On December 14th, 2018 YouTube began deleting every account that that met their definition of “spam.” This was done to combat fake users, and inflated subscriber numbers.

The links below lead to tables that list the Top 100 Youtube Channels for each category, and compares & contrasts their subscriber numbers before & after “The Purge.”

Gaming (Top 200)

People & Blogs (Top 150)

Science & Technology

Fashion & Beauty




Nonprofits & Activism

News & Politics

Film & Animation





Pet & Animals


Television Shows

Trailers & Previews

Crypto & Blockchain

As you’ll see, most of the larger channels were hardly affected at all, as most were able to replenish their numbers loss within just a few hours. This is part of the benefit of having such a large daily growth rate.

However, many of the mid-tier channels (1 million and below)  were dramatically affected, as these channels are still in a stage where “every subscriber matters.” This is clearly evident by the results shown in the  “Blockchain & Cryptocurrency” category; a new category where the top influencer only has 300k subscribers.

We’ll be updating this sheet once the Purge is confirmed to be completely over.