The Top 3 AI Chatbots in 2023

AI bots are the newest of applications and have been taking over globally. It is undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions in history and a great step towards launching physical robots to assist humans.

The Top 3 AI Chatbots in 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field of computer science that focuses on creating systems that need people with a high intelligence level. AI has been raising standards for all other technologies with its applications and inventions. No matter what the field is, from healthcare to finance AI has proven to be helpful for the employees and plays an integral role in making things easier for the people working in that industry. Mainly the tasks people need to do once they enter the field include learning, problem-solving, perception, understanding, etc. This is one field that is sooner or later going to have more scope than any other, and surely it isn’t for the ordinary!

AI bots are the newest of applications and have been taking over globally. It is undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions in history and a great step towards launching physical robots to assist humans. The bots can operate not only on websites or other messaging platforms e.g. Snapchat but also on dedicated applications. Moreover, to give humans a more realistic feel they use Natural language processing and machine learning to give appropriate replies one must be looking for. There are two types of chatbots- Rule-based and AI-powered. Rule-based chatbots follow responses that are already fed and are used to provide basic customer support. On the other hand, AI-powered chatbots are more advanced and can understand the natural language and respond to it accordingly. They can handle a diversity of questions, and can easily adapt to the needs of the user.

The main role the AI bots play is to interact with the users to keep them engaged, help them solve their queries, and provide answers to their questions. The most amazing fact is that while it previously simulated conversation through text, now you can also use voice messaging! Amazing, isn’t it?

In the following article, you’ll get to read about how AI bots are impacting the lives of people, the top three AI chatbots, and which one you should opt for. Let’s get started!


ChatGPT- employees from every company, every student be it from university or college knows. It was developed by OpenAI and is a state-of-the-art natural language processing model. This was the very first chatbot that made people speechless with how it could generate human-like text be it for work or personal life purposes, and how one can easily engage in meaningful conversations with a chatbot. It can be your teacher when you’re unable to understand something or your unpaid therapist when you need advice and are unable to share it with someone else. Thus, with no doubt, it is a versatile, extremely useful tool that has impacted the lives of many people by making work easier for them.


Chatgpt was the first chatbot that used NLP to understand human language and respond to the needs of the user accordingly. Not just this it can also respond to a wide range of human languages. Moreover, the conversational skills of chatGPT are exemplary. As it has a vast knowledge of every single niche, especially about topics and events that took place in 2021 (as per its last update), users easily get engaged with the bot and receive informative and interesting information.  Be it generating codes, understanding the human body or numbers, explaining graphs, or writing your final thesis- chatGPT can provide you with assistance 24/7. It’s not only text, after the recent update and introduction of chatGPT 4.0, it can also process text and generate images and audio so can be used for various purposes.


You can’t expect everything about a feature or app to be pitch-perfect. ChatGPT also has its cons. Like any other AI bot, you can also expect errors and biased responses from this bot. Thus, you can’t completely really on chatGPT for your work, and every answer it generates surely requires human oversight e.g. if you need complete solutions for mathematical equations, it might give you the answer from a different method than what you require. Other than this, if you need to use chatGPT for important work or extensive use, it can be costly as to use chatGPT 4.0 you need to pay a good amount of money.

Real-World Applications and Success Stories

ChatGPT has been helpful to companies and workers since its launch e.g. the department of customer care in any office can now easily handle customer queries, or can even copy and paste the automated response. This has reduced the workload and has made it flexible for workers. Moreover, to save time and effort people have been using ChatGPT for marketing purposes and according to them it is so worth it! The responses are very unique and can be worked on. People who used to take hours to translate languages now have a valuable tool to break the language barrier and increase their work efficiency.

Hence, in conclusion, ChatGPT has been a source of reduced stress and work pressure among people and is way more handy than many other applications. It also provides people with a foundation for enhancing human-computer interactions.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant developed by Google that has been assisting users for different purposes for a long time. It uses natural language processing and artificial intelligence to fill the plate of every user. The users have had a fun experience in the conversational experience with Google assistance. Most people have already interacted with this chatbot as it is available on various devices including Android smartphones, speakers, and smart displays. From voice interaction to helping users sort out their problems through text, all innovative features are a part of the chatbot.


