How to Find the Right Facial Sheet Mask for Your Skin

How to Find the Right Facial Sheet Mask for Your Skin

In the world of today, where we are all suffering in this tough time of the pandemic, skincare has become an essential part of everyone’s daily routine. It has become vital to take some ‘me time’ and pamper the skin to get a dewy glow. Another factor mounting up to make skincare a necessity is the fact that we all are working from home tackling all our problems. As everyone has to work approximately 7-8 hours on their laptops and mobile phones every day hence, a high amount of UV rays (blue light) are excessively emitted into deep layers of the skin and do a fine job in damaging it. This can give rise to quite a few problems regarding your skin, to name a few there are wrinkles, leathery and rough skin, immediate and persistent pigmentation.

Thus, protecting and supporting skin for a youthful appearance is not only a crucial task but also a strenuous one. So to make life easy and your skin glowy, face sheet masks are a must-have.  Using a face sheet mask is one of the best and most effective parts of one's skin-care routine as it can leave your skin looking glowing and hydrated within just a few minutes. But while hydration is the key-point benefit of using a face sheet mask, there are innumerable other advantages of using facial sheet masks.

Facial sheet masks can help you fight several skincare concerns and problems. In this article, we will be sharing the different types of facial sheet masks and the ingredients they include. We will also be highlighting some of the key benefits of the facial sheet mask and the procedure of applying them. Moreover, we will also pour light on the Bio-Cellulose sheet mask that has all the hype these days. So, let’s get masking!

Benefits of Facial Sheet Masks:

1. Intense Hydration:

One of the benefits and the reason why facial sheet masks are so popular among people these days is that they quickly and efficiently hydrate the complexion of the skin, giving it a more plump and hydrated look instantly. In addition to this, they deeply moisturize the skin for a smooth, softer, and more hydrated look. The serums and nutrients that are a part of the facial sheet masks are soaked by the skin completely which helps to get rid of all underlying dehydration, dullness, and dryness and eventually nurtures and conditions the skin.

2. Anti-Aging:

These sheet masks can evidently reduce the appearance of fine lines on your skin with natural ingredients like snow lotus and Aronia berry callus extract that boosts collagen making in the skin and enhances metabolism for healthy and youthful skin. These masks also have the quality to help prevent premature aging of the skin by preventing lipid peroxidation of the cell membrane (which prevents different breakdowns of the skin).

3. Liposome Technology:

Facial sheet masks are powered by the latest ‘Liposome Technology’ that helps to restore the skin’s vital nutrients to bring back the skin’s natural radiance and brightness and also reverses the dullness and rough texture. It utilizes liposome materials (nutrients) for truly deep penetration into the skin surface for effective moisture and nourishment. It also leaves the skin more replenished as it consists of multiple antioxidants that are a need for fresh and glowing skin. The application of this moisturizing mask essentially fills up the skin with essential nutrients that help to reduce the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles, reduces dryness from dry skin, and makes the skin clear and glowing, and also leaves behind a more soothing and nourishing texture. Furthermore, the masks powered by Liposome Technology can be good for sensitive skin as it strengthens the skin barriers and relieves sensitivity giving it a more translucent and fine look.

4. Bio-cellulose:

Bio-Cellulose is a natural fiber that is grown in a highly controlled laboratory environment by a bacteria that converts glucose to cellulose which helps in the production of sheets of facial sheet masks. It can absorb great quantities and a number of different fluids that are beneficial for the skin so are the best carrier for absorbing and donating the serums loaded with nourishing and moisturizing qualities for the skin. Its moisture-rich properties make the mask suitable for all skin types, especially for dry and sensitive skin. A one-time experience of the use of a facial sheet mask made of bio-cellulose will give your skin the nutrients that other sheet masks and creams cannot and the results will be pre-eminent.

Different Categories of Facial Sheet Masks:

By now you must know that facial sheet masks are lifesavers. But every skin type has its own mask. So let’s take a look at them.

1. Bubbling Sheet Masks:

Bubbling sheet masks are mainly made for dry and rough skin that produces less sebum than normal skin types. It consists of ingredients that are mostly water e.g perfluorocarbons and glycerin etc. These ingredients help in achieving a visibly smoother and more clarified complexion as they help to increase water content in the skin. They also consist of intense collagen essence. Moreover, these sheet masks brighten and firm the skin, revealing the most radiant-looking skin you can have. They are reasonable and available easily too!

