How To Send Bulk DM on Instagram: A Step-by-Step Guide

How To Send Bulk DM on Instagram: A Step-by-Step Guide

Instagram is a social network/ platform that keeps people connected to each other from all over the world and has the highest popularity when compared to any other social site. Recently a survey was conducted which proved that Instagram has almost 1.74 billion users worldwide. This might be the shortest time in which any social site has gained so much popularity as it has become an obsession for many people.

People can share their precious moments, spread awareness about important social, economic, and political matters and inspire others in a very positive way, all with the use of a single platform ‘Instagram’ which is why it has more significance than any other social site. The positives mentioned above also play an important part in the fact that we can stay connected to well-known personalities, which of course, play a big role in the betterment of our society. We can also connect to bloggers and famous influencers e.g. Huda Kattan and Manny Gutierrez on Instagram too! Especially, in the present time when COVID has taken over the world, it is clearly seen that people have been more active on social media platforms and have lately been raising their voices on issues worth noticing.

It is estimated that there are nearly 500,000 influencers on Instagram. If you were able to compose a message for multiple people, mainly influencers, at the same time and even schedule the date and time of the message after setting up your campaign, it would honestly make your life so much easier and cover up all that is on your to-do list! But how?

Instagram’s biggest and most loved feature is that you can stay connected to anyone at any time using DMs (direct messages). This feature enables you to compose messages, take photos/ videos or send existing ones, add filters and captions to your pictures, and then send them to people.

But now, you can also send messages to multiple influencers at a time and schedule your messages too! This can be achieved by making use of the exclusive feature on SocialBook: Instagram bulk DM sender. You can make a list of all your favorite influencers and send them the same message at once. This will save you tons of time!

Importance of Scheduling Messages:

The fact that you can schedule your message after setting up the campaign is a big help! Scheduling messages will keep you out of trouble in many ways and there will be no chance of any error as you can always edit the message. Scheduling messages for your campaign not only allows you to auto-send the composed message at the correct time but will give you the chance and enough time to add something more interesting and different before the influencers receive your message! Instead of setting your clock every day, which is a big inconvenience, it’s way more favorable for you to schedule your messages beforehand so everything goes as planned.

Importance of Sending Messages in Bulk on Instagram

“I am desperately looking for software that is reliable like the one you guys have for Instagram. You guys are the best on this. “

Look at what our customers say about our software. There are some websites/chrome extensions that claim to offer the same bulk DM service. However, if you try them out you will find that they're either outdated or unstable. Being the most reliable tool, SocialBook IG bulk DM sender makes it possible to send messages in mass to all the popular Instagram influencers from whom people always will love to take inspiration.

With this tool, you no longer have to go through the hurdle of typing a message all over again for different influencers. Sending messages in bulk has immense importance and its amazing benefits as it enables Instagram users to send texts, images, or even files in a great number to multiple influencers at the same time, both nationally and internationally. In addition to this, if you are a business owner or a person who has to hire a bunch of influencers at the same time, sending messages in bulk can be a big help! This feature will make things become easy for you as you can now offer quicker services by giving details about your products or business. The more influencers you will reach out to, the more your campaign will be a success. It will save you both time and money!

Since sending messages in bulk may provide you with a high readability rate, the conversion rate will also increase eventually. By reaching out to a large number of influencers and proposing your campaign to them, you and your business can become a hot topic in the influencer marketing industry. Let’s take a look at how you can avail of this amazing feature if you wish to launch your promotional campaign on Instagram.

Steps for Sending Messages in Bulk on Instagram

Mentioned below are the very few steps that you need to follow to send messages in bulk on Instagram.

Step #1: Connect your Instagram Account

You first need to go sign up with SocialBook, and connect your Instagram account. Just be aware that Instagram performs strict security checks so you might need to go through several security steps to be able to successfully connect your Instagram account.

Connect your Instagram account on SocialBook.
Connect your Instagram account on SocialBook.

Rest assured your Instagram credentials will NOT be stored on SocialBook.

Step #2: Create your Instagram campaign

After successfully connecting your IG account, you can go to the Instagram Bulk DM menu, click the “Create Instagram Campaign” button, and you will be presented a popup window like below:

Get started with a campaign name and your sender account.
Get started with a campaign name and your sender account.

You can give your campaign a memorable name, choose the IG account that you just connected. This will be the account that will be used to send those bulk IG messages.

Step #3: Setup your DM recipients

Clicking the ‘Next’ button, you can now provide your DM recipients:

Put in the Instagram accounts you want to send DM to.
Put in the Instagram accounts you want to send DM to.

There are two ways to do that. If you have lots of Instagram accounts that you want to send DM to, you can put them into a CSV file(don’t be scared by the name, it's just a text file with a specified format), or you can just type Instagram URL directly into the text area. Clicking on the ‘Next’ button again, you can now start filling in your message.

Step #4: Compose the Message

You can compose up to 5 messages. The message can be both text and images.  You can also save your messages into templates, and reuse them in your other campaigns.

Step #5: Schedule the Send-out

Then it goes to the last page, you can schedule your campaign to run in a future time, or start right now.

Schedule the time to bulk send the Instagram DM.
Schedule the time to bulk send the Instagram DM.

After you are done scheduling, make sure there are no changes you are willing to make before you click the option ‘start campaign’.

Step # 6: Check Campaign Results and Reply to Messages

To check the campaign results you can always go to the campaign outreach on your account and check the status, replies you’ve got, and see unanswered messages as well. You also can view the influencers you previously composed the message for. In addition to this, this recently introduced feature allows you to reply to the messages directly using the social book dashboard as well. The interface looks like follows:

Check results on the dashboard.
Check results on the dashboard.

Clicking on the name of the campaign, you can view all the details of this campaign. You can even reply directly to each recipient:

Check all the details for your Instagram Bulk DM Campaign.
Check all the details for your Instagram Bulk DM Campaign.

Step #7(Pro step): Bulk DM Instagram influencers.

All the above steps apply to the situation that you already have your list of Instagram accounts you want to send DM to. What if you do not have one yet?

If you have a business plan with SocialBook you can even go to the search bar, specifically ‘Advanced search’, to look for Instagrammers. You can check their stats, profile, and how well-known they are whilst staying on the website. This information will help you decide if you are willing to add them or if they match your requirements.

To add them you have to click the plus button above their username on their profile and choose the option ‘Add to list.’

Add the influencer to the list.
Add the influencer to the list.

Once you build up your Instagram list, you can now go to the list details page, Clicking on the ‘Instagram Outreach’ button, you can now send bulk DM messages to all the Instagrammers organized in your list.

Click "Instagram Outreach" to bulk send DMs.
Click "Instagram Outreach" to bulk send DMs.

We have used this feature for years to outreach Instagram influencers. If you are looking for a reliable tool to send bulk DMs to Instagrammers, give SocialBook a try. You will be able to use this feature with the SocialBook Platinum plan, which includes all the databases and tools you need for influencer marketing.

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