Nicki Minaj and BTS Fan Club Collaborate? A New Record Champion Expected!

Nicki Minaj and BTS Fan Club Collaborate? A New Record Champion Expected!

This time, both fan clubs will use live broadcasts and online promotions to let their fans buy each other's new singles. The news of this cooperation/agreement has attracted a huge amount of attention. It is said that they will use Excel to record each others' order numbers/amounts. Then they will exchange it one-to-one; for every BTS single purchased by Nicki Minaj fan club, the BTS fan club will buy the same amount of Nick Minaj's new single releasing the next day.

Nicki Minaj and BTS Fan Clubs to Collaborate for a New Record

This week, the US Billboard rankings had a big blow from a foreign power: BTS. The BTS boy group from South Korea released their first English-only single, Dynamite. The song style is one of the most popular trends this year, which is American Disco in the 1980s. This retro style is well prepared.

BTS, the #1 boy group from South Korea, often: toured in Europe and the United States, swept the music charts in various countries and won many pop music awards. They are undoubtedly the representation of globalization in the music market and economy.

The new music single "Dynamite" from BTS.

And because BTS fan club has strong and many purchasing powers and data processing capabilities, Dynamite's streaming media exploded. On the very first day of release, Youtube's click rate reached 100 million, breaking the record and making this song expected to hit the championships(Billboard) this week.

BTS actually has never won a Billboard championship for single albums. The US support rate is not so high, and BTS fans will not relax until the Billboard's official deadline. In order to win the championship, many Plan Bs have been formulated, just in case.

Today, the fan club that Nicki Minaj herself followed and the BTS fan club have reached a collaboration agreement.

Why chooseNicki Minaj's fan club? This is because her fans have the most purchasing power this year, and Ty Dolla $ign announced a new single with Nicki Minaj, releasing this Friday.

In addition, BTS and Nicki Minaj have collaborated before, so the fans have long been good friends.

Moreover, judging from this week's single album champion, everyone now can see the underlying reason with Nicki Minaj at the top.

This time, two fan clubs will use live broadcast and online promotion to let their own fans buy each other's new singles. This cooperation agreement has attracted widespread attention. It is said that they will use the EXCEL to record the order numbers/amount generated by each fan club. Then, they will exchange it one-to-one. BTS's fans buy one song of Nicki Minaj, then Nicki Minaj's fans will buy one song of BTS and vise versa.

For example, in this event, if Nicki Minaj fans brought 10,000 paid download sales to BTS, then BTS fans will return 10,000 paid downloads for Nicki Minaj the next week and submit to each other all the order numbers with screenshots as proof.

How BTS and Nicki Minaj Fan Clubs Collaborate?

Today, Nicki Minaj's fans collectively helped BTS's new single, "Dynamite," to hit the charts, where they all purchase a real order.

Tomorrow, BTS fan club will help Nicki Minaj's new single "Expensive" to hit the charts, similarly placing orders.

This way, the two fan clubs are linked, and the strongest of the strong purchasing power is used to achieve a stable throne, where both received good results. It's a win-win.

However, with the deadline for the rankings/billboard not yet finalized, the Nicki Minaj fan club has proposed an additional condition. The condition states that BTS fans must help Nicki Minaj fans to increase the views for "Anaconda" on YouTube after meeting the other requirements. BTS ARMY has to help "Anaconda" reach 1 billion views, where the current number is 950 million, meaning that BTS fans need to contribute 50 million YouTube clicks to Nicki Minaj.

For such conditions, BTS fans were very accepting. Many Korean fans said that the Nicki Minaj fan club had found the right fan club. This is what they do best and also stating that the 50 million views 100 percent will be completed on time.

Today, both fan clubs have called on their fans to start buying BTS's new single "Dynamite" and pre-ordering Nicki Minaj's new single "Expensive." They also encouraged fans who already bought the albums from participating in the listing(for billboard championship), using hashtag  #BARBZXARMYPOWER to show their contribution.

There is much controversy about such behavior. Some people will doubt how genuine this single album championship will be? Will this counted as cheating?

But I think these events are all just "passing by." As time goes on, people will no longer remember how this championship single came from years later. They will only remember that "Dynamite" is the first Korean single album championship in the history of Billboard. After all, people are like this many times, only looking at the results but not the process. I think, whether you like BTS or not, you cannot deny it that they are making history.

And as long as Billboard does not say that the BTS fan club is cheating, there will be no cheating. Because all the rules, ranking, and championship are all officially made and determined by Billboard, no matter what method is used, as long as the results/outcomes are not invalidated, they are all compliant and legal in the rules to hit the list.

As long as the title of the single is on board, no one can say that it is unworthy. If you want to scold or judge, you can only blame Billboard as an institution that is no longer the same and has flawed rules.

So will the next champion single be "Priceless Sister"?

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