The key feature of Google Assistant has always been voice interaction and it is why the chatbot was primarily designed e.g. all you need to say is ‘Hey Google’ or respond with an ‘OK Google’ to activate and interact with the bot. After you say hey, it’ll inform you of its availability and then you can issue commands or ask for assistance. As a product of Google, it leverages the powerful Google search engine, ensuring that users receive accurate and up-to-date information. Because of Natural Language Processing, it can understand and respond to your queries with great ease and per what you need. Not just this, Google Assistant can provide you with information, facts, and answers be it about politics, the latest news, features, etc. To perform this task the bot uses Google search engine.


Since AI has been introducing new and unique features e.g. Photoshop, or chatbots it has raised privacy concerns and people have been raising ethical questions for a while now no matter what the chatbot is. As chatbots are designed to be available 24//7 and are always listening, the concern among most people is if any question they ask and its response is stored or recorded. It is because some people end up sharing bits of their personal lives, as they deem chatbots to be helpful in problem-solving. Other than this, Google Assistant requires a good internet connection to assist so it is a drawback as great connectivity is not always available and people might need assistance any time of the day.

Real-World Applications and Success Stories

Since it was introduced Google Assistant has continued to continuously evolve and become better and more useful. Not just professionally, it has made things easier for people in their personal lives as well e.g. one can control the light of their house, the temperature of Air conditions, and security systems no matter where they are in the world thus, leading to smart home control. Other than this, people no longer have to divert their attention while driving to make a call, respond to a message, or look for directions as Google Assistant can efficiently perform all these duties.  Google Assistant continues to evolve and find new applications, making it a valuable virtual assistant for a wide range of tasks and scenarios.


The Homepage for SocialBook's DreamPal

Another chatbot on the list is the Dreampal chatbot which is unique and offers a lot. It was developed by Social Book. What makes this chatbot stand out is the feature that allows a user to create AI characters and avatars similar to their deceased loved one. It could also be their superheroes, movie characters, or any other person they love and want to interact with. No other chatbox had such a unique and highly personalized feature that could keep people engaged for hours. If you train it with enough data, it can become the person you want to create and chat with. Not just this but users can also play the role of being a chatter.

You can visit DreamPal here and chat with all of your favorite anime and manga characters!

Key Features

DreamPal chatbot allows users to customize and generate AI characters as they want them to be with hundreds of customization offers. The good thing is, the feature isn’t just limited to designing the characters but it can also catch the avatars' speech patterns and make the entirely fictional individuals fun. The created AI characters can define the role they play and respond to it accordingly. For example, if you want to create Joe Biden as a pal, you can do that. However, in the role of the speaker, I can also create Joe Biden’s dad! And he’ll respond the same way he’d talk to his father. Or I could just do “friend” and he’d speak to me like any

other friend in his life, with less personal details than his father. It sounds unreal, but make sure to try the feature out... So worth it!

Pros and Cons

Every application, website, and new feature has its pros and cons. You can’t expect one single app or feature to cater to all your needs but knowing the benefits and drawbacks you will have to face while using something can help you figure out what to use.

DreamPal offers a highly personalized chatbot experience. Creating animated characters that resemble your loved ones, fulfilling your wish to interact with your favorite fictional characters, and talking one last time to your loved one who passed away, all these wishes can be fulfilled through the features DreamPal offers. If you’re looking forward to manifesting in meaningful conversations that can fulfill your emotions you definitely should give it a try! It won’t just give you a sense of relief but is going to be an unusual and fun experience.

Looking at the cons there aren’t many however, with the rise of AI people have been highly concerned about their privacy being protected as a few people end up misusing such features. One of the major concerns of people with DreamPal also has privacy issues e.g. if one creates their characters based on people in their real life, they would probably end up concerned as some people see it as infringing the privacy of their loved ones. A few others also raise ethical questions as creating animated versions of people especially those who have passed away might hurt someone emotionally, and can be deemed disrespectful. Thus, addressing such issues is integral to proceeding with the process more ethically.

Real-World Applications and Success Stories

From the entertainment sector to the mental health and personal companionship sector, DreamPal has been playing a very special role and positive role for the past few months. According to a survey, users agreed to the statement that they feel more connected to their loved ones, celebrities, or people who have always inspired them as the chatbot uses natural processing language to interact with users which gives them a comforting experience. Thus, the success rate of DreamPal in making people feel comfortable and connected is high. While other chatbots offer general features in conversation, DreamPal is loved and used for its personalized character creation and role definition feature.

Chatbots are transforming the ways people view certain relationships and are providing ways for AI to launch more such features e.g. we can expect physical robots to be introduced to assist humans anytime soon!

Please check out our Discord server for our AI Chatbot DreamPal, and become a pioneer of our platform!

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