2. Brightening Sheet Masks:

These sheet masks are specially designed to diminish dull and uneven skin tone and to reduce the appearance of dark spots on the face as they are rich in different vitamins- A, E, and C and also astaxanthin (an antioxidant) so they can go into deep layers of skin, leading to perfectly bright skin. These newly introduced, innovative sheet masks easily and rapidly are absorbed in the deep layers of the skin, which is why they are suitable for all skin types to get a more dewy look. Brightening sheet masks also consist of natural ingredients like aloe vera, Green Tea, and oils from different trees.

3. Moisturizing Sheet Masks:

Moisturizing sheet masks contain multiple moisturizing ingredients (hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and mineral oil) and so are considered prior to any moisturizing creams. They help to nourish dry skin and improve its hydration. It also eventually makes the skin more moist and tender. Moisturizing facial sheet masks mainly repair and make the skin more radiant so it is for all types of skin, mainly for people with dry and sensitive skin.

4. Fruit Sheet Masks:

Fruit sheet masks consist mostly of natural ingredients e.g. oils of different tree leaves, the essence of different flowers, fruits like grapefruit, and Aronia Berry. These ingredients help to nourish the skin for a more soothing and healthy skin even just in one use. It also reduces the appearance of spots on the skin and combats dark circles. Because it delivers powerful nutrients that work to hydrate, soften, nurture, and condition the skin well, it produces excellent results and is highly recommended for all skin types.

5. Vitamin-Rich Masks:

Vitamin A and C are the main components in vitamin-rich face sheet masks. They are rich in antioxidants so they help in collagen building in the skin and strengthen the skin barriers leaving it firm. Vitamin A specifically combats acne as well. Such masks deliver intense glow, hydration, and nourishment for the skin. Thus, leaves the skin glowing and youthful.

How to Find the Right Facial Sheet Mask for your Skin?

If you're looking forward to glowy and youthful skin, the key point to it is to find the right sheet mask for yourself, the one which penetrates the deepest layer of your skin and heals it like no other product! Different sheet masks are specified for different skin types e.g. oily, dry, or sensitive skin. So for selecting the right facial mask, consider the following factors:

1. Ingredients in the Mask:

You can choose the right mask by ensuring if the ingredients included in your face mask are for your skin type. Facial sheet masks that include organic ingredients like honey, aloe vera, etc go well for sensitive skin whereas, ingredients that mostly consist of water are best for dry skin.

2. Analyzing the Price Tier:

Another factor you should consider is the price tier. Know which is the best mask that your skin needs and know about its price tier. Make you select the mask that has all the ingredients that your skin type needs. So know the price tier so you could invest in one facial sheet mask rather than purchasing separate ones to accommodate the ingredients.

3. Knowing your Skin Type:

Whichever your skin type is, avoiding Synthetic components and going for organic ones is the key! Aloe Vera, Vitamins, and essence of flowers e.g. snow lotus can work well for any skin type as they have always proven to work well for all types of skin. To know more about the kind of sheet mask for your skin type, read the sections given below in the article.  

Step 1 - Knowing the ingredients:

Not all facial masks are the same. They all are created differently and hence have different properties. When selecting a proper sheet mask, the first thing you should figure out is what ingredients it contains and what effect each ingredient produces.

A Facial sheet mask can contain lots of ingredients. Let’s only focus on its effective ingredients and their functionalities. Some of these are given below:

  1. Snow lotus
  2. Aronia Berry
  3. Sodium Hyaluronate
  4. Multiple oils (Tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil)
  5. Glycosyl Trehalose
  6. Aloe Vera
  7. Perfluorocarbons
  8. Glycerin
  9. Green Tea
  10. Vitamins (A, E, and C)

1. Snow Lotus:

Snow lotus, also known as ‘Nelumbo Nucifera’ and it has some really powerful and amazing benefits for all skin types. The extract of Lotus flower used in facial sheet masks contains quite a few antioxidants, polyphenol, and vitamins (mainly A and C) that are good for brighter and more replenished skin. Neutrogena hydro boost mask infused with snow lotus is very effective on skin and thus, recommended to use too. According to the research to date, it is proven that snow lotus greatly improves the elasticity of the skin which eventually means stronger skin cells and fewer wrinkles and face lines. It also contains antioxidants that have antiaging and skin brightening properties. This flower is rich in vitamin A thus, it naturally has anti-inflammatory properties, which greatly heals skin wounds and reduces scars visibility. Moreover, it is frequently used in sheet masks made for people with oily skin types, as this flower is beneficial in preventing clogged pores, acne, and blackheads thus giving a more tight and smooth appearance and texture of the skin. ‘social. shop’ has its ‘Revival face mask’ that has this magical ingredient.

2. Aronia Berry:

The masks which have Aronia Berry as an ingredient have a balanced blend of plant enzymes, antioxidants, and alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) that are specially formulated to moisturize and brighten the skin. The Aronia Berry masks are organic and so produce the best results on sensitive skin. Aronia Berry is rich in antioxidants and so has innumerable antibacterial properties thus, it is highly recommended for acne-prone and damaged skin. Aronia berry also has a high amount of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) which plays a major role in collagen production in skin and skin brightening. So, it results in intense nourishment and a more glowing and radiant skin appearance.

3. Sodium Hyaluronate:

Sodium Hyaluronate is the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid. It mainly attracts moisture in skin cells as it has the ability to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin and also bind water. It is recommended for people of all ages as it’s safe to use on skin and skin types and is especially beneficial for those with dry, dehydrated skin e.g. the mask of ‘Sephora’. When used in facial sheet masks, it develops a lightweight feel and imparts a dewy and bright finish on the skin without leaving a greasy and thick residue. Sephora's Hyaluronic acid face masks have sodium hyaluronate as their main ingredient. Thus, sodium Hyaluronate can help the skin look youthful and supple.

4. Tea Tree Oil and Eucalyptus Oil:

Several essential oils can treat all major skin problems from acne scars to premature aging. Tea Tree Oil (melaleuca oil) comes from the leaves of an Australian tea tree and is proven to be beneficial when used on the skin. It plays an important role when used in facial sheet masks due to its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. It helps soothe dry skin and also may contribute towards combating oily skin. It helps to reduce acne scars, leaving you with smooth and clear skin. Eucalyptus oil is extracted from the leaves of a plant found mainly in Australia, Eucalyptus. Its antibacterial properties protect the skin from any kind of infection and also helps the skin heal. It has acne-busting powers and so it manages to keep skin clear.

5. Glycosyl Trehalose:

Glycosyl Trehalose is a sugar that is mainly used in skincare products including facial sheet masks. It acts both as a moisturizer and an antioxidant. Moreover, it also has hydrating properties as it binds to water when absorbed in the skin. It traps moisture into the skin and also acts as an antioxidant helping the skin from getting damaged. Facial masks consisting of Trehalose can produce excellent results on any skin type- dry, oily, acne-prone, and sensitive.

6. Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera contains enzymes, Vitamins, and multiple antioxidants. The enzymes in Aloe Vera help to exfoliate and revitalize the skin. It is considered best for dry and dull skin as it gives the skin a hydrant glow and also moisturizes it immensely. Mainly mud sheet masks have Aloe Vera, which plays a vital role in Hydrating and Brightening facial sheet masks.The main ingredient of  Body Shop- Aloe Calm Hydration Sheet Mask is Aloe vera as well. Furthermore, Aloe Vera also has cooling properties which help the face get a glow and look fresh as Aloe Vera is mostly water so it gets absorbed well without leaving a greasy or thick layer on the skin.

7. Perfluorocarbons

It is scientifically proven that the oxygen used in skincare products is worthy as it deeply penetrates into the skin barrier to deliver oxygen to cells significantly promoting healthier skin. They hold great significance in the amazing results produced by bubbling sheet masks. Facial sheet masks that have perfluorocarbon as an ingredient eg Mediheal' Whitening Bubble Tox Masks are a way to experience unparalleled anti-aging and moisture-enhancing benefits.

8. Glycerin

Glycerin is a must-have ingredient in your facial sheet masks! A natural moisture preserve, glycerin keeps your skin hydrated, soft, and moisturized and also protects your skin from damage while making it smoother at the same time. It attracts moisture from the environment and traps it in your skin to make it appear healthy, soft, and hydrated. Almost all facial sheet masks have glycerin as their ingredient. Thus, the sheet masks having Glycerin are highly recommended to people who love to keep their skin pampered. Bubble sheet masks have glycerin which decreases the dark spots and uneven tone on one's face.

9. Green Tea

The Green Teabags which consist of antioxidants and anti-aging properties help keep your skin healthy and glowing. Green tea and black tea contain caffeine and are super-rich in polyphenols, two commonly known antioxidants that are scientifically proven to combat acne and aging. It is the most used and effective ingredient in hydrogel facial sheet masks e.g. of Neutrogena and Garnier’s Hydra bomb sheet mask.

10. Vitamins (A, E, C)

Vitamin C is considered a beneficial ingredient to watch for in skincare products especially sheet masks. As it has the properties of antioxidants, it boosts collagen production to tighten up the skin and reduce fine lines. Vitamin E also is an effective anti-aging ingredient to add skincare products as it works to protect the skin from damage and skin infections. Vitamins are included in almost every skincare product as it increases the worth and the percentage of how effective the product is. Specific Vitamin-rich sheet masks e.g.The Sephora Vitamin-rich face mask and LAPCOS Vitamin C Sheet Mask are also rich in vitamins and so are highly recommended among people.

It is rare to find a facial sheet mask that contains all the ingredients mentioned above, especially the Snow lotus and Aronia Berry.  One of the best facial sheet mask on the market is called OUSEE sheet mask that was invented by a group of scientists who  worked in pharmaceutical industry and decided to integrate their knowledge into designing a facial mask. Wondering how it is like to use a facial mask like this? check out the video review below and you can also try it from here.

Step 2 - Knowing the Price Tiers of Different Sheet Masks:

Not all facial sheet masks are the same. Some contain highly nutritious ingredients, while some just contain the basic ones. Depending on the type and consistency of the ingredients used, different facial sheet masks have different price ranges. So let's look at some of the famous facial sheet masks and their cost.

Hydrogel Sheet Mask: The best among them is the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Hydrogel mask that costs around $5 to $7. The ingredients in hydrogel sheet masks are entirely organic i.e. aloe vera juice and plant cellulose.

Charcoal Sheet Mask: One of the best charcoal masks is of the brand Clear Proof and it costs around $24, which is their usual price tier. The main ingredient included in making these facial sheet masks is Charcoal itself and essential oils like Tea Tree oil.

Bubbling Sheet Mask: Sephora collection Bubble Mask is the most used however bubbling sheet masks are not commonly known yet.. Perfluorocarbons are the main ingredient of bubbling sheet masks and that is the reason why they cost almost $15 to $17.

Moisturizing Sheet Mask: These sheet masks consist mainly of glycerin and hyaluronic acid and cost between $20 to $25. The Farmacy Coconut Gel Sheet Mask is one of the best and most used moisturizing sheet masks.

Hydrating Sheet Mask: They are originated especially for dry and rough skin, and their ingredients mostly are based on water content e.g.Fresh Rose Face Mask of Sephora that intensely hydrates the skin. They are reasonable and their price tier ranges from $10 to $15.

Revival Sheet Mask: The revival sheet mask from SocialShop costs $60  because of the exclusive ingredients it has e.g. snow lotus and Aronia berry that make it a little expensive but the results are guaranteed on all skin types. It intensely hydrates the skin and combats multiple issues- wrinkles, uneven tone, and dark spots.

Step 3 - Knowing your Skin Type

Knowing your skin type is the key if you want to have flawless youthful skin. However, almost 50-60% of people out there do not know their skin type thus, they use incorrect products which leads to severe skin problems e.g. irritated skin, breakouts, and premature aging.

Dry skin:

A few signs of Dry skin are rough texture, itchiness, and irritated skin. To avoid dry skin, one should not wash their face often but whenever they do moisturizing is a must! Try keeping your skincare routine simple and avoid skincare products with ingredients e.g. fragrance and alcohol as they might worsen the skin's condition.One of the best well known masks for dry skin is Dermask™ Water Jet Soothing Hydra Solution.

Oily skin:

Oily skin is a result of the overproduction of sebum (waxy substance) from sebaceous glands. Tomatoes, honey, and Aloe Vera are scientifically proven to help treat flaky skin caused by oily patches. Scrubs that are rough on skin and oils e.g. coconut oil should be avoided.

Acne-prone skin:

Acne-prone skin has a tendency to develop pimples more often and it is often oily too. L'Oreal Paris has the best masks for acne-prone skin. To avoid acne on the skin, avoid greasy food and junk food, and add more fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to your diet as they play a vital role in flawless skin. Hyaluronic acid serum and acne control face washes are also highly recommended.

Sensitive skin:

The term ‘sensitive skin’ refers to the type that is highly reactive and prone to inflammation. While choosing skincare products a person should definitely choose the right product. Using Foaming cleansers and keeping your skin moisturized is the best idea for sensitive skin whereas one should avoid using harsh exfoliants.

How to Apply a Facial Sheet Mask?

Applying a facial sheet mask is like taking a walk in the park, it’s super simple. But it still requires a technique application if you want to obtain all the benefits of these masks. So follow the procedure stated below for radiant and glowing skin!

  1. Cleanse and dry skin (apply toner if available).
  2. Unfold the mask and apply it smoothly positioning the right cutouts on your face.
  3. Leave it on your face for 15-20 minutes.
  4. Remove it and then gently pat your skin to absorb any excess essence.

Last but not least, here is a video showing you how to apply a facial sheet mask properly:)

So, that’s all you need to know about facial sheet masks. We hope you found this article helpful!

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