How to find top posts for any YouTube/Instagram account

How to find top posts for 
 any YouTube/Instagram account

The world of today belongs to influencers. Nowadays, instead of listening to what experts have to say, people prefer to log onto their Instagram accounts to check the word of their favorite influencers. Instead of going to a professional for some advice, people go to their beloved YouTubers. Instead of strolling through the fashion stores, people just look up the profiles of their adored TikTokers and learn to make the most from their closets in a trendy way.

The point is, it’s the era of influencers, and millennials are perfectly happy in it. Why is that so? The answer is simple, authenticity. Millennials believe the word of the influencers because that ‘word’ is simple, and more importantly, real. There is no fabrication or sugar-coating. This is because those influencers are real people who can relate to the problems and worries of common people, which is why they propose the truth, and hence earn the trust of their followers. So being an influencer is a full-time job, and certainly not an easy one.

In the modern age, millennials are also entrepreneurs. They are all in a race of launching their own brands and making their mark in the world. But we are well aware of the fact that the success of any brand or company is 80% dependent on the promotion of it. So in the technological and digital era, where online promotion and marketing is a vital weapon, influencers are the go-to people to launch a successful and operational marketing and promotion campaign.

Now that we know how important influencers are and how big their impact is, let’s get down to business. How to find the right influencer for the job.

How to Find the Right Influencer?

Whenever the question of finding the influencer arises, SocialBook serves to be the perfect answer. SocialBook is the platform where you can navigate through the stats of millions of influencers and find the perfect one for your job. You can consider various factors in your hunt for the ideal influencer like what is the demographic number that they have covered, which brands they have worked with in the past, what is the reach of their channel/ account, and many more. Amongst all these factors, one stands tall and proves to be the shadow of your marketing and promotional campaign is to know the top posts of your influencer. Why is that so? Read on to find out!

How to Find the Top Posts for an Influencer?

One of the strongest highlights of any influencer is the top posts on their channel/ account. The top posts of the influencer are the reflection of the current happenings in the influencer’s life. It gives the complete essence of what the influencer is into and what kind of content the followers of the influencer are interested in. So basically, the top posts of an influencer are the summary of the direction of their influencing career.

Knowing the top posts of any influencer is extremely important. This is because you want to opt for the right person to be the leader of your marketing campaign. You want your product to be in complete sync with the interest of the audience for it to be a giant success. Therefore, you should be familiar with the top posts of the influencer to determine whether their followers lie in the range of your target audience. For example, you can’t handover the marketing and promotional campaign of beauty products to fitness influencers because their followers do not lie in the paradigm of your target audience.

So how to find the top posts of an influencer? You obviously cannot scroll through the hundreds of content present on their channels/ accounts to get the answer to that question, so what should you do. Fortunately, SocialBook has got your back.

SocialBook provides its users with an amazing tool that helps them to find the top posts for any influencer!

SocialBook Top Posts Tool:

SocialBook always has the solution to any of your influencer related problems. The same goes for the top post search of the influencer. SocialBook provides its users with this extremely handy tool that helps them to track the top posts of any influencer in seconds. This tool not only helps you to find the top posts of any influencer but also provides you with complete insight into the performance analytics of that post. We’ll talk about it in detail below.

The band of influencers that can be accessed by this tool is massive. It provides the users with the top posts of any influencer present on either Instagram or YouTube.

Below is a step-by-step tutorial that can walk you through the usage of this tool. You can achieve your goal of finding the top posts in just 3 simple steps! So let’s see what those steps are. For your ease and convenience, we will be showing you how to find the top posts of influencers present on all the social platforms mentioned above.

For Instagram:

Step # 1: Enter Instagram URL

All you have to do is to open up the Instagram account of the influencer you want to search the top posts for and copy their Instagram URL. You can simply do this by copying the link of their Instagram account.

Next up, go to the SocialBook tool and paste the URL in the input area. This is shown below:

Before you do, you have to tick the ‘I am not a robot’ confirmation. You can also observe that there is a drop-down menu that shows the extent of the days up till which you can search the top posts. This helps to know about the direction of the content of the influencer and the interest of their followers in any specific time frame.

So after clicking the button search, the SocialBook tool will display all the top posts of the influencers. It will also show you the likes and comments on their post.

An interface is shown below:

You can access the post analytics option by signing up for our premium package. That will help you to get a complete detailed insight into the post of the influencer.

So that’s all you have to do to search for the top posts for an Instagram influencer.

Pretty easy right? Now let’s see how to search up the top posts for a Youtube influencer.

For YouTube:

Step # 1: Enter YouTube URL or a video URL

Head up to the YouTube channel of the influencer you want to find the top posts for and copy the URL of their YouTube channel. Then after copying it, paste it in the rectangular box as shown below:

Again, the drop-down menu will help you to track the posts in any specific time frame.

The final step, clicking the search button. Prior to clicking the search button, make sure you tick the confirmation box. The results will also show you the total number of views, likes, and comments present on the top videos of the influencer’s YouTube channel. The interface is shown below:

So that was all about our friendly and accessible top post finding  tool. If you want to unlock the analytics feature, then make sure to sign up for our premium feature.

Happy influencer hunting!

If you want to know more about how SocialBook can help you find the right influencers, book a demo with us

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