How to Maximize Your Influencer Campaign ROI in 7 steps

How to Maximize Your Influencer Campaign ROI in 7 steps

As an influencer marketer you may spend anywhere from 5K to over 100K on an influencer marketing campaign. You’re paying for quality content—influencers tend to be top-notch photographers and videographers who produce beautiful and compelling work—so naturally you want to get as much mileage as possible out of your investment.

Since content that has been used in successful campaigns has a proven track record of effectiveness, it would be downright wasteful not to find ways to reuse and extend the life of what you already know appeals to your target audience. If you are doing due diligence and tracking analytics throughout the life of your campaign, you will have data on hand that gives you the advantage of proactively assessing response to your content so that you can consciously and effectively repurpose.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the savviest and most effective repurposing ideas to help you get the most life out of your content; even months and months after your campaign has ended.

1.Republish Influencer Content On Your Own Social Media Channels

This one may seem obvious, but it’s not adhered to on a regular basis. If your influencers have generated beautiful original content for your brand that has been well received by their fans, why not post it on your own channels? It may be that some interested followers have not yet seen it on your influencers’ feeds. It’s beautiful content that is pre-tested and proven to elicit a positive response. Give your loyal customers every opportunity to see it and appreciate it. Plus, you could reengage with your influencer

2. Incorporate influencer content into your digital Ads

influencer marketing content on digital ads

Again, if you are tracking the performance of your influencer marketing campaign, you already know how it each content module is received and how it’s resonating with your target audience.

Take advantage of the knowledge that your audience appreciates your content and repurpose it in digital ads that you run on other channels, like email, websites and blogs.

3. Repurpose content at the digital point of purchase

influencer at point of digital sales

Many brands have begun placing content like videos, photos, along with testimonials highlighting ways influencers use their product (recipes, decorating, gardening, yoga products etc.) at the actual point of purchase.

Consumers like to have as much information as possible before they purchase, so this type of repurposing on the item page of your site can drive sales, giving shoppers that extra bit of confidence they need to make the decision to buy. They will be all the more inspired to commit to a purchase when they see it endorsed by a favorite and trusted influencer, just as they are making their final decision.

4. Influencer testimonials

We sincerely hope that you are partnering with influencers who are huge fans of your brand. Influencers who are fans of your brand will have followers who also appreciate what you have to offer.

The first step towards partnering with the best influencers for your brand and for your campaign is finding them.

Look for influencers who has already talking actively and positively about you on the Internet. You can use to help you with the vetting process where you just  need to type in your keywords, and all content relevant to you will be popped up.

SocialBook lists out all the brands an influencer has been collaborating with.
SocialBook lists out all the brands an influencer has been collaborating with. 

Partnering with your perfect influencer matches is more than half the battle. Once you’ve formed these partnerships, you can enjoy the fruits of your successful influencer campaigns for as long as it is advantageous to do so.

Incorporate content repurposed from your campaigns on your social media channels and your website—including at point of purchase as mentioned previously—and be sure to pair with compelling influencer testimonials for added punch.

5. Use Instagram Stories Highlights to Extend the Life of Your Campaign

Apply Instagram Stories Highlights to attract more traffic to your running campaign.
Apply Instagram Stories Highlights to attract more traffic to your running campaign. 

Use beautiful influencer content from your campaign long after it’s over so that new fans of your brand that missed the campaign can enjoy this purposely generated branded content. You can easily accomplish this by creating Instagram Stories Highlights featuring content from your campaign.

Mutual admiration societies formed between you and your influencers will cause cross linking between their Instagram feeds and yours. Your site can be linked to as well, making every campaign a gift that keeps on giving—which in this case equates to boosting sales—long after its natural life is over. If your brand is not yet making use of this powerful tool, we definitely suggest that you start taking advantage of it to repurpose your content.

The rising popularity of Instagram as a social media channel makes it an excellent choice for marketers planning influencer campaigns. As of February 2018, according to influencer marketing agency Activate, almost 90% of influencers reported that they were using Instagram for marketing campaigns more often than they did just one year before.

By taking advantage of the Stories Highlights feature of Instagram, you can repurpose the most poignant moments from your campaign indefinitely. Why stop using those influencer-generated recipes or beautiful photos of a lovely armchair in an influencer-decorated living space? If a beauty blogger has created the definitive smoky eye with your fabulous smudgy eye pencil, why not take advantage of that content for years to come? Interested consumers—including future fans of your brand—will definitely appreciate the ability to revisit beautiful and useful content from past campaigns.

6. Take Advantage of “Throwback posts”

throwback image

A “throwback post” is like an Instagram Stories Highlight that you can post anywhere. Capitalize on popular content by reusing it for a guaranteed good response that expands both awareness and loyalty for your brand.

Don’t pass on the opportunity to benefit from older content—be sure to repost it if it’s been well received in the past. Your customers will appreciate seeing old favorites again on your social channels, on your website, or in your blog.

7. Parting words of wisdom

You’ve invested your time in forming wonderful working relationships with influencers who resonate with your audience, and you’ve created beautiful and compelling content together. Smart recycling can keep that stellar content alive and working for your brand well into the future.

Want to find out how to find the best YouTube, Instagram and Twitch influencers for your target demographic? Looking for tools to save time and budget in influencer marketing campaigns? Head on over to SocialBook for a free demo and trial to find out how!

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