The Secret Marketing App - Why You Need A Discord Group For Your Game or App

Discord is a live chatting app where you can text, voice, or video call all your friends and meet new people. It has multiple groups of chat rooms, in Discord terms called ‘servers’, where you can chat with people about anything. These chat rooms and chat spaces are private as well as public.

The Secret Marketing App - Why You Need A Discord Group For Your Game or App

Are you a gamer who loves to game around with your friends? Or are you simply looking for a platform where all your friends can fit in to make hangout plans? Either way, Discord is the perfect app for you! From hanging out virtually with your friends to late-night gaming, Discord is the hub that allows it all. All you need is a working internet connection and you’re good to go!

Many users often need clarification about the real purpose of Discord and what it actually does. Some link it to online gaming while others consider it a nice chatting app, the answer is yes to both. Discord is a live chatting app where you can text, voice, or video call all your friends and meet new people. It has multiple groups of chat rooms, in Discord terms called ‘servers’, where you can chat with people about anything. These chat rooms and chat spaces are private as well as public. In private chat rooms, you can send a special invite link to your friends with whom you wish to get together on one platform. Private chat rooms or servers are for friends and communities to gather on one platform and literally talk about anything! The public chat rooms or servers on the other hand tell a broader story. These public servers are open for all where larger communities can join and chat about more specific topics. In the gaming context, public servers are ideal for chatting about online games such as Minecraft, Fortnite, and Call of Duty. Public servers are also a great platform to meet new people! The best thing about Discord is that even though you have access to chat with multiple people across the globe on public servers, you still have full control as a user with whom you wish to interact.

Most gaming communities are on Discord in general

Discord is ideal for friends and communities who live miles apart. In fact, many family members have also acknowledged Discord for its wide application and ease of use that allows them to stay connected with their loved ones even if they are living on separate continents. Discord has an age limit of 13+, anyone above that age can join the platform and share their hobbies, interests, and even their daily routines with their friends and family.

In the world of gaming, online gaming is the queen bee. People, especially fanatic gamers, love to get behind the screen and play their favorite games with their friends. Online gaming has also opened multiple doors of opportunities for gamers to meet new people and equally enthusiastic gamers located in any part of the world. One of the challenges that gamers face is that although they get online and play together the same game they encounter difficulties in interacting with each other while gaming. This makes it difficult for them to create gaming plans and plot game plan schemes to beat their competitors. Luckily, Discord is here to help! Discord is a holy grail for gamers to get together on one platform and play their adored online games simultaneously! How? This article will tell you all!

Setting the Foundation: Creating a Discord Server

We bet that by now, you must be hooked on the idea of Discord and what it has to offer. Apart from the amazing connectivity that it provides its users with, it's also very user-friendly, making Discord the top-priority chatting app for long-distance friends and family. So for creating your impression on Discord, let’s get down to the very basics and begin with creating a Discord server!

1. Choosing the Right Server Settings

We already know that Discord consists of two kinds of servers - public and private. So for setting up a server, you first need to select the kind of server you need to opt for. One thing you need to know is that Discord servers are absolutely free to set up and up to 25 participants can text, video, or voice call at the same time. Due to the capability of Discord to host a large number of participants at the same time and facilitate their interactions, it is the perfect app for gamers.

A Discord server has multiple channels in it, which we will cover later on in this article. Setting up a Discord server is pretty easy. All you need to do is to log in to Discord with your login credentials and then you will see a ‘+’ shaped icon on the leftmost menu as you can see from the image attached below.

The + on the lefthand side let's you create a new server

Once you click on the + icon, you will get prompted with the following dialogue box under which you have to select the option that says ‘Create My Own’.

Click here to create your own server

Once you do, you will then get the option to choose whether you want your server public or private. If you want it private, you can choose the ‘Friends’ option, and if you want it public, then you can choose the ‘Club or Community’ option. If at any time you wish to change the settings, you can simply do so by clicking on the option ‘server settings’.

2. Crafting a Compelling Server Name and Description

Once you have cleared step 1, it's time to move on to the next step. The next step is a fun one. In this step, you need to select a name for your server and a tiny description about it telling other Discord users what the server is about. The name of your server is the most crucial because that would be the face of your server. Even if you choose to create a private server, you still need an attractive fun name so if later on you decide to make it public, your name would be a hit!

Name your server something searchable

Make sure your server’s name is super catchy and you can also attach a profile photo providing the users with a glimpse of your server.

3. Establishing Rules and Guidelines

On online platforms, especially public ones, it is necessary to establish some ground rules to ensure that peace is maintained at all times in the server. The same goes for the public serves on Discord, especially with gamers. So if you have a gaming server on Discord to chat with gamers, you need to set some rules in your server that the members are supposed to follow at all times. One thing to note is that only the server creator, or in other words the admin, can create and edit rules. You can select the server settings option by clicking on the dropdown menu on your server’s name.

Go into the settings to keep your server safe

Once you click on the server’s settings, select the option of ‘Safety Setup’ under Moderation. Once you go there, you will be able to customize all the safety rules and guidelines that new members will be obliged to follow once they join your server.

Channels and Categories: Structuring your Discord Server

Now that you have your Discord server all setup, you need to set some categories in the server to make your server organized, so let’s get to it.

1. Creating Channels for Different Purposes

Within the same server, you can create around 500 channels. To create a channel, all you need to do is to click on the ‘+’ icon next to the option of ‘Text Channels’ and ‘Voice Channels’. Once you click on the + icon, you will get the option to either create a voice channel or a text channel. You can also create a cool name for your channel and allow members to view a channel specifically.

