Top 10 Instagram Post in July 2019

Check out which Instagram posts got the most likes in July 2019.

Top 10 Instagram Post in July 2019

It’s time to recheck the rankings! The top 10 most-liked Instagram posts in July 2019.

Based on the records of previous rankings, the champion is usually between one of the Kardashians and a picture of a celebrity with a funny face. Kylie Jenner will often have a place in the top 10 posts, she is both a celebrity and a diligent blogger, supplying her fans with new content. Two other staples in the rankings are superstars in the sports world. The other seven posts are all from a variety of other celebrity bloggers. Now let us see who are the kings and queens of Instagram this month.

Top 1 🏆: Selena Gomez: 14, 124, 777 likes

Congratulations to the winner of the most popular Instagram post of July! The queen is back! Selena Gomez was also the winner of the top post of June, and now she is the winner of the July Instagram ranking! Not only is this the top post of the month, but Selena’s post also has 40 million more likes than the second most-liked post on Instagram.

Selena took this photo on a boat ride in Italy, she is wearing a Sicilian style dress with printed flowers. She looks like a woman out of a Fellini movie.

Selena Gomez's Instagram post got the most likes in 2019 July.
Selena Gomez (Instagram @selenagomez ): “Me, Italy -trying desperately to look like a Fellini film”

At the time of writing this article, Selena Gomez has 154.22 million followers. She is currently the third most followed person on Instagram. And in the last 60 days, her Instagram got an average of 8.3 million likes for each post.

The basic stats of Selena Gomez's Instagram channel provided by SocialBook.
Instagram Channel Stats of Selena Gomez (from SocialBook)

Top 2 🥈: Kylie Jenner: 11, 057, 017 likes

This is such a great Picture!

Kylie is just too hot! She is posing nude in front of a pool, she is wearing a wide-brimmed hat that covers her face. This post really shows one of the most beautiful people in America, with her bronze skin and fantastic figure.

Not only is this one of the most popular posts on Instagram, but this post has also been commented on by multiple celebrities that really show Kylie Jenner’s popularity.

Kylie Jenner's Instagram post got over 11 million likes.
Kylie Jenner (Instagram @kyliejenner): “vacation mode”

Kylie Jenner is currently the sixth most followed person on Instagrams, she is also the second most followed person in her family. She has around 4.7 million fans and has a 4.19% audience interaction.

The basic stats of Kylie Jenner's Instagram channel provided by SocialBook.
Instagram Channel Stats of Kylie Jenner(from SocialBook)

Top 3 🥉: Kylie Jenner: 11, 032, 251 likes

Hoe is everyone from the Kardashian family so beautiful!

The baby is really just the cutest thing ever! Kylie and Travis’s baby Stormi is too adorable not to blow up on the internet. Checking the post is strongly recommend. This video of Travis Scott interacting with his daughter is the cutest thing ever. It really shows another side of Travis, showing us a softer side of his character.

From this post, Stormi has the potential to be the next big celebrity baby, even more famous than her cousin Ivy.

Kylie's Instagram post of her baby also got over 11 million likes.
Kylie Jenner (Instagram @kyliejenner): “we took our baby on an adventure yesterday”

Top 4: Billie Eilish: 10, 792, 424 likes

Finally, we have someone new in the top 5. The last time someone new entered the top 5 rankings was when Shawn Mendes did his ad campaign with Calvin Klein. This time we have the new star Billie Eilish.

Billie Eilish is a relatively new artist that is known for the visuals used in her music videos. Her most recent video is for her song Bad Guy. She has also recently released a remixed version of Bad Guy where she collaborated with Justin Bieber. Anyone who has been following Billie for awhile knows that she used to be a Justin Bieber superfan. Billie posted a picture of her from when she was around 13 years old, it shows her wearing a rainbow sequin dress and surrounded by posters of Just Bieber. This really shows how anything is possible, even working with your favorite celebrity.

PS: Everyone needs to see and appreciate the rainbow dress.

Billie Eilish's most-liked Instagram post in 2019 July
Billie Eilish (Instagram @billieeilish: “BAD GUY FEAT.”

