Time Saving Hack for Instagram or TikTok

Time Saving Hack for Instagram or TikTok

Instagram and TikTok have all the hype these days. They are the survival kit for Gen Z. Initially these platforms were created for the entertainment of users but nowadays, people have turned these fun apps into money plants. It’s shocking that how influencers are able to make millions by just posting one photo on Instagram or by making a viral TikTok. Thanks to influencers, these apps have now gained a new direction. Today, the world’s biggest campaigns are conducted through these apps. Gen Z has redefined the purpose of these apps from fun and entertainment to enlightenment and awareness. Influential and revolutionizing campaigns like Black Lives Matter, Be Real, Love Yourself, etc. all originated from these apps and the impact they have had all over the world is massive! But what makes these campaigns successful? How do influencers earn money? And how do you create your known presence on the internet? One word has all the answers - Hashtags.

Ever noticed the symbol # on the posts of influencers? Yup, these are the hashtags. Hashtags are the key to success on online platforms such as Instagram or TikTok. They are basically a group of words or emojis followed by a hashtag (#). Hashtags are used to create a community, so whenever someone searches for a hashtag, they get to see all the posts that were made using that hashtag. This is the reason why they are so important to expand your reach and broaden your audience circle on the internet. Using hashtags on stories, posts, or even TikToks, makes the user more discoverable and of course, more influential.

Emphasizing the importance of hashtags, you need to crowd your post with loads of them to reach the maximum audience. You can either use existing hashtags or create new ones to generate an internet movement. Composing hashtags take time. Which is why this blog post will share a secret trick with you guys to save time. We will be sharing with you an unknown time-saving hack for iPhone users that will help them to save tons of time and create tons of hashtags!

Simply follow the below steps!

Step # 1: Do Your Hashtag Research

The key to online fame is by creating consistent and volumetric content. This, of course, requires hashtags. Do a thorough research of all the hashtags that are similar to your content. For example, if you’re aiming at creating an online presence promoting authenticity, then you can make use of popular hashtags like #LoveYourself and #NoFilter.

Step # 2: Note Down the Hashtags

Now that you have all the hashtags that you need, you need to jot them down somewhere. So open the notepad on your phone and write down all these hashtags. Something like shown below:

Step # 3: Copy the Hashtags

The next step is to simply copy all these hashtags to your phone’s clipboard. This will keep all your hashtags safe and secured in your clipboard.

Step # 4: Change the Settings

Now that you have all your hashtags copied to your clipboard, you need to create a shortcut to use them whenever you desire. For this purpose, go to ‘Settings’ and go into ‘General Management’ like shown below:

Next up, go to ‘Keyboard Settings’ like shown below:

Upon clicking Keyboard Settings, a new menu will appear. Click on ‘More Typing Options’.

Next up, a new menu will appear, and click on ‘Text Shortcuts’ from this menu.

Step # 5: Create a Text Shortcut

Clicking on this feature will enable you to create a shortcut for your hashtags. Once you click on this option, click on the + at the top right of the screen.

Step # 6: Create a Phrase

Upon clicking on the + icon, a new window will appear which will look something like shown below:

Next up, paste the keywords from your clipboard in the section ‘Expanded Phrase’ and create a shortcut phrase in the section ‘Shortcut’. You can add any name in the shortcut such as yyy.

Step # 7: Access the Shortcut

Now that you have created a shortcut phrase, the next thing to do is to access it. For now, go down to Instagram and create any story. Type in your shortcut phrase which was ‘yyy’. All your hashtags will automatically appear. This is shown as below:

And boom! All your hashtags instantly show up! This hack saves you plenty of time if you want to use repetitive hashtags. If you want to post a different set of hashtags for a different post, you can create multiple shortcuts and access them instantly! This hack will save you loads of time and allow you to create more posts!

For more helpful tips, visit the following link:


We hope you found this hack helpful!  

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