5 Major Reasons for Your Brand's Low Instagram Engagement Rates

Bothered by low engagement rates on Instagram? You should act quickly before further escalation takes place. Here’re a few strategies brought to you by SocialBook influencer marketing software platform that help improve your Instagram engagement rates. Read further!

5 Major Reasons for Your Brand's Low Instagram Engagement Rates

Despite posting engaging content regularly, your brand’s Instagram engagement rate is sinking like a hollow ship in the ocean. Is it? If it is the case, it is never late to revamp your strategies using an advanced influencer marketing software platform. ER is a serious metric that contributes to your brand’s growth. Taking it a lighter note isn’t even the option.

So let’s help you figure out a few possible reasons that are pushing your engagement rates to the backseat:

1. Publishing Promotional Posts All Over

Are you using your Instagram profile to advertise your business? It is easy to lure into the trap and exceed the limits. But remember that overpromoting your brand on IG negates your advertising efforts. It’s where your engagement rate starts dipping. As a thumb rule, you should stick to the 80% (Value-Based Content) + 20% (Promotional Content) rule so that you don’t annoy your audiences.

2. Not Keeping Track of Engagement Rates

Aren’t yet tracking your Instagram performance metrics for weeks and months? It comes with consequences that would soon reflect negatively on your engagement rates. Unless you track your IG posts’ performance, it would be impossible to achieve your campaign goals. Switch to a leading influencer marketing software platform as it allows you to make a deeper analysis of crucial metrics than usual and make the right performance decisions that matter.

3. Not Including Compelling CTAs in Posts

Leaving your IG posts without powerful call-to-actions? You’re hurting your engagement rates. Audiences hardly take any action if you don't softly encourage them to do so. Compelling CTAs at the end of posts could be a game-changer as they prepare your audiences to take the next course of action.

4. Repeatedly Sticking to One-Type Posts

Posting similar content each time isn't just boring but also gives a huge blow to your engagement rates on IG. On some days, you could post news while other days you could opt-in to photos, funny or educational content to keep users hooked. Maintaining variations among the post content is the key to inviting steady likes, shares and eventually engagements.

5. Using Bots to Increase Fake Followers

A sudden drop in engagement rates also happens if you have fake followers in your fan base. Growing your subscriber count by unethical means brings trouble to brand engagement rates. Those bot-generated fake accounts leave a real mess on your posts, discouraging true followers from engaging with the posts. So avoid indulging in unethical ways to increasing your subscriber count as it could drip your engagement rates lower than you think.

The Key Takeaway

A lot of effort goes into building your brand on Instagram. The path to achieving high engagement isn't easy. So even a slight drop in engagement rate should be analyzed and fixed before further escalation takes place. It’s the key to winning steady engagements. Also, keep note of the pointers discussed above to ensure gradual improvement in your Instagram engagement rates.

If you want to timely track your Instagram engagement rates, SocialBook influencer marketing software platform is the best platform you could begin with. We are trusted by leading brands that choose SocialBook over our competitors as we deliver the ease. Purchase a plan to get started!

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