.

Women count over 35 percent of audiences on Twitch. With diverse audience demographics, Twitch has the potential to meet your influencer marketing campaign goals. So having your brand's presence on Twitch is totally worth it! Use best influencer marketing software SocialBook to start collaborating with Twitch influencers right away.

3. Twitch Embraces High Engagements

Twitch leads the show among all social media channels when it comes to engagements. Twitch streamers and their audiences go along pretty well. They share such a close bonding that some of the audiences buy their merchandise without blinking their eyes.

Twitch is blessed to have a loyal community and it clearly reveals from the growth figures. According to The Verge, the number of hours watched on Twitch has climbed over 83 percent in 2020 alone.

Even during the pandemic, the sponsored content on Twitch has spiked to 23% more engagement rates than usual. Given its growth numbers, Twitch sounds like a great deal for your brand.

4. Twitch is All About Live Video Content

Unlike other platforms, Twitch is exclusively designed for sharing live video content. Influencers could only stream live videos which work well for most brands looking for optimum exposure. Typical social media posts are a thing of the past.

According to a survey conducted by Go-Globe, nowadays, over 82 percent of people prefer live videos over social media posts. So, you would be in luck if you choose Twitch as it is dominated by live video streaming.

The Key Takeaway

Twitch gives all good reasons to brands looking to dominate their audiences’ minds with influencer marketing campaigns. Jump-starting on Twitch is surely a great bet that works like a charm. As its popularity is on the rise, it is unfolding new milestones in video content streaming. So don’t just sit back. It’s time to act and get started on Twitch before your competitors do.

Looking to get started with influencer marketing campaigns on Twitch? Start using the best influencer marketing software SocialBook to connect, collaborate and manage Twitch influencers in just a few clicks. Consult with us now to know how we can help you!

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