Software to Find Influencers Online vs. Searching for Influencers Manually: Which is Better?

Should you use software to find influencers online for your influencer marketing campaigns? Or, should you manually search them? Which is the better option out of these? Let's find out! Read more.

Software to Find Influencers Online vs. Searching for Influencers Manually: Which is Better?

Running influencer marketing campaigns for your brand involves a long list of tasks. The first and foremost task is to find the right influencers. To accomplish it, you could either use software to find influencers online or do it manually. Usually, you’ve two options left at the table.

But which option you should stick to? Which works better out of these two ways? Well, let’s compare both the options and find out which one works like a charm for your brand.

1. Searching for Influencers’ Profiles

If you're searching influencers' profiles manually, it's not an easy piece of a pie to have it done. It takes days and weeks just to find out the right influencer in your niche. This deal requires you to go through hundreds of influencers’ profiles that show up in search. So apparently, manual searching of influencers is a tedious task.

But if you use SocialBook software to find influencers online, this tedious task could be done in a matter of minutes. You just have to use various filters available in the software and a long list of highly vetted influencers in your niche will show up. So you could guess which the easier option here is between using software and manually searching influencers.

2. Sorting Out Influencer Profiles

Even if you manage to get a handful of influencers in your niche through manual search, you won't be able to further analyze their profiles. Just by seeing their follower count, you won't be able to make the right business decision if the influencer would be able to deliver you high ROIs or not. There is no mechanism to judge crucial performance metrics of influencers.

But if you choose software, it will do all the heavy lifting for you. You just have to click on the influencers' profiles and go through their performance metrics stated against each profile. You would be able to make a better hiring decision if you choose software for the purpose.

From detecting fake followers to 60-day average likes, every single thing will be on display in just a few clicks. These vast possibilities make software a better choice than manual search.

3. Ease of Outreaching Influencers

Believe it or not, but manual outreaching to each influencer individually sounds more hectic than treadmill runs. You could imagine how tiresome as well as boring it could be to open up each profile on Instagram and sending DMs. You would end up sending only a few in a day’s time that would drop your productivity levels.

On the other hand, if you do outreach using software, you could group all the potential influencers and bulk DM them to help you pace up the things. So obviously, using software is a far superior way than struggling with a manual search option.

The Key Takeaway

From the pointers above, you could see that searching for influencers gets more convenient if you use software than finding them manually. You could not only save loads of time but also be able to come across already precisely vetted influencers’ profiles. It boosts your campaign goals to connect with the influencers that fit well in meeting your campaign goals. So go for an influencer marketing software as it offers you a way better deal than a manual search option.

Are you looking for software to find influencers online? Use SocialBook and feel the difference! Our SaaS-based software is AI-enabled and designed for brands like you that want to switch to faster and more convenient alternatives to manually searching influencers. Explore our price plans to get started.

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