Billie has 28.5 million followers on Instagram. She has a 19.89% fan interaction, the highest of all the celebrities on this list!

The basic stats of Billie Eilish's Instagram channel provided by SocialBook.
Instagram Channel Stats of Billie Eilish(from SocialBook)

Top5: Selena Gomez: 10, 584, 350 likes

Happy 27th Birthday!

In 4th place, is Selena Gomez’s birthday post. She is wearing a nightgown and posing on a balcony, she is smiling at the camera. A lot of people really like Selena because she shows her emotions so freely in her pictures and posts on social media.

PS: DJ Snake snagged the first comment on this post, this is one of the few interactions that we see between them online.

The birthday post of Selena Gomez got over 10 million likes.
Selena Gomez (Instagram @selenagomez ): “Well I’m 27 now.”

Top6: Billie Eilish: 9, 915, 722 likes

Billie Eilish has gotten on the list twice so far!

Billie Eilish is showing us some new fashion from this month, and showing us her own unique style. Her sunglasses are from PRADA, and her shirt is from her collaboration with Freakcity. Billie is also shown here wearing several thick chain necklaces that have become an iconic part of her style, her jewelry is from Heart of Bone, which has become popular recently.

Billie Eilish's second Instagram post of top 10
Billie Eilish (Instagram @billieeilish: “what do you want from me”

Top 7: Leo Messi: 9, 682, 484 likes

So far in the rankings, there have only been celebrities from the entertainment industry, but the sports world is not left behind. In 7th place, we have Leo Messi.

Vacation! Mid-July is the best season for traveling! Messi was able to enjoy a vacation on the beach with his family after working hard this football season. Last month Ronaldo had his vacation, this month it’s Messi’s turn, was this on purpose?

The vacation post of Lionel Messi received over 9 million likes.
Leo Messi (Instagram @leomessi: “Vacaciones…”

Messi has 127.1 million fans, an average of 4.8 million people have followed him in the past 60 days. He has a fan interaction of 5.84%, it is the third highest of the celebrities on this list.

The basic stats of Lionel Messi's Instagram channel provided by SocialBook.
Instagram Channel Stats of Leo Messi (from SocialBook)

Top 8: Billie Eilish: 9, 657, 210 likes

July has really been Billie Eilish’s month! She has smashed through the rankings with millions of fans! After successfully collaborating with Justin Bieber, Billie was able to take a photo with her other idol, Avril Lavigne. We would like to add that Avril Lavigne helped aid the development of punk-pop, she helped pave the way for female artists singing punk-influenced pop. The rebellion that is a big part of Avril Lavigne’s music is also evident in Billie Eilish’s.

The popularity if Billie Eilish is reminiscent of Avril Lavigne’s popularity when she first blew up years ago.

The two shot of Billie Eilish and Avril Lavigne
Billie Eilish (Instagram @billieeilish: “THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME WHAT I AM”

Top 9: Billie Eilish: 9, 446, 399 likes

Billie Eilish has really been working the florescent green this summer! In this picture, Billie is wearing a completely neon outfit, made up mostly of extremely baggy clothing, which is a staple in Billie’s style. She has mentioned that she dresses as a way of rebelling against how the media treats the bodies of women, her goal is to make it impossible to sexualize her.

Billie Eilish has really taken over Instagram this month!

Billie Eilish has 4 posts rank in top 10 of 2019 July.
Billie Eilish (Instagram @billieeilish: “dis lil smoosh ran over to hug my leg while i was tryna take a picture so we took the pictures together instead and i like them much more”

Top 10: Justin Bieber: 8, 648, 618 likes

Justin has been quiet for a couple of years, and he is posting less about fancy expensive cars and has stopped showing off his wealth online. The post has a picture of his wife sleeping on him, he wrote “My lips get jealous of my arms cuz I can hold you with them,” isn’t that the sweetest thing ever?

Justin Bieber's most-liked Instagram post of 2019 July
Justin Bieber(Instagram @justinbieber: “My lips get jealous of my arms cuz I can hold you with them”

So what do you think? Did you like any of the posts in the top 10 list?

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