The Forever Trending Camo Pants

Several prints have been a part of several trends in the history of fashion; Floral, leopard print, and even geometrical designs. However, the entrance of camo pants, shirts, and even bags was unexpected!

The Forever Trending Camo Pants

Several prints have been a part of several trends in the history of fashion; Floral, leopard print, and even geometrical designs. However, the entrance of camo pants, shirts, and even bags was unexpected! There could be many reasons why camouflage prints fill up wardrobes of men and women every season. One reason could be because the ones who created this design were artists and designers? Or does it make your entire lookbook?

This article consists of the history of camo pants, how different celebrities rocked their looks pulling on these pants and why it is a closet must-have.

History of Camo Pants:

Though this print has been a uniform to armies globally, just in different colors, since the 1960s i.e. World war 1. It was first used to protect weapons and location from enemies but eventually was made an official uniform. Vogue magazine was the first one to incorporate this design in its magazine and it paved the print’s way to the fashion world in the year 1943. The trend has stolen billions of hearts and by now camo printed trousers and shirts are available in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Well-known designers like, Dior have also made this print a part of their couture.

Celebrities and their Love for Camo Pants:

Over the years we were able to see countless famous influencers and celebrities including, Kanye West, Jennifer Lopez, and Reese Witherspoon killing with their looks by pulling on the worth-buying camo pants. Mentioned below are a few of them and how they completed their looks.

1. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is not only the queen of Hollywood but also the queen of chic clothing and she is someone who never fails to attract the eye. She truly has never styled herself with anything ordinary! Jenifer was seen wearing Niyama Sol camo leggings in Miami in 2020. She paired up a white high neck and Last Sprint sneakers with the leggings. To complete the look she wore golden hoops and tied up her hair in an updo.

2. Reese Witherspoon

Reese is a producer and actress, well-known for her work in the industry. Many of you might love bright colors and also mixing and matching old clothes. If it’s true then she might be the perfect one to take inspiration from, as Reese always has pulled-on pieces from her wardrobe so well that people are left amazed. In November 2018, she was seen wearing camo leggings with a solid pink top when she was out for a run.

3. Kim Kardashian

Not just once or twice, Kim Noel Kardashian was seen wearing the oh-so-loved camo pants multiple times, differently! The reason why Kim is the queen of Instagram-fit pictures is the unique styling that makes her stand out among others. The best among her camo pants looks was the one which is paired with the baggy paint with a sleeveless khaki top. Blonde hair, minimal make-up, and ankle boots. Sounds perfect already, No?

4. Kanye West

Kanye West is a fashion designer himself, which is why he has his styling always on point. He has been spotted wearing camo-printed clothing several times- cargos, pants, tees, and even hats. Though he is a 40-year-old, however, his styling fits people of all age groups and personalities well. West’s fashion label ‘Yeezy’ Clothing made a whole collection dedicated to camouflage printed clothing and people were totally in love! He is seen pairing camo pants with a solid black tee and white sneakers very often.

If you’re keen to know more about womens camo pants and want to add up these trendy pieces to your wardrobe too, you should surely visit this blog

Why are Camo-Printed Pants a Must-Have and How can you Style Them?

As camouflage pants have been in trend for men and women, for more than 50 years now and there are no signs they’ll get less attention anytime sooner. You should consider getting one for yourself now! They can be that one staple in your closet that is easy to style and still goes with almost everything. Though, you should still try to style yourself in such a way that makes you stand out amongst a crowd of people.

Let’s get a quick idea of the don’ts when it comes to styling a camo legging, pants, or even shorts. Stick to one trend at a time for this one. It means that the print-on-print trend is a big no when styling these because this staple is already bold enough and mostly has attractive colors, thus, no need to over-do your look. Try pairing up solid sneakers or joggers to complete your look, white and black are mostly preferred. Choose the length that fits you best. Make sure that the pants or neither too fit nor too long, it might break the whole look.

Camos unite both genders when it comes to styling. Wearing a black, or brown leather jacket is very common and looks great! In addition to this, you must’ve seen several people wearing crop tops with these pants, and trust us, it might be the chicest way to style this staple. It’ll give you that sporty look, which everyone looks forward to. Don’t be choosy when it comes to choosing the color of your top or shoes as camos look good with any. Lastly, Always keep a room to experiment with looks so you can take time to decide which one suits the best for you.

We hope this article proved to be helpful and will play an integral role in upgrading your fashion sense. You can also find a camouflage pants for women in great quality, and at reasonable prices.

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