How to Grow Reliably on Instagram

Instagram is one of the strongest pillars of the social media world and these days, we see countless Instagram influencers out there. These Instagram influencers do a fine job of shaping our opinions and critiques regarding a certain product or topic.

How to Grow Reliably on Instagram

Let’s be real for a second - who doesn’t have an Instagram? Absolutely no one! According to a survey conducted, 4 out of every 5 people had Instagram accounts which is why currently 1.386 billion users are present on Instagram! Since everyone is rushing to jump on the Instagram bandwagon, the question arises: what makes Instagram so special? The reason why Instagram is so distinguished is because of the fact that it allows you to post images, videos, reels, and stories on your Instagram profile. It's the app that was built to show people your life through images and videos.  

Instagram is one of the strongest pillars of the social media world and these days, we see countless Instagram influencers out there. These Instagram influencers do a fine job of shaping our opinions and critiques regarding a certain product or topic. Instagram influencers are the reason why brands and companies are shifting their marketing campaigns towards influencer marketing. In the world of today, especially with Gen Z, people are more likely to trust a promotion post by an influencer on Instagram rather than trusting a billboard or a brochure!

The realm of influencer marketing is steadily growing as more and more influencers are getting on board. It's becoming increasingly difficult as an Instagram influencer to make yourself noticeable and recognized among all those influencers and to become an easy target for the brands and companies. In order to become the hotshot in the eyes of brands and in the eyes of your target audience, your number one priority should be growing reliably on Instagram, and we at SocialBook can help you with that! In this article, we have a bunch of tips and tricks for you that can help you to grow reliably on Instagram. So without further ado, let’s dive right in!

1. Use Hashtags:

In the virtual world, hashtags are a game changer! Although we see people using hashtags on YouTube, TikTok, and now even on Facebook, but the hashtags on these platforms are not as miraculous as the ones on Instagram. For Instagram, hashtags are the secret ingredient to add taste to your influencing recipe. They are the lifeblood for your growth on Instagram. Instagram allows you to add up to 20 - 30 hashtags so make sure you use them all! Whenever you create a post, make sure to spice it up by adding a blend of generic and specific hashtags that can help to give your post a boost.

Still confused about how hashtags work? Let’s take an example. Let’s say you’re a fashion influencer and you make an Instagram post about your 90’s inspired retro outfit. Now what you need to do is to add up some hashtags alongside the caption on your post, such as #retro #fashion and #90’soutfit. What these hashtags will do for you is that whenever someone searches for a keyword on the Instagram search bar, your post will pop right up! Thus, the use of hashtags will allow you to get discovered more among your target audience!

2. Use New Features:

Instagram is always updating. Every day they introduce a new feature that can help influencers grow more in the social media world. What you, as an influencer, need to do is to make maximum use of these new features. For instance, recently Instagram introduced its feature of ‘Instagram Reels’ and they instantly became the next big thing! Whenever you will make use of the new feature on Instagram, your audience will get all excited to try it out as well. Moreover, the more you make use of the new feature, the more the Instagram algorithm will favor you. Think of it this way, the more you create reels, the more your content will be pushed to the top to be viewed by your audience!

3. Focus on Engagement:

We cannot emphasize this factor enough - engage your audience! Engagement is the key that you need to unlock the treasure of success and growth on Instagram. Make sure you make full use of it! In order to engage your audience, make use of comments and your stories. Add engaging captions to your posts that will make the audience jump on the comments board. Apply CTA in all your posts to maximize the engagement of your audience. Be very quick and vigilant in replying to all your audience, believe us, that’s the key to winning their hearts!

4. Research Competitors:

Another amazing tip that can help you to stay at the top of your influencing game is by researching your competitors. Head over to the Instagram search bar and search for the top creators in your niche. See their content and posts and analyze what kind of their posts are getting maximum engagement from the audience. Analyze what kind of hashtags they are using and improvise your content all according to it! This will help you to create content that is not only unique but also noticeable!

5. Post Frequently:

Post as much as possible! But remember, there is a fine line between spamming and posting and you certainly don’t want to cross that line. That is why we will recommend you to make at least 3-5 posts daily. These posts do not need to be in the form of Instagram grid posts, they can be stories and reels as well. We would recommend you to go for reels. Create short reels showing tidbits of your niche and share 3-5 reels daily. Recording them won’t take much of your time and posting them will definitely do wonders for your influencing career! Prerecord 5-20 videos and then post them throughout the week. You can even have them scheduled and get those saved as drafts to have them ready on the go!

And that’s it! You can follow these easy tips and tricks to get your Instagram profile soaring! Do you already have 1000 followers on Instagram? If so, then head over to Link.One on SocialBook right away! Through the Link.One platform, you can monetize your Instagram profile and earn money while you create content!

Moreover, you can also check out the amazing tools offered by that can help you snowball those numbers of followers on your Instagram! Let us know how it works for you! Happy Influencing! :)

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