How to Convert More Sales from Your Influencer Posts

How to Convert More Sales from Your Influencer Posts

How to increase sales while gaining positive brand reputation from influencer endorsement posts becomes one of the major questions brands have to solve. Selling is the ultimate goal for most e-commerce brands, while a good brand reputation also plays a significant role in future product endorsement and continuous sales conversion.

Since the positive brand reputation and sales conversion rate are the two most important factors that brands need to consider. So when organizing an online influencer post, how can we gain both a good brand image and sales effectively?

Here are two methods I learned through experience working with influencers and brands:

Method 1. Create a high-quality post together with your influencer

To maximize the exposure of the product, brands need the help of influencers' endorsement posts on social media. According to a survey by HubSpot, 71% of the consumers claim that they would be more likely to purchase based on social media referrals.

However, consumers only respond to good-quality ads and endorsements! According to a survey, 83% of respondents agree that not all ads are bad, but they want to filter out the obnoxious ones.

The post quality is the key, and to get high-quality posts, brands have to discuss with influencers thoroughly. Here's what brands and influencers should contribute to an endorsement post creation:

What Brands Need to Do:

  1. Give a detailed introduction of the products. You know your product the most. Tell influencers what makes your product different, and how it surpasses its competitors.
  2. Set up a clear and well-organized post structure can effectively strengthen the attractiveness and credibility of the products while standing out from the enormous amount of ads that pop up to the users. One of the proven effective structure consists of 3 sections: a) the reasons for the recommendation, b) the introduction of the product’s function and advantages, and c) the promotion of preferential discounts.

If there is a lack of any of these three components, it will have a significant impact on the overall sales conversion rate. For instance, without emphasizing the characteristics and advantages of the products, the brands might not be able to attract attention from the consumers who are unwilling to waste time on low-quality endorsement information. Nonetheless, the posts also need to keep simple to deliver the most important message out, saving both time and cost.

What Influencers Need to Do:

On the other hand, influencers provide creativity and their understanding of the product. They know their audience the best; they know what kind of content their audience will like. Talk with your influencers throughout the campaign, and they might give your insights on how to increase sales conversion rate.

One more thing is to confirm the schedule of influencers beforehand. Avoid the hot topics which your product cannot compete. For example, if you recruit a tech influencer to shoutout for your consumer electronics device, you'd better skip the period when there's a new Apple product release.

Method 2: Put More Efforts to Comments and Reviews

Nowadays, users are accustomed to reading the comments and reviews after watching the main content posted by influencers.

In a report, it stated that over 93% of consumers surveyed said that reviews do make an impact on their purchase decision.

It is not the end when an influencer published the post. Keep an eye on the comments, and ask influencers to interact with followers if possible. If there are some negative comments, try to figure out why they said that. Ask your influencers' advice if you want to respond to any comments.

If you have received negative reviews, try to communicate with the reviewer and make up for it. Listen to them why they left negative reviews, and think about in which part you can improve. You can leave comments on negative reviews to show your care about customers and willingness to solve the problem.

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