SocialBook Instagram Influencer Marketing Software: Your Guide to Successful Instagram Takeovers

SocialBook Instagram Influencer Marketing Software: Your Guide to Successful Instagram Takeovers

Planning to host a successful Instagram takeover? You might like to do it the easiest way possible. Isn’t it? It’s where advanced Instagram influencer marketing software helps you by finding out the right influencers for takeovers. Instagram takeovers are a great way to spice up your channel engagements, gain new customers and all of that interesting stuff that you like as a brand. Probably, this is the reason, Instagram takeovers are getting a lot of traction these days.

Anyway, if you are ready to give your Instagram channel a taste of success with successful Instagram takeovers, here is what you need to do:

1. Define Your Goal

It would be a lot easier to accomplish your Instagram takeovers if you clearly know your goals. Setting your goal on Instagram influencer marketing software lets you keep track of your metrics to measure your takeover’s success. Do you want to grow your audience? Or, you want to boost engagement for an upcoming event? Just be specific while choosing your goal and work out accordingly to meet your objectives.

2. Choose Your Takeover Host

Your takeover host makes or breaks your brand’s future. So you might like to choose him carefully. His voice and posts should align with your brand’s goals. He should look a natural fit for your brand’s niche. The content he generates should resonate with your audiences.

The best way to judge the takeover host for quality and suitability needs is to look over his past posts and stories. Check for the engagement metrics he has earned over a period of time and invite only those for takeovers that match closely.

3. Decide the Length of Your Instagram Takeover

If you are inviting a takeover for a special event, it might last a few days while other takeovers could take a day or two to last. But that doesn't mean you can't have long-term Instagram takeovers, especially when you have a specific goal to achieve out of long-term takeover arrangements. You just need to figure out your goals, determine the duration of the takeover and convey it to the host to work out on it.

4. Plan Out the Content Format

Work out with the influencer to decide the type of content format you prefer. Do you also like him to publish stories? Or you just want typical posts to the feed? Just specify the requirements clearly. Also, decide the frequency of posts keeping your campaign goals in mind.

5. Spread the Word About the Takeover

Promote the upcoming takeover on social media channels. Let the world know about the takeover. Prepare images and banners to reach audiences. Also, invite your takeover host to spread the word about the takeover across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and everywhere you can.

6. Do the Takeover and Measure Results

Here comes the big day you have been waiting for. Just make sure you make it happen smoothly by timely sharing your credentials for the Instagram account with the takeover host and there you go live with your first post! Thereafter, keep tracking your crucial metrics such as post views, engagements, follower growth, etc.

The Key Takeaway

Takeovers would feel a lot easier than ever if you plan them out ahead. A few great tips have been mentioned here for you to help you out on the way. So what are you waiting for? Give these tips a shot for successful takeovers.

Ready to make Instagram takeovers happen in the most convenient way possible? Check out SocialBook Instagram influencer marketing software to get started. Try our software for free for a few days to get a feel of it.

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