A Step by Step Guide to Finding the Perfect Marble Dress

A Step by Step Guide to Finding the Perfect Marble Dress

We all know how the fashion industry is constantly evolving: new trends come and go every few months. While floral dresses with a broader range of styles and prints are soaring in popularity this season, another lesser-famous category of dresses has gained popularity. It is becoming a new trend in the fashion industry.

The global fashion platform, Lyst, stated that marble-print dress sales had spiked over 31 percent in recent weeks, making it one of the most demanding and trendy styles of all time. This causes speculation to believe the marble dress trend is here to stay!

With the growing trend of marble dresses, you will always find something with a little marble-printed element in whatever you wear. With their diverse styling options and stunning designs, it is no surprise that everyone is obsessed. Pair it with a stylish quilted coat, stomper boots, and you are all set to head out while your attire is ready for a statement-making look!

Moreover, here is how you can be the center of attention with the perfect, stylish marble dress:

What are the Best Occasions to Wear a Marble Dress

We all love marble. These uniquely printed dresses have become our go-to fashion statement for countless reasons. Whether you want to restyle your wardrobe or looking for a few stylish pieces of clothing that may become your style statement, marble prints have what you have been searching for this long!

From flattering silhouettes to gorgeous prints, marble dresses have become a fashion statement and will remain trendy for years. With incredible color combinations and highly comfortable material, they will last for a long time.

Marble dresses are classic, stylish, and vibrant to help you steal the center stage and look stunning. With smart cuts, a wide clothing range, and beautiful colors, these dresses are perfect for any occasion.

Marble prints may seem daunting, however, wearing them with the right pair of accessories and add-ons will surely turn heads. Read on to explore the occasions where you can ideally wear your exquisitely designed marble dress with a nice pair of boots, resting in your closet for months.

You can start by choosing a simpler outfit and decorating it with nice accessories to add a glamor touch to your complete look. Combining a marble dress with another pattern will take the charm of the dress away. The prints will clash and not complement each other. Therefore, wear a marble top with a nice pair of solid-colored bottoms. You can even wear bold colored jeans and a lovely marble top to give your attire a casual look.

Furthermore, the best thing about marble dresses is they pair perfectly with all colors. You are good to go as long as you choose a solid color. Choose a creative marble outfit and wear it confidently to any occasion. Moreover, you will never go wrong with a pencil skirt or pair of black pants with a nice-looking marble top. Complete the look with white tennis shoes or black heels.

In addition, here we discuss a few events you should definitely try wearing marble clothing

To a Party /Club/Bar

With the fantastic ideas mentioned above, you can now decide on your outfit for the party. If it is a formal occasion or an office party, you can quickly wear a lovely marble dress or even a marble top with solid black pants and jet-black heels to become one of the highlights of the evening.

Moreover, you can accentuate your curves and compliment your skin color by wearing a gorgeous marble dress to a party. You can also wear a short, fitted dress or combine an adorable top with a pencil skirt.

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To a Family Gathering

Everyone loves dressing up for family gatherings, and what better occasion to wear a marble dress than seeing your family together laughing, chatting, and enjoying delicious meals.

While you go out to shop for a family event, you will find countless options to wear. However, the classic marble prints will perfectly match the occasion. Designers have created pencil skirts, tops, dresses, and high-heeled shoes in marble prints. You need a creative mind to mix and match to create a striking look.

Wear a midi or long marble dress to your next family gathering and bask in the compliments you receive from everyone!

To a Girl's Night Out

Twin with your besties as you venture through your town by wearing beautiful marble dresses. Try a midi-length dress with short or spaghetti sleeves, or combine a marble crop top with chunky boots.

Furthermore, you can pick bodycon dresses, rompers, tight skirts, and crop tops with a marble pattern. You can find multiple options in the mall while shopping for a night out. With numerous colors and designs, you will never run short of ideas to pair the dress with stylish pants or even wear high heels with marble prints.

Many high-end designers have created stylish marble patterns for club nights. People with a budget can also go shopping and wear their favorite style on girls' night out.

To an Exciting Date

Choose a luxurious outfit to grab your date's attention by wearing a fashionable and classy marble dress that reaches just above your knees and complements your body type. Choose a high-end brand or even a regular shop for your special night.

With multiple dress options, pick the one that will woo away your date. Complement the dress with accessories like a matching handbag or shoes.

To a Fashion Show or Gala

What better place to turn heads than a fashion show! Enter the show with a stylish marble top paired with solid pants or jeans, and complete the look by wearing intricate jewelry and a nice pair of heels.

Ensure you look your best and steal the limelight when you head to a fashion show or gala by trying a marble dress with subtle colors and intricate designs.

Weather and Marble Dresses: How to Style According to the Weather

Marble is one of the most versatile clothing options due to its extensive range and durability. Marble clothes come in a variety of styles and options. Since they offer maximum comfort in style, they have become a go-to fashion trend for most people.

