SocialBook helps global brands to hire influencers with minimal budgets. Our database is made up of over eight million content creators active on major social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitch and the list continues to grow.

Search for influencers

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Go to "Influencer Marketing Suite", then "Search", you can choose to search for influencers from these following platforms: YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, and TikTok.

Here's how:

There are three ways that SocialBook provides you to search for influencers:

  • Search by username

If you already know who to check out, copy and paste their social URL or type in their username to search.

  • Search by filter

You can use our filters to look for influencers who fit your criteria. For example, you can decide the content categories, audience demographics and narrow the range based on the influencers' recent performance. Our advanced AI finds you the perfect matches according to your preference.

  • Search by competitor

You can also search for your rival brands and check out who your competitors are hiring. Not only does SocialBook show you the influencer posts relating to the brand, but also related queries that are trending based on your search keyword.

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Analyze the search results and manage your influencers

Click here to see a sample influencer report

Once the search result is shown, you can click the influencer's profile picture to see an influencer report. The data includes: their average rates, the percentage of real followers, brands they worked with before, how well they performed, and more information about their top-performing posts, audience demographics and so on.

When you want to work with a certain influencer shown in the search result. You can add them to one of your influencer lists. Simply click "Add to List" on the top of their influencer report page, and create a "New List" to complete the process.

It's also feasible to add more than one influencer to your list at once. Tick the boxes beside the names of the influencers, and click "Add to List" or you can just click "Bulk Add Top 500 To List" to add 500 of them to your influencer list.

With an influencer list, you can get the latest relevant data of the candidate influencers. These data include the number of  followers of influencers, the performance of their posts, their latest quotations, etc., which are more efficient than traditional sheet management. After establishing a list of influencers, you can contact these influencers in batches later. This will make reaching influencers faster and more efficient.

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Reach out to influencers

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To save time and be efficient, SocialBook supports sending bulk emails. You can connect your company email to SocialBook and send bulk emails to all the influencers on your list.

You can see all your email correspondence by going to "Contact Influencers" - "All Emails". You can see the replies from your influencers and you can reply to them directly here.

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Keep on track with your campaign

After the influencers express their interests in the collaboration, you should move them to a campaign.

In your campaign, you can have an eye on the timeline for each influencer, in terms of collaboration confirmation, product shipment, contract status, draft review process and so on, which tracks the progress of your project!

Additionally, SocialBook also makes it easy for you to calculate the campaign KPI by providing you with affiliate links, payment details, performance data, sales rate......

In tracking section, you can get more data analytics about your campaign. The likes, clicks and views data of the posts related to the campaign will be displayed, and the trend of these data will also be displayed as the release time changes. This is convenient for you to make a summary of this campaign so that you can make more scientific decisions for the next campaign.

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Publish a task and hire influencers with one click

Click here to access SocialBook Product Launcher

If you don't want to spend time looking for influencers and wait for their replies, you can just submit a task and wait for influencers to apply to collaborate with your brand.

Here's how:

Go to "Product Launcher" - "Product", you can see a "Submit a new task" button at the top. Click the button and fill in your campaign requirements, describe your campaign highlights and brief, then, make it public to let the influencers see.

You can see who applies for this collaboration by clicking "Influencers". Click the bubble to chat with the candidate, and you can also track the whole collaboration process (such as product shipment & draft review) on this page.

Also, if you're an influencer who wants to use SocialBook to increase your social media presence, you can click here to read the demo for influencers.