1. Go to socialbook.io and find the 'Free Tools' section. Click 'Photo Studio'.

Or click the link to go directly:

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2.Please log in to use photo studio. If you do not have SocialBook account, please click here.

Edit your design page

1)Click '16:9' or '1:1' to change your design page size.

2) Click '+' icon or 'Add new page' button to add your page.

Capture from video

Follow the steps below to capture image from Youtube video. But you should install SocialBook Builder Extension.(If you don't know how to install it, please click here.)

Edit your photo

You can see 7 main editor features in the left menu:templates, background, photos, elements, text, charts and media kit, each with a specific set of tools.

1)Templates/Photos: there are many nice templates that may help you design better.Click 'Templates' to choose your favorite one.

2)Background: you can choose an image or solid color as your background.If you want to change your own images background, you can use 'photo background remover'.(click here to go directly)

3)Elements: we provide a rich library of elements for you.

4)Text: click different sizes text to add to your page.

5)Chart: there are four different charts(bar chart, column chart, line chart and pie chart) that may help you to show your data better.

6)Meida kit: connect your social media to get your avatar, name, follower and other imformation automatically.You can add these information to your design page.

"Undo" or "Original"

If you don't want to save the previous steps, you can choose "Undo" or "Original".

'Download' or 'Share'

Click 'download' and choose the format to download the image to your computer.

Click'share' , choose edit/read permission and fill in email sddress to share your image with others.