You can easily transition from day look to night look while wearing the same marble dress. A slight alteration in the overall appearance can completely change the entire look. Pairing the same dress with a nice pair of long boots and eye-catching jewelry can surely turn heads.

Marble wear guarantees lasting wear out while offering comfort. Moreover, you can quickly wear them to all occasions – whether you pack for a holiday, dress up for girls' night, head to an office event, or attend a school function.

The extensive range of colors and styles allows you to choose and tailor them according to your taste and liking. You can even dress it up with a pair of trainers for a more casual look or wear a nice pair of heels to add a formal touch to your final look. Add on some jewellery and lovely makeup, and you are all set to go!

Marble dresses are perfect for any occasion; they are also ideal for any weather. Here's how you can style your favorite marble dress according to the weather:

  • For Warmer Days

Imagine sweating under the scorching sun, dreading reaching home to change to your comfortable pajamas and a loose t-shirt. However, you cannot have that relaxed look until you are off from work. Generally, you would wear skirts, shorts, tank tops, and dresses during hot weather. How about you can wear something stylish and airy during the warmer days. Sounds perfect! Wear a short or midi-length marble dress with a stylish hat or cute slippers.

  • During the Winter Season

The best way to cope with the chilly weather is layering. However, what about style and comfort? Fortunately, marble dresses go well with anything as long as you choose a solid color. Pair a lovely marble top with jeans and complete the look with a leather jacket. Put on stylish sunglasses and head out to work. You may also combine your classy marble dress with a matching warm coat and shoes and add some jewelry to complete your final look.

Find the Perfect Marble Dress to Look Gorgeous

Fashion is all about feeling good. Because when you feel confident in yourself, you glow.

Ensure you feel confident and look fabulous by understanding the guidelines to find the perfect marble dress:

Identify Your Body Type

Your hunt for the most beautiful marble dress starts by identifying your body type. Typically, we categorize them in four varieties:

  • Apple Shape- People with this figure have a well-defined waist but are less curvy. Your body may be this shape if:
  • You have a well-proportioned body
  • You have broader shoulders compared to your hips
  • You are not curvy through your hips
  • You do not have a well-defined waist

Flatter your curves by wearing an off-the-shoulder, empire waist, or wrap marble dress.

  • Hourglass Shape- Described as 'the perfect body shape,' people with this figure have a defined waist. Your body may be this shape if:
  • Your body is curvy
  • You have a well-defined waistline
  • You have similar bust and hip measurements
  • You have a fuller bust, thighs, and hips

Show off your curves by trying a jumpsuit or wrap marble dress.

  • Rectangular Shape- You may fit in this body shape category if your shoulder, bust, and hip are uniform. Your body may be this shape if:
  • You are not curvy
  • You have the same shoulders and hip measurements
  • Your waist is straight up and down and is not well-defined
  • Your weight is distributed evenly throughout your body

Consider choosing a belted, fit-and-flare, or puff sleeves marble dress to compliment your frame.

  • Pear Shape- Otherwise referred to as 'the triangle shape,' a pear-shaped person has fuller hips and narrow shoulders. Your body may be this shape if:
  • You have a wider waist than your bust
  • You have fuller hips
  • You have a fuller rear
  • You have narrower shoulders compared to your hips

Complement your body type by wearing an A-line or fit-and-flare marble dress.

Determine Your Styling Opportunities

If you do not feel comfortable wearing a marble dress, start with marble accessories. Many famous designers have created marble handbags and shoes. You can even find marble accessories at budget-friendly prices.

You can easily find many shoe designs with marble prints. Whether comfortable wearing high heels or even sneakers, you can easily find your style statement at excellent prices.

Moreover, you can even purchase stylish jewelry from different designers. You can easily find them online in multiple colors and designs. Find something daintier to style your final look.

So, add a little something to your marble dress by accessorizing. To make your outfit look classier, you can:

  • Use a Handbag- Grab a small handbag that you can throw on sideways to make your dress look more stylish
  • Jewelry- If you're going on a date or a formal event, consider wearing petite jewelry to complement your dress. For a party, club night, or a day out, you can throw on hoops
  • Shoes- Wearing matching shoes or sandals to look fashionable
  • Phone Cases- Go beyond fundamental fashion trends and look jaw-dropping by ensuring your marble dress matches your jewelry, shoes, and your phone case

The Bottom Line

Revamp your wardrobe with something more exciting by adding a few marble dresses.

From flowy ones and tight fitting dresses to long-sleeved and puff-sleeved ones, marble dresses are available in various designs, colors, and lengths to fit your style.

Head over to SocialShop to discover an extensive collection of high-quality, well-designed, classy, and downright pretty marble dresses.









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