Create text and voice channels for your community

You can fill in all the required info according to your liking and once you’re done, just click on the option ‘Create Channel’.

2. Organizing Channels into Categories for Easy Navigation

Discord channels can get a bit messy when so many members join them and all are talking about different topics within the same category. So to make them more organized, you need some categories within the channel to keep things smooth. So to create a category, click on the dropdown menu under the server’s name. In this menu, you will see the option of ‘Create Category’. Click on this option and select the name of your category accordingly and there you have it! You can create as many categories as you want within the same channel!

Organize your server to keep it tidy

Roles and Permissions: Managing Community Dynamics

Within a channel, multiple members are present so to set the decorum in the channel, you need to establish some roles and responsibilities within the group and sign them to different members. Let's learn about that.

1. Defining Roles for Various Community Members

Now that you have your Discord channel set up and have different members in it, you need to assign roles. For this purpose, click on the Server Settings from the dropdown menu with your server’s name. After clicking on settings, scroll down till you see Members under user management. After clicking here, you can see various server members and assign them various roles and responsibilities such as admin, announcement maker, etc.

Set up permissions and roles for your members

2. Setting Up Permissions to Maintain Order

Now that you have your members and have assigned them roles, you need to set particular permissions for every member to make sure that the decorum in the server is maintained. For setting the permissions, scroll down the server settings menu and select Members. A list of all your members with their designated team roles will pop up. In this list, you will see all your members and will see the three dots button next to their names. By clicking on this button, you can then establish permission for that particular team member. Note that you can alter the permissions of each member at one time.

Make members moderators that you trust

Customization and Branding: Making your Discord Unique

A little customization can make your Discord server the next top hit on the platform. So how exactly can you get these customizations done? Read on below to find out!

1. Customizing Server Appearance

You can also customize the appearance of your server so it appears more attractive and appealing to your users. To customize the appearance of your Discord server, click on the settings icon present on the bottom left of the screen as seen in the image attached below:

Alternative settings here allow you to change the appearance

By clicking on it, a menu will open up, scroll down and you will see the option of Appearance. Click on it, and then you will see various theme options such as Light Mode and Dark Mode. Apart from that, you can also choose icon options and can customize your server to appear cozy as well.

With Discord Nitro you can unlock these icons and backgrounds

2. Adding Bots for Additional Features

Carrying out multiple features on your server can be a challenge so to make things easy, you can use one of Discord Bots to ease the process. For this purpose, either you can use some pre-programmed bots present on the Discord website or you can create your own bot with a little bit of programming skills. For the pre-programmed bots, simply go to the Discord website and then select the bot you wish to have on your server. Enter your login info and the bot will appear on the server to make things easier for you! In order to create a bot of your own, you will need a little bit of programming skills.

3. Incorporating Branding Elements

To make your server even more unique, you can incorporate branding elements into your server. You cannot change the logo of the Discord icon but you can add unique elements such as emojis or a cool fun catchy name to make your Discord server stand out from the rest! Moreover, you can also set a specific theme to align with your branding.

Marketing through Discord: Reaching Your Audience

Discord is a great platform to reach new target audiences across the world as well. It’s the app that builds the bridge between you and your target audience no matter where they are located as long as they are available on the Discord platform. Due to the vast accessibility and reach that Discord provides, it serves as a great platform for marketing. You can initiate marketing campaigns on your server by creating a new channel and inviting members. To make your Discord Server the next top hit, you can market your Discord server by talking about it on other social media platforms. To attract more users to your Discord server, you can host events and giveaways on your server. You can also adjust the theme of your Discord server accordingly to align with your marketing element.

Customer Service in Real Time: Enhancing User Experience

You need to be aware that in the pool of vast members on your Discord server, there will be some newbies as well who will need some guidance to navigate their way through your Discord server. To enhance their user experience and to make them your loyal followers, you can set up a channel on your Discord channel to welcome the new members on board. In this welcome channel, you can guide them about the server rules and make them feel welcomed so they’ll enjoy spending time on your server. Moreover, the video and voice features available on Discord servers are another way to assist the new members. You can use these features to interact with the members in real-time and provide them with a personal experience. You can also host a meet and greet on your Discord server for new members so they can get acquainted with other members as well and develop into a strong community.

Community Management Best Practices

In Discord, with sufficient members in the servers, these serves can develop into a community. These communities consist of multiple members so in order to make sure that no violations occur in these servers and peace is maintained at all times, a system of monitoring and evaluation is needed. For this purpose, continuous visits by the server member to the channel with all the rules and guidelines are needed to ensure that all community practices are held. Moreover, Discord sessions need to be conducted via voice or video to give a soft reminder to all the members to follow the guidelines and maintain the server decorum.

There are multiple gaming Discord servers that are recognized all over the world. Some of these famous ones include the Genshin Impact Server, the Roblox Discord server, The Official Fortnite Discord server, etc.


So if you are a gaming fanatic and are on the lookout to discover more gaming enthusiasts like you, then head over to Discord and join right away! You can create your own server via the steps mentioned above or you can join an existing server. Apart from joining the server, you can also invite your friends and have text, video, and voice sessions with them! You can customize your Discord server to make it seem more unique and you can also use it to market yourself!

So that’s all the input that we had to offer on the topic of Discord for gamers. We hope you found this article helpful! Please join our Discord server to get more information, try out our AI Chatbot App and join our SocialBook Community!

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