Pricing for YouTubers?

Boostinsider has run hundreds of youtube campaigns in the past. There are some awesome ones, some good ones, some not-so-good ones. Lots of dirty hand-on work: Talking to youtubers back and forth, negotiating prices, explaining to advertisers, etc. If you ever run an influencer marketing campaign, you will share my feelings. As an engineer, I kept asking myself: Do we really want to do this kind of agent work?

The answer is a definite “Yes” now. Looking back, we have collected tons of precious and exclusive data: hundreds of pricing points for youtubers (and instagrammer), tens of thousands of click/conversion/download data for lots of youtubers. In addition, we have hundreds of thousands of youtubers who gave permission to Boostinsider to collect their demographics data. What can we do with those data?

Well, with some machine learning and AI technology, we now can estimate the price of any youtuber in the world. We can also estimate the demographics data, that includes but not limited to male/female percentage, country distribution, age distribution, and interest distribution. We can even estimate how many clicks and downloads you can get if you ask a specific youtuber to do a potential promotional video for you.

We organized the data, and expose it visually. Now everyone can access socialbook to get this information.

We have around 50 machines processing those data including some powerful GPU instances to run tensor flow on it. So to keep our machine running, we do need some small payment from you to see those calculated data: It is still definitely much cheaper than the price you overpaid in your past youtube campaigns.

I believe is the only platform that can calculate the youtube data. We do have instagram data as well, almost all other influencer marketing platform purchased those instagram demographic data from the same thirty party data source. I think people will get excited once we expose the instagram data out, with almost 1/100 of the price that was charged elsewhere.

Stay tuned.

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