SocialBook Influencer Management Software: 4 Crucial Metrics to Keep in Check That Contribute to Social Influence

SocialBook Influencer Management Software: 4 Crucial Metrics to Keep in Check That Contribute to Social Influence

4 Crucial Metrics to Keep in Check That Contribute to Social Influence

Want to invest in those influencers that actually leave a tangible effect on your product sales or brand exposure? Then, you will have to carefully invest in social media influences keeping their social influence in front of you. Various influencer management software offer ways to check social influence so that you could invest right without getting befuddled.

Wondering what’s involved in measuring social influence? It’s where the question lies. Should you emphasize influencers’ follower base? Or, consider influencers based on their engagement levels?

Let’s find out what it actually entails and learn which metrics you should keep into account while measuring social influence. Let’s get started:

1. Click-Through Rates

Most influencer management software such as SocialBook keeps click-through rates into account as crucial metrics for calculating social influence. And why not? It's an important metric to measure as it reveals to you the true picture of leads coming through clicks.

Analyze the click-through rates of the past campaign performance of influencers before putting their money on them. The higher the click-through rate of an influencer, the higher the social influence and the better the scope of meeting your campaign’s objectives.

2. Share of Voice in the Industry

Though it's a bit complicated metric to keep into account, still, it holds vital importance while calculating social influence. It is the right metric to track if you want to know how much social influence a particular influencer holds over the other in targeted demographics.

Measuring this metric allows you to find out which influencer is dominating the industry in a given region. You could then invest in him and get the most brand exposure than your competitors. It gives you an edge over your competitors as you can sneak peek into an influencer's performance even before hiring him.

3. Social Media Engagements

The amount of engagement an influencer triggers among audiences has a direct impact on his social influence. It’s a crucial metric that ensures that your content is being steadily seen and appreciated among the audiences which could be your customers anytime soon.

More comments on the influencers’ posts, likes and social shares indicate the high level of social influence one has. It is a good sign that puts you on the road to meet your campaign’s goals and earn high ROIs.

4. Influencer’s Reach

Social media reach is a metric to be kept in front as it has the potential to influence the social influence of influencers. An influencer’s reach could be defined as the number of audiences who are likely to see his content. The volume of his follower base along with the number of impressions his posts generate plays a crucial role in determining his social media reach.

The Key Takeaway

Measuring social influence is crucial before considering an influencer for your campaign if you want to put the money into safe hands. Some of the most important metrics that contribute to social influence have been mentioned here for your knowledge sake. However, implementing these all metrics might be an overwhelming task for you if you choose to do it on your own.

It’s always wise to consider an influencer management software such as SocialBook that automatically displays social influence against each influencer's profile to make your influencer selection easier than ever.

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