Step-by-Step Guide to Writing an Influencer Marketing Brief with Free Template

Step-by-Step Guide to Writing an Influencer Marketing Brief with Free Template

In influencer marketing, a well-defined influencer brief is essential for a successful campaign. Whether you're new to collaborating with influencers or have been partnering with content creators for a while, a comprehensive influencer brief is crucial. In this article, we’ll explore the key elements of an influencer brief—from setting campaign objectives and defining brand messaging to understanding the dos and don'ts. We’ll also look at some briefing examples to give you a clear idea of how to create an effective brief. Let's get started.

What is an influencer brief?

An influencer brief is a document given by a brand or marketer to an influencer as part of an influencer marketing campaign. It acts as a detailed guideline and reference for the influencer, outlining the expectations, objectives, and requirements for their participation in the campaign. Typically, an influencer brief includes information such as campaign goals, content specifications, brand guidelines, key messaging, posting schedules, compensation details, and any legal or disclosure requirements. Essentially, an influencer brief ensures that both the brand and the influencer are aligned with the campaign's goals and how the influencer should create and share content that meets those objectives. It is a vital tool for maintaining consistency, transparency, and authenticity in influencer marketing collaborations.

Why creating an influencer brief is essential?

  1. Clarity and Alignment: It ensures everyone involved in the campaign understands the campaign's goals, messaging, and content requirements.
  2. Brand Consistency: A well-crafted brief outlines the brand's values, style, and tone, ensuring the influencer's content aligns with the brand's identity and maintains its image.
  3. Content Relevance: By specifying key messages and target audience information, the brief helps influencers create content that resonates with the intended demographic, increasing the likelihood of a successful campaign.
  4. Performance Evaluation: It serves as a benchmark for assessing the success of the influencer marketing campaign, allowing brands to refer back to the brief’s objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the campaign's impact once launched.

What are the specific steps involved in creating an effective influencer brief?

Here’s everything you need to know to craft an effective influencer brief:

1.Grasp Your Campaign Goals

At the outset, it is paramount to establish a comprehensive comprehension of your campaign's objectives. What are the overarching goals you aspire to accomplish through this collaborative endeavor? Do you aim to elevate brand recognition, stimulate product sales, or enhance audience interaction? By meticulously defining your objectives, you provide a strategic framework that will inform and steer all aspects of your campaign implementation.

2. Understand Your Target Audience

Identifying and comprehending your target audience lies at the core of a successful influencer campaign. It's imperative to have a clear grasp of this crucial information before embarking on the creation of your influencer brief. Delve into the demographics of your audience, including their geographical location, age, gender, income level, and occupation. Moreover, consider their behaviors, preferences, and interests, which play significant roles in shaping their interactions with content. Understanding these aspects allows you to tailor your influencer campaign effectively, ensuring that the content resonates authentically with your audience and maximizes engagement.

3. Establish Core Messaging Points

A core objective of an influencer campaign is to effectively communicate specific messages or talking points to your target audience. These messages serve as a bridge, connecting your brand's values, mission, and campaign goals with the audience's interests and needs. Therefore, it is paramount to precisely articulate these key messages, as they will serve as the guiding force behind the content influencers create. By providing a clear direction on the desired messaging, you empower influencers to craft content that authentically resonates with your brand's identity, ultimately fostering stronger connections with your audience.

4. Offer Detailed Brand Instructions

Maintaining brand consistency is paramount in influencer marketing, and achieving this requires effectively communicating your brand's identity, personality, and style to the influencers you collaborate with. This involves providing comprehensive details such as your brand's color palette, preferred fonts, distinctive logos, and any other unique visual elements that should be seamlessly integrated into the content. By ensuring that influencers are well-versed in your brand's aesthetic and values, you can guarantee that the content they create aligns harmoniously with your overall brand image, enhancing recognition and fostering a deeper connection with your audience.

