SocialBook Influencer Outreach Software: What Should You Include in Your Email Outreach Pitch?

Thinking about what should you include in your email outreach pitch to receive more responses from influencers? Read these crucial tips brought to you by SocialBook influencer outreach software to get the insight. Learn more!

SocialBook Influencer Outreach Software: What Should You Include in Your Email Outreach Pitch?

Are you struggling to make your influencer email outreach work for you? Probably, your email outreach pitch isn’t up to the mark. Maybe you should pitch through the latest influencer outreach software rather than conventional ways. However, keep in account that it isn't easy to convince influencers. Your email pitch should look professional.

Your outreach pitch should have all the major elements that act to turn conversations in your favor.

Wondering what an ideal email outreach pitch should include? Read until the end to get the answers to your concerns:

1. Attention-Grabbing Subject Line

Unfortunately, no one indeed pays a dime to emails that don't spark interest in influencers at first glance. Keeping your email subject short and catchy ignites the urge to open your emails. So the next time when you send your email pitch through influencer outreach software, try to use a subject line that could draw attention.

2. Enticing Introduction

Don’t make an email introduction as an essay or else, it would lose its charm. Just briefly introduce who you are and your purpose to outreach. Get to the point without stretching words.

3. Explaining the Cause with a Style

Writing an email body is like presenting in a seminar. You need to be mindful of the words you use. Every word should hit the bull’s eye without fail. How you represent matters! In fact, the enthusiasm your words show decides your fate if the collaboration will happen or not. So make sure you remain optimistic throughout the pitch to turn it into a meaningful outcome.

4. Including the Media Kit

If you put your stats, rates and other key details all into the email body, the email pitch would appear too messy. Instead, you should attach a media kit with the email for influencers. It acts as a CV for brands that connect the missing dots about your brand that you haven't had the opportunity to include in the email body. But keep the media kit to 1 to 2 pages so that it doesn't appear as an eyesore.

5. Explaining Why They’re a Good Fit

Influencers work hard to deliver results to brands. A little appreciation goes a long way to turn the discussion in your favor. Tell them what you like about their content. Explain to them why you would love to have them working for your brand.

6. Finish it Up With a Powerful Call-to-Action

Your email isn’t there just for a show but with a purpose. A compelling call-to-action guides the influencer to make an action if he/she is interested in the offer and would like to explore more.

The Key Takeaway

A creative email pitch is half the battle won. As soon as you crack the code to master your pitch after a few attempts, getting responses from influencers would feel much easy to you. Just be creative and include the key pointers discussed here. Amazing collaborations would be on your way if you put your best in crafting an email outreach pitch that's competitive and creative at the same time.

With SocialBook influencer outreach software, we offer you a great chance to stand out and outreach influencers with ease. Explore what our software could offer you!

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