How To Create Marketing Strategy with Influencers

How To Create Marketing Strategy with Influencers

Before the invention of the internet, there were only a few ways to reach a broad audience, primarily the radio, television, and newspapers. Now with social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, consumers have a lot of choice over what media they consume. This has made selling through mass media more complicated and more time-consuming.

01. Set up Your Marketing Goals

There is no clear path to online marketing, there are more opportunities and venues to advertise than any marketing budget can encompass. Most companies choose a focused marketing strategy, but because there is no clear path to deciding on the best marketing plan, it can quickly become complicated. This can hinder companies marketing progress and marketing results.

A complete online marketing strategy involves goal setting, audience positioning, platform choosing, and network selection, activity budgeting, activity tracking, and performance analysis. Specific marketing objectives will vary from project to project. Enterprises can choose their own targets according to their own marketing objectives.

02. Research on Your Target Audience

You must first understand your audience so that you can determine which approach is the best to engage them. Audience research is a significant part of marketing that is often overlooked or mishandled. The search for the right audience for a marketing campaign might require an audience survey or other research, and all this takes time.

03. Find influencers to Reach Your Target Audience

Social Media influencers can be one of the best channels to reach your target audience if your product is selling to consumers. Influencers not only shoutout for your product to their followers, but also create content about your product to generate more organic traffic and brand reputation.

I've posted the article Secrets of 8 Top Influencers in Their Industries, influencer marketing is definitely must-have, if your product belongs to one of the following industries:

  1. Fitness
  2. Beauty
  3. Fashion
  4. Gaming
  5. Toys
  6. Tech
  7. Travel
  8. Food and Beverage

04. 4 Key Metrics Find Influencers that Deliver Results

A.  Influencers Relevant to Your Industry

The first step is making sure that the influencer is closely related to your product so that the target audience will see your product. The easiest and most straightforward method of determining the usefulness of an influencer is finding their account on SocialBook and looking at their profile, especially audience demographics. Find influencers whose audience demographics are a good match to your target audience profile.

At the same time, using the advanced search in SocialBook, you can define your search to identify influencers that fit the audience that you want. You can filter by the type of content, the language the creator is using, and which country/district he lives. This way, you can define your search and avoid looking for a needle in a haystack.

Additionally, pay attention to the top performed videos of influencers. Knowing which type of video has the best performance will make it easier to see how much the influencer will help you. Think about it when you are discussing the content creation details with your chosen influencers.

B. Influencers with Real Followers

Make sure to pay attention to the influencer's follower trend graph! The number of fans helps gauge the popularity of the influencer, but it is important to know whether or not the influencer bought their fans. No one can get millions of fans in a few days. Though some influencers might become very popular very quickly, this is very rare. Even though people who buy followers might appear to have a great fan base, it will not be suitable for promoting your product.

With SocialBook follower trending, you will be able to see realtime data on influencers' fan growth. Do not waste money on fake followers.

C. Follower Base and Impression Potential

The number of fans that an influencer has is a good predictor of the effect that brand mentions will have. But it should be noted that the follower numbers are not the only indicator to decide whether you should start a marketing campaign with an influencer. Along with their coverage, you should also pay attention to the traffic that their posts and homepage gets.

Engagement rate is another key metric to watch. You want real followers who interact with influencers actively.

D. Active Influencers

A good influencer has to have an active follower community. One of the basic rules influencers need to follow is to post consistently. On SocialBook, you can see if the influencer is active within the last 30 days and the engagement rate of the last 60 days. These are important indicators of whether or not you should start a campaign with this influencer.

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