5. Define Content Specifications

In your influencer brief, it's essential to provide detailed specifications regarding the type of content you anticipate influencers to create and the platforms where you intend to deploy the campaign. This may encompass a diverse array of mediums, spanning from captivating Instagram posts and stories to engaging YouTube videos, insightful blog posts, entertaining TikTok clips, or any other format suitable for your brand's objectives. Clearly delineate the volume of content expected from influencers, ensuring they have a clear understanding of the quantity and frequency required. Additionally, articulate any creative elements essential to maintaining consistency and resonance with your brand, such as specific hashtags, compelling captions, or strategic keywords to be seamlessly integrated into the content. By elucidating these details upfront, you empower influencers to align their creative output with your campaign's overarching goals and messaging, thereby maximizing the impact and effectiveness of your influencer marketing efforts.

6. Incorporate Comprehensive Information about the Product or Service

In the event that your influencer campaign is centered on endorsing a particular product or service, it's imperative to furnish influencers with a thorough understanding of the offering. This entails divulging comprehensive details encompassing its key features, inherent benefits, distinctive selling propositions, and any other pertinent information pivotal to crafting authentic and informative content. By equipping influencers with a profound comprehension of the product or service, you enable them to intricately weave its value proposition into their messaging, thereby fostering genuine engagement and resonance with their audience. This comprehensive approach ensures that influencers possess the requisite knowledge and insight to effectively communicate the essence and value of the promoted offering, facilitating a compelling and persuasive narrative that resonates authentically with their audience.

7. Establish Clear Timelines

Setting clear and well-defined deadlines is crucial for maintaining the momentum of the campaign and ensuring timely delivery of content. It's imperative to establish precise timelines for various stages of the process, including content creation, submission, and publication. By articulating these deadlines with clarity and specificity, you provide influencers with a clear roadmap to follow, fostering accountability and efficiency in the execution of the campaign. This structured approach not only helps in keeping the campaign on track but also enables seamless coordination and alignment among all stakeholders involved. Additionally, by adhering to established deadlines, you uphold the integrity and effectiveness of the campaign, maximizing its impact and reach within the intended timeframe.

8. Highlight the Significance of Collaborative Communication

It's essential to designate a dedicated point of contact who will serve as the primary liaison between your brand and the influencers throughout the campaign. This individual will be responsible for addressing any inquiries, providing guidance, and meticulously reviewing all deliverables to ensure alignment with the campaign objectives and brand guidelines. Furthermore, it's crucial to foster an environment of open communication and collaboration, encouraging influencers to actively engage, seek clarification, and offer feedback throughout the duration of the campaign. Embracing a collaborative approach not only fosters transparency and mutual understanding but also facilitates agile adaptation to any unforeseen changes or challenges that may arise, ultimately enhancing the overall effectiveness and success of the influencer marketing initiative.

Lastly, keep in mind that while an influencer brief serves as a roadmap for collaboration, it's crucial to find a balance between offering guidance and granting influencers the creative liberty to engage with their audience in an authentic manner. The format and substance of an influencer brief may differ based on the nature and goals of the marketing campaign you're initiating.

Let`s see an example!

Let's see a general example of a brief for a giveaway campaign to have a better idea of how it should be done.

  1. The objective is to increase engagement, followers, and brand visibility.
  2. The brief focus should include:

1) A clear outline of the giveaway rules, entry methods, and eligibility criteria.

2) Specify the prize, its value, and its relevance to the audience.

3) Emphasize the importance of promoting the giveaway, including sharing, tagging, and using campaign-specific hashtags.

4) Encourage influencers to create engaging and enticing content showcasing the prize.

3. The content requirements could be:

1) Posts promoting the giveaway with clear instructions

2) Posts that highlight the prize in a visually appealing way

3) Engaging captions that emphasize the benefits of participating


This constitutes the fundamental information that should be incorporated into your influencer brief, ensuring comprehensive guidance for successful campaign execution. Additionally, don't hesitate to include any supplementary details that you deem necessary to provide clarity and direction.

For those interested in crafting their own influencer briefs and seeking further insights, you can email us to request templates. We could present additional templates of various campaign types, and provide further recommendations on executing influencer campaigns